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if you have replaced it and your vehicle is '''NOT''' ''Overheating'' and is '''NOT''' ''smoking''(white) you should be alright. ''usually a bad water pump if left unchange ,will cause overheating and from there you would go to blown head gaskets warped heads and cracked engine blocks and or heads.''(extreme cases)

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โˆ™ 2005-11-12 16:57:31
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Q: Could any other damage be done to a 02 Camry if a faulty water pump went unoticed for a month?
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The easiest way to fix a power supply you suspect is faulty is to replace it?

Yes get a replacement as it could damage other parts of your system

Abs light on What is wrong with abs?

it could be that one or all of your sensors are faulty, it could be the abs relay is faulty or it could be the abs pump that is faulty ( or it could also be a fuse )

What is wrong with your dome light on your 1990 Toyota Camry?

From what I have seen in my Camry, it could be a bad bulb.. and/or the door switches are bad, going bad, or dirty. Could also be faulty wiring.. especailly for a car of this age.. At times the light is brigt, other times is very dim.. I woluld check out all the wiring and the switch contacts.. again, could be going bad or dirty.

Why Well pump will not turn on?

could have faulty or dirty contacts, pump motor could be bad or the pressure gauge is faulty

What could happen to a Toyota Camry if you jumped the car with the positive and negative cables mixed up?

You'll burn up the battery and may damage the electrical system.

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The switch on your battery is faulty which may have been caused by damage from dropping or through a leaking tank but it could just be a problem with cheap manufacturing.

Could you inform me about Toyota Camry parts?

Toyota Camry parts are specific parts for the Camry series of Toyota cars. This could be affordable aftermarket replacement parts or more high-end performance parts. Parts can be factory-grade for simple replacement (in the case of faults or damage to the original vehicle for example) or custom parts to alter the look or performance of the car. These parts will be made for the Toyota Camry only, a series of mid-series cars that Toyota have manufactured since 1982.

Why would your car stop while driving?

A faulty fuel pump could do that or a faulty timing belt (if equipped) could also do that. If it is a Ford, it could be the ignition module too.

What will a bad harmonic balancer cause?

It can cause a vibration at different RPMs. If it is wobbling around on the crankshaft it could cause damage to the crankshaft's snout. And a worst case scenario overtime a faulty balancer could break a crankshaft.

What would make a search warrant faulty?

A search warrant could be faulty if it has wrong information on it. Then it would make the search warrant void. This can be the wrong name or a mistake on the address. If there is not a reasonable suspicion it could also be faulty.

Why wont my key will not turn in the ignition on my Toyota Camry.?

Could be,a worn key, (try the spare key) the wrong key, pressure on the steering wheel lock pin, (try wiggling the steering wheel at the same time you're wiggling the key) worn switch,

1980 Honda 650 motorcycle is overcharging and the rectifier has already been changed what else could be wrong?

could be a regulator if it is separate from rectifier, could be a faulty rectifier (ive had a new faulty one)

Why Motor fan not working?

Could be a faulty fan motor, a faulty fan motor relay, a faulty fan motor temp switch or a blown fan motor fuse.

Can a faulty sensor affect the lights ac wipers and turn signal?

no most likely not. It could be a faulty ground wire

Could you damage anything if you play soccer and what could you damage?

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Why does the oil light in your 1989 Honda civic keep flashing?

Could be low on oil. Oil pump could be faulty, have to check the oil pressure with a real gauge. Or, just could be the wiring or a faulty pressure switch.

When you start the car your battery light comes on but you just got a new battery?

It could be a number of problems. It could be the sensor is bad, it could indicate a fault with the alternator, faulty leads, faulty wiring... it depends on the situation.

Why is the Wiper not working on 04 vauxhall?

Because you haven't diagnosed and repaired it, obviously. You could have a faulty fuse, a faulty relay, a faulty switch, a faulty wiper motor, a wiring fault, etc. You're going to need to do some troubleshooting to determine what the issue is.

What would cause the outside temperature sensor and the air conditioner to not work on a 2003 Nissan Maxima and could the problems be linked to one another?

It could be a faulty wire or connection. It could also be a faulty sensor or display unit.

What could be wrong if my battery light comes on?

Faulty Alternator?

How could you detect if on board computer is faulty?

it speaks in russan

What is wrong with a car when it won't start it just makes clicking sound?

It could be battery connection, discharged or faulty battery, faulty alternator or regulator, faulty starter or a loose and corroded connection on the starter.

Could you damage anything with an 85 mph slapshot and what could it damage?

You can damage almost anything with an 85 mph slapshot dummy

What could be the problem when you are getting no fuel to your injectors?

Faulty fuel pump. Faulty fuel pump relay. Faulty fuel pressure regulator. Clogged fuel filter, pickup, or line. No fuel in the fuel tank.

What could cause a rattle in right front fender of my Toyota Camry?

A rattle in the right front fender of a Toyota Camry may indicate that you need a wheel alignment. It could also point to a problem with your struts.

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