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No just put them on. If they were bad they could be sued for a defective product.

Actually Honda/Acura specify that NEW rotors be "refinished" with an on-car brake lathe...

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Q: Do new rotors need to be machined before use?
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Bouncing or a wobble in your front end and when braking?

Probably warped brake rotors. They can be taken off and machined true or just replace with new rotors.

Are rotors ready to install when you buy them?

I have found that new rotors are in need of turnig even though they are NEW. They tend to have not been machined with tight tolerances because they are mass produced. You may not feel anything in the break pedal but, if you do you have to take them off and do all that work AGAIN.

Can you change brake pads with worn rotors?

If your rotors are worn you should replace those as well. Worn, warped, or glazed rotors will reduce the effectiveness of your brake pads and possible wear them down faster. As far as the possibility of doing so, sure but it's not recommended. Just to add a comment, depending on the rotor thickness, the rotor surface should be machined to remove the glaze or warpage before installing new pads. Machining of a rotor surface reduces the thickness. If a rotor surface has previously been machined the rotor may need to be replaced.

Your f 150 vibrates when applying the breaks?

Disks out of round, worn or warped will cause the brakes to vibrate. You need to have the rotors ispected and machined,if there is enough thickness let on them. If this does not fix the problem, you need to install new rotrs.

How many miles before you should change your rotors?

As long as your rotors are not warped, or you have not let the brake pads wear to the point they defaced the rotors, there is no need to change them. Just install new brake pads. Rotors can last the life of the car.

How much do new brakes cost for Hyundai elantra?

Many dealers charge any where from $210 - $350. It all depends on the rotors, if they can be machined then it will be toward the lower end.

Do new rotors need to be cleaned?

Typically rotors come from the factory covered with a waxy material to prevent rust. Yes, it's a good idea to remove that material before using the brakes.

Why would the steering wheel of your Toyota Corolla vibrate when you press the brake pedal?

One of the two brake rotors on the front is warped. You can either buy new ones or get them machined if they aren't very old. sounds like one of your rotors is warped.

Why does 1995 Acura Legend shake when braking?

More than likely you have warped rotors. Have the rotors and brakes inspected. If the rotors are not too bad and have not been turned before they can be turned and trued and used again. You will also need new brake pads.

Do you need to grind the rotors when placing new brake pads?

If the rotors are in good condition, not warped, not scratched, then you can replace the pads without turning the rotors. Inspect the rotors carefully.

Does a warped rotor need replaced asap?

No you do not have to get new rotors just have them resurfaced. If they are to much warpage then you may need new ones. I would try getting them resurfaced before you replace them.

How does your car react if you need rotors?

There was a lot of squeaking while braking when my car needed new rotors.

Why do your rotors have small grooves after installing new rotors and brakes?

Your rotors had the grooves before, from the old pads. You should have had them turned. Next time check rotors at time of fitting new pads. If you can see or feel grooves then they should be repaired.

Do new rotors need turning?

No, unless they are rusted.

How do you change rotors on a 1991 accord?

remove tire calipers brake assembly then pull your rotors off i would recomend putting new brake pads if your putting new rotors you will need a special puller for the rotors cause they are pressed on

What would cause one front disc brake to heat up and smoke?

A frozen brake caliper or if you just instaled new brakes and rotors you might have oil on the rotors as they need to be clean before installing.

Why does car vibrate when stop?

You probably need new rotors

Change headgasket but still not start in 300zx?

you probably need to get a new head or have your head machined

If you need new brakes and rotors on your 1999 Chrysler cirrus do you need any other parts?

the only other parts you might check when you have it pulled apart,are the wheel bearings.the bearings etc are in the rotors but do not come with them when you buy rotors.if you are not careful you will trach the bearing races and seal on the back side of rotors when trying to remove them to install in new rotors

If I want performance rotors do I need to put them on the front and back or will just new front rotors work?

The majority of the stopping power is performed by the front rotors. I would start by replacing them.

Brake pulsation New hubs and Rotors?

I don't know if you are saying you have the new hubs and rotors and still have pulsation, or if you are asking what causes pulsation. If you have pulsation on slowing this is due to warped rotors, and you need to change the rotors and the brake pads, not the hubs. Not too expensive: 2 rotors and brake pads for my Pontiac is about 55 bucks. DIY of course.

How long does it take for rear brakes to be fixed on a 1994 Saturn LS and how much does it Cost?

any good mechanic can do a set of rear brakes in a matter of minuites, assuming your drums or rotors are in good shape and can be machined. (machining process may take 30min or so) as to price, most places have a pre set price. Tires plus for example has a preset price of 89.99, this includes pads or shoes, and machining of drums or rotors. if you need new drums or rotors, or if you need any springs or retainer bolts, this cost will rise accordingly

When installing new rotors do they have to be turned first or are they good to go out of the box?

new rotors are good to go from the box. just clean them with a brake cleaner before you install the pads, as rotors have a thin protective film on them to prevent rust etc in shipping and storage

Chrysler front end shakes when you hit the brakes?

Your rotors are warped. You need new brake pads and the rotors turned at a machine shop or replaced.

How do you change the front rotors on a crx?

You will need to remove the tire and wheel. You can remove the brake pad and break assembly, by removing the brake spring and caliper. Loosen the rotors with a hammer. The rotors will slide off. Reverse the process to install the new rotors.