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Ah, the fine Windstar!! Have two of them myself. Just took one off the road and did the head gaskets on the other. Started her up and was the Power Steering was noisy. It had been sitting awhile, not quite a year and I don't remember it that noisy. Its not too bad straight driving but turning those wheels lets everyone know who you are! I'm going to find out for myself if the pump can be rebuilt or have to get another one.

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What makes grinding noise when turning?

not sure sound like it comes from front suspension

Do crawfish make any noise?

Mine does. It makes a type of grinding sound and blues bubbles.

Grinding sound in a 1996 Bonneville?

depends on where the grinding id coming from

What would cause a grinding sound under hood when in drive but sitting still?

A bad transmission. The sound is from metal grinding on eachother.

1997 Mercury sable I replaced hub wheel bearings but car still makes grinding humming sound breaks are new too how do you make sound stop?

AnswerIt is time for a professional inspection to avoid spending more $$.I had a similar situation with brakes on a Windstar. Diagnosed it myself to be brakes - did fronts, still grinding - did the rears and guess what - was still grinding! Turned out to be rotors that did not show anything wrong, but was still the cause.Save money, time & frustration - get a pro involved. (you can still do the repair yourself.)Answerwhich one did you replace Spent $700 more and replace them all OR take it to a mechanic to actually fix it

Why does the computer makes a siren sound when started?

The computer wants you arrested

What is the gear grinding sound your starter makes only during the instant the engine fires?

The noise is the teeth on the flywheel grinding on the teeth of the starter. Check to see if the starter is loose, this is the most common cause of that noise.

How do you write out the gun cocking sound?

click or click click.................. Or shick, shick cause it makes a little grinding sound Sound of a 12-gauge shotgun cocking, and loading a shell into the chamber-- Chh Chh.

Why won't your car start - Turn the key and there is a high pitch grinding sound but sometimes starts on retry?

Could be a bad started bendix or problems with the flywheel, or just a loose started.

Why does your car make an awful grinding sound when you turn especially to the right and vibrates slightly when stopped?

The "awful grinding sound" might be a problem with your power steering

What sound does a car make when the bearings are going bad?

Usually it'll be a grinding sound.

What is the grinding sound in rt front wheel of ford windstar?

A grinding sound / feel is most typically due to something related to the brakes. In my 2001's case, it was the rotor - even after changing the pads, it was still grinding. 2 new rotors and it was *smooth* sailing, and braking. Sidebar: bad wheel bearings usually create a very noticeable humming - like someone who doesn't know the words to the song... See "Related Questions" below for more about wheel bearings and front brakes

Why does my car makes a grinding sound when in park or neutral?

I have a 1992 Chevy berretta 3.1 V6 and when it is in park and reverse and neutral it sounds like there is a grinding noise right below the shifter I know that the linkage needs adjusting any ideas

The Car makes clunking sound from underneath when engine is started?

could be your crank shaft

How so cars purr?

Their engine battery and when the car is on makes a roaring sound when it is started

What happens when you turn the key with the engine on?

You re-engage the starter and you can damage the bendix, or the gear on the starter drive for the engine. It makes a grinding sound and will ruin the starter.

Sound waves are started by?

A physical vibration or movement, i.e. A speaker makes sound waves because of the movement of the cone or woofer.

What causes a grinding sound when turning and a whining sound when accelerating?

possibly your wheel bearing is on its way out

Why does your car make a grinding sound when you accelerate?

Neenor. neenor.neenor.

Will your 1992 Chrysler lebaron make noise if the front left differetial is going out its making a grinding sound changed axle and wheel bearing?

Yes, the differential can make a grinding sound.

1990 Honda CRX manual when releasing the clutch the car makes a horrible grinding sound is the clutch broken or the transmission?

This could be your clutch pressure plate is worne..

Honda accord that has started to make a grinding sound when you accelerate or if you start driving up a hill what could be causing this?

the rubber bumpers are gone or worn out on the side motor mounts

You heard a grinding noise when you would turn and you filled up with power steering fluid but you still hear this noise - What could this be?

I would guess that it is the wheel bearing. is it a grumbling sound or an all out grinding? If it is or was a grumbling sound and has turned into a grinding it is probably the wheel bearing.

What is grinding crunchin sound when turning my mercury marquis in either direction?

If you vehicle is front-wheel drive, more than likely, that grinding crunching sound when you turn is coming from the CV joints.

Why does an automatic car vibrate and makes a heavy braking sound like a truck at speeds of 45-60MPH Makes a grinding sound then let goes and so fourth..?

hi i had this problem,it was a hard one to figure out...but we did,it was the cars drive shafts.the bearings had gone. Hope this helps

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