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A garnishment for creditor debt cannot be transferred from one state to another. However the creditor can file suit in the resident state and perhaps obtain a writ of garnishment. Court ordered wage garnishment for child support and/or spousal maintenance; federal or state taxes due; court ordered restitution for damage done during a criminal act or a court order in regards to restitution for physical injury can be enforced across state jurisdictions.

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Q: Can a wage garnishment order from a court in Washington State be enforced in Pennsylvania?
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How do you stop a garnishment from Alabama in the state of New York?

how is a garnishment from Alabama enforced in New York state?

Can a wage garnishment order from a court in Washington State be enforced in HAWAII?

Absolutely ... this kind of information is shared amongs the entire judicial law system.

If you used to live in Washington state can they garnish you if you now live in Pennsylvania and have dependents in Washington?

Yes, All states will enforce wage garnishment orders that apply to child and/or spousal support.

What is the maximum wage garnishment the state of Washington can take?

25% less your exemption

Washington state wage garnishment?

Creditors can garnish wages in the state of Washington. However, they first have to go through the court system and get a judgment.

Wage garnishment laws in Pennsylvania?

The state does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. It does, however, allow garnishment action for child support and federal and/or state tax arrearages. In some instances it will also allow garnishment for spousal maintenance which is often determined by the circumstances the case being addressed.

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What can state tax garnishment take from you?

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Do misdemeanor warrants expire in WA?

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If you have moved out of state can a credit card company garnish wages if you don't reside in that state but still keep getting bills?

Some states allow garnishment orders to be enforced when rendered in another state. Others have specific terms, and still others do not allow it. Not knowing the state of residency or the state the garnishment order might be ordered, a specific answer is not possible.

Can wages be garnished in Pennsylvania?

State law does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. It does allow garnishment for child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), federal and/or state taxes; and in some instances judgments pertaining to personal injury and/or property damage.

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