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Could a problem with the oil light be connected to a problem with the ignition switch?

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2011-09-12 15:17:14
2011-09-12 15:17:14

I would say it is more likely that they bumped the wire on the oil pressure sending unit of your car. I would try cleaning the contact between the sending unit and the wire before anything. if you cant do this a shop will do it for next to nothing.

No way the lamp oil is rely and idiot lamp that tells something is wrong but not what. the lamp can burn out , loose a conncection or the oil sensor is not functioning

The low oil pressure lamp is produced by the grounding of the pressure switch. The lamp on your dash has a positive voltage whenever the key is on. But the negative side is only when the switch is closed. ( switch on engine not running) oil pressure opens the switch! (turns the lamp off) So IF you do have good oil pressure? then you oil pressure switch has failed, or the the wire going th the switch is grounded. ( short to fram) not your ing. switch. So the answer is NO! To test this you will need a multimeter, check the restance of the switch with the engin running. should be open or LO on your meter. if that is true than check for voltage on the wire. 5 to 12 volts make model. ect. both tests are with swith disconected.

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it is an ignition problem...could be the ignition switch or the ignition coil if i rember right

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several could bes. If there is no action, the engine does not turn, the rod running from the key switch to the ignition switch on the column could be broken, or the ignition switch itself could haved malfunctioned. If there has be work immediately privious to the problem, check for loose connection, expecially on the ignition switch.

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