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Who invented weightlifting?

Nobody invented it, it's just evolved as an idea since we've been able to lift ourselves off the ground with our legs and arms.
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What is the origin of weightlifting?

Written records of deliberate progressive weight training are found in Ancient Greece, although one could assume that the act of seeing how much weight one can pick up off the ( Full Answer )
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Is cardio or weightlifting?

Certain aspects of lifting weights require cardiovascularconditioning and muscular endurance, such as high-repetition squatsand dead lifts. Being physically fit in terms of ca ( Full Answer )
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What is weightlifting?

Weightlifting is exercise, sport, and a workout. It is when weights are used in different ways to help shape, grow, and strengthen different muscles.
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When did weightlifting start?

When cavemen saw that the men who regularly carried rocks and dragged dead animals back to camp were stronger than the ones who didnt
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Where did weightlifting originate?

it orginated in Europe when two boys were cleaning and were "competing" to lift the heaviest things. Thence weight lifting was born.
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Why do weightlifters where belts?

For keep their body tight. When your body is tight when you're can lift more....the muscle you're working is isolated better...and it's safer in that o ( Full Answer )
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What is weightlifting and bodybuilding?

Weightlifting: Bodybuilding by exercise that involves lifting weights. Bodybuilding is the process of maximizing muscle hypertrophy through the combination of weight trainin ( Full Answer )
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Why do weightlifters puke?

The reason why weightlifters regurgitate, is to lose some body weight. That way their percentage of body fat would lower, and the ratio of their muscle to their body mass woul ( Full Answer )
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Why you get headaches from weightlifting?

Getting headaches from weightlifting happen for a couple of important reasons. First off, you must make sure to properly breathe throughout your workout. Unstable breathing or ( Full Answer )