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It depends on the snake. If the "stripes" are bands around the snake and you live in India, Bangledesh, or Southeast Asia, yes it is poisonous if it is the Banded Krait.

The Telescopus semiannulatus, also called Tiger snake of Africa has venom but is not dangerous to humans. It is also banded.

If the snake has stripes that go head to tail, it may be the garter or ribbon snake. They are found in North America. They are harmless and are frequently kept as pets.

It is best for you to go to do a search on the description of the snake.

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Are black and yellow snakes poisonous in Albuquerque NM?


Are Black King snakes poisonous?

no black king snakes are not poisonous

Are these red with black stripes snakes poisonous?

Red on black, youre okay, Jack. Black on yellow, youre a dead fellow

Are big black snakes poisonous?

It depends on the snake... the Black Adder is poisonous, but the Black Rat Snake is not. There are many big black snakes. :)

Are black snakes with a yellow belly poisonous in Queensland Australia?

black and yellow snake are poisonous because its bright colors say to the animal that wants to eat waring don,t eat me you will die in 73 days

Do non poisonous black snakes eat poisonous snakes?

Some do but they are mistaked as poisonous snakes and are killed like in florida....................... and non poisonous snakes eat the poisonous ones should be worshipped the have saved alot of lifes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are Black rat snakes poisonous?

no they are not

Is a common black snake poisonous?

No, black snakes are not poisonous. There is a rumor that black snakes are mating with copper head snakes, but that is not physically possible (see

Are coral or milk snakes dangerous?

Coral snakes are deadly but milk snakes are fine. The Milk snakes look just look like coral snakes as a defense. The difference between the two (in appearence) is: Milksnakes have a pattern of: BLACK, RED, BLACK, YELLOW, BLACK, RED, BLACK, YELLOW, BLACK (ect) Coral snakes have a pattern of: BLACK, YELLOW, RED, YELLOW, BLACK, YELLOW, RED, YELLOW, BLACK, YELLOW (ect) A ryme that may help you to remember the difference is: RED BLACK, VENOUM LACK RED YELLOW, KILLS A FELLOW

Is the yellow ladybird poisonous?

well yellow ladybirds are not poisonous but black ones are poisonous. do you people get it yellow ladybirds are not poisonous i hoped you liked my message.

Are red bellied black snakes poisonous?

The Red-bellied black snakes, which is native to Australia, is venomous.

Is a yellow and black catapiller poisonous?

well my sister caught a fuzzy yellow and black and it is not poisonous so i will check and is it fuzzy or no.

Is black and yellow spiders in Canada poisonous?

yes all black and yellow spiders in the U.S or Canada is highley poisonous

Who is resembles the poisonous coral snake?

King touch yellow kill a touch black friend of Jack

Is a black lizard with a yellow stripe poisonous?

A black lizard with a yellow stripe isn't poisonous but a lizard with white dots and is black can kill you. Truly the real question is, is it a black lizard with yellow stripes or a yellow lizard with black stripes?

Is a black and yellow ladybird poisonous?


Are black and yellow ladybirds poisonous?


Are black swamp snakes poisonous?

The Black Swamp Snake (Seminatrix pygaea) is neither poisonous nor venomous.

Are there snakes in Jamaica?

Yes. There is the Jamaican yellow boa. Jamaica doesn't have any poisonous snakes though.

Is a black and yellow snake poison?

There are at least 4 snakes I can think of that are black and yellow, you would need a much better description to figure out which one it is; and it helps to know 'where' you saw it (part of the world).NOTE: All snakes are poisonous, even if the 'poison' is a type of bacteria to aid in digestion; you can react badly to any of them - IE: the safe rule, if you treat them all as poisonous you are more likely to not be bitten by a poisonous snake.

How do black snakes keep poisonous snakes away?

By eating them. The black ones u see are king snakes that feed on other snakes

Are black erase snakes poisonous?

It is actually a black racer snake, and they are harmless.

How poisonous is a coral snake?

Some coral snakes are poisonous. Some are not. The ones that are poisonous have very powerful neurotoxic venom. Remember this saying.... if the color is red on yellow-kill a fellow if the color is red on black-venom lack

Are black and yellow caterpillars poisonous?

There are some species of black and yellow caterpillars that are poisonous. These include the Monarch caterpillar and the Cinnabar moth caterpillar.

Are black red and yellow spiders poisonous?