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What is a velociraptor?

The "velociraptor*" (Velociraptor mongoliensis) was a species of small dinosaur, about ~6 feet (~2 m) long and ~3 feet (~1 m) tall. They lived about 75 million years ago, in t (MORE)

How tall is the velociraptor?

The Velociraptor, despite its ferocity was suprisingly small. It stood at around 1m for a fully grown one! :)
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What do velociraptors have to be beware from?

Velociraptor was the second most formidable predator where it lived. The only one that was larger is a species of tyrannosaur known from fragmentary remains. It may actually b (MORE)

Did velociraptors have scales?

no they where bird like dinosaurs that had feathers their arms have the same bone pattern as bird wings they were also hollow which means they were light and had claws like bi (MORE)

What was a velociraptor IQ?

the velociraptor was thought to be smarter than the average moder dolphin. they were very smart and communicated to each other
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How the velociraptor reproduce?

Although the mating rituals of velociraptor are not known, the dinosaur reproduced in a manner like most other vertebrates. Compared with modern animals their reproduction was (MORE)

What is velociraptor it famous for?

Velociraptor is famous for its appearance in the movie Jurassic Park where the dinosaurs were among the primary antagonists. Two things that should be noted are that velocirap (MORE)

What did velociraptors do?

Velociraptor spent their days sleeping to avoid the heat of the desert sun. At night they would go out to hunt for small animals, search for carrion, and sometimes even hunt P (MORE)