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What is some information about Zachary Taylor?

President: Zachary Taylor (1784 - 1850) Term: March 4, 1849 - July 9, 1850 Background: Taylor was born in a log cabin in Orange County, Virginia. He was the third of nine ch (MORE)

Who was the US President after Zachary Taylor?

Millard Fillmore was the US President after  Zachary Taylor.   Millard Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States from  1850 July 9 to 1853 March 4. Millard Fi (MORE)

What was Zachary Taylor before he was president?

Taylor was a professional soldier and held army posts continuously after joined the army in 1808.. He did find time enough to manage a plantations in LA and KY. He served in t (MORE)

What was Zachary Taylors favorite food?

Taylor was fond of creole cooking. Hr liked oyster-- oyster gumbo,  oyster stew, roasted oysters and fried oysters.
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Who ran against Zachary Taylor?

Lewis Cass was Taylor's Democratic Party opponent. Lewis Cass.   He ran against Polk.  
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What was the importance of Zachary Taylor?

Zachary Taylor played a major role in the Mexican-American War by  forcing Santa Anna and his men to withdraw. He took a risk doing  this because he was going against the or (MORE)

What did Zachary Taylor do when he was a kid?

He grew up on the Western frontier of Kentucky. There was a constant fear of Indian attacks and they lacked the conveniences of modern life. There was plenty and game and fish (MORE)

What was Zachary Taylor defining moments?

A defining moment for Zachery Taylor was that he became president  as an independent even though he was a part of the Whig Party.  Another defining moment was that after bec (MORE)

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