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What is a transgender?

A "transgender" is a way to say "transgendered person." It is not a term for a "transsexual" person (someone born with the need to get corrective genital surgery). There are v (MORE)

Dating a transgender?

Answer:   Dating a transgendered person means you are dating someone who perceives themselves differently when it comes to gender than the average person. It just means yo (MORE)

Why are you transgender?

Many men and women feel strongly they are physically a different sex than they are mentally and emotionally. They feel they are a man or woman trapped in a body of the opposit (MORE)

Are you a transgender?

You just have to know how you feel, if you identify as male, female, or a mix thereof. There is also some debate over whether the term should be 'transgender' or 'transgendere (MORE)

How does transgender work?

Well, you get up in the morning, take a shower, brush your hair, women get on makeup, men shave. You drive or ride to work, you work, you go home. If you are speaking of being (MORE)

Your kid is transgender what do you do?

Listen to them to start with. Next is hang on tight because it will be a wonderful bumpy ride. For the serious part find a Gender therapist and let your child be themselves. (MORE)

Why we have a transgender?

Well wether you are reffering to why is a son or daughter of yoursis trans, or why they are in the world in general (sorry can'texactly tell in your question), it is just some (MORE)

How can you be transgender?

It's something one must only be born with. If you aren't trans now,you probably won't become trans. It is mostly due to your bodygetting an error in it's DNA, and getting to m (MORE)