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Do you need clutch pressure for a transmission to shift?

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What is wrong with my transmission my truck won't shift gears when the engine is on it will shift with engine off the clutch does not work?

you need a clutch that's all

Why does a car start but not shift gears?

You either need a new transmission or a new clutch.

1999 Ranger clutch overheated pulling load up long steep hill Won't shift anymore Can shift into gear with engine off but clutch engages when released at floor level from that point won't shift. HELP?

The clutch has overheated and burnt the pressure plate. The clutch and pressure plate will both probable need to be replaced. If this model has the Mazda transmission then the slave cylinder is probably located inside of the bell housing and should be replaced at the same time.

Need to increase pump pressure 350 turbo transmission?

You can purchase a shift kit that will increase the pressure.

Why does the transmission shift into gear but car wont move?

You need to lift your left foot off of the clutch pedal.

Any ideas as to why a 1997 Geo Metro will not shift into gear with the clutch depressed and engine running it will shift into gear if the engine is not running?

The springs around the clutch plate have probably came out and locked up between the pressure plate and the clutch plate and locked them together. you need to change the clutch plate and have the pressure plate checked for damage.

Can you change an automatic transmission car to a manual transmission car?

yes you can ,but you will need to buy and have installed, a new flywheel, bell housing, transmission, clutch, and drive shaft. then you will also have to have installed a clutch pedal inside the car. and to top it off, it the car has a computer, you will need to buy a computer to match a standard shift instead of an automatic shift. cheaper just to change cars

I Cant shift it is hard and clutch has no resistance?

You need a new clutch

1990 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup has a 5 speed manual transmission with a 350 and a hydraulic clutch In last couple of days it has become hard to shift into gear Is issue clutch or transmission?

You may need to replace your master and slave cylinders for the clutch. Try pumping the clutch while the truck is running while it is in neutral. if its easy it shift after doing that than that's probably your problem

Why cant you shift you gears in a Nissan pickup?

the clutch is burnt up. buy a clutch kit check your slave cylinder for leaks, its bolted on the side of transmission,if its leaking ,replace,if not ,then it could be u need a new clutch.

What does it mean when your clutch wont go into first on a 2003 Kia Rio?

Do you mean that the car will not shift into first? The clutch is the left pedal on the floor and should work independently of which gear is selected. If the car will not shift into first the clutch may need to be replaced, transmission synchros or gear teeth for first gear could be damaged(chipped,missing or broken) or the shift selector shaft might need to be realigned and/or have it's bushings replaced.

Why wont a 1992 Chevy Cavalier shift?

It depends on many factors. Is the vehicle an automatic or manual transmission? Is it stationary or driving and not shifting gears? If it's an auto and moving and not shifting the possible solutions are low transmission fluid, low line pressure, clutch bands may need adjustment or replacement. If it's a manual clutch may need replacement, shift linkage may be disconnected Please look at the website for more vehicle information and a great jbody community of car enthusiasts.

How do you repair clutch on vw 3.5 lt?

I am not sure what you mean by repair because it is a wear item. It would need to be replaced which would involve disconnecting your transmission from the engine, removing the pressure plate and flywheel bolts to disassemble the old unit then either getting the flywheel resurfaced or replacing it with new as well as a new pressure plate and clutch. You need a clutch alignment tool when you are reassembling the clutch,flywheel and pressure plate set. It usually comes with a clutch "kit" then you would reassemble and it would be wise to bleed to slave cylinder or adjust the clutch cable if it happens to be a mechanical transmission versus hydraulic. IF it is a mechanical transmission then you would be wise to first check the tension on the clutch cable to see if maybe you are not engaging the clutch entirely when you release the pedal as this can be a common cause of slippage in a mechanical transmission.

How do you know if your clutch is not releasing from the flywheel?

if it is hard to shift, when you shift your hear grinding, if you need to push really hard to get the clutch down, or if your in nutraul and your car dies when your foot is off the clutch

How do you convert a 1978 Chevy Camaro automatic to a manual shift?

just put a manual valve body in it You are going to need a number of parts to do it right. You will need a manual transmission, clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, thrust bearing for the front of the yoke, flywheel, shifter, bell housing with clutch fork, transmission hump extension to house the shifter, shift boot, linkage to steering column, "z" bar linkage to clutch pedal, clutch linkage boot, clutch pedal, narrow brake pedal, clutch bumper, starter cutout switch for clutch, steering column switch to change the timing of the backup light operation. You will need to adjust the wiring under your dash somewhat to get the clutch starter cutout switch operational. The yoke on the front of your drive shaft will need to be changed to a yoke that matches the splines in the manual transmission that you are swapping to. The length of your drive shaft needs to be checked to make sure there is the proper play to allow for suspension flex. you do not want the drive shaft to push the yoke into the transmission and break something when you hit a big speed bump. I'm assuming your car (1978 Camaro) was a floor shift to start with and you will be using a manual transmission with a floor shifter. dont forget you will need the pedals for the thing as well.

What is wrong when your transmission dont shift out?

your transmission could be shot. if it will not shift at all, then you will need a new one.

Do you need to remove engine when changing clutch on a Toyota Corolla 1994?

To change the clutch you need to remove the engine, the transmission or both. The clutch is BEWEEN the engine and transmission and you can't get it off without separating them.

Do you need a clutch adjustment?

If the clutch pedal feels loose or if it's particularly hard to shift, then probably.

How to replace clutch in 2002 PT Cruiser?

The 2002 PT cruiser is equipped with an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission does not have a standard clutch. The transmission will need to be completely rebuilt.

How do you change a clutch on a 93 Honda civic hatchback?

To change the clutch on a 1993 Honda Civic the car will need to the safely raised. Remove the starter, shift cables, wire harness, and other components found on the transmission. Unbolt the motor mount and mounting bolts for the transmission and safely lower it. Replace the clutch disk and throttle body.

How do you change a clutch in a 92 s10 pickup?

you need to remove the transmission then unbolt the clutch from the flywheel.

Shift modulator valve on 1999 Buick regal?

the 4t60-e transmission uses a shift modulator that can be found at most auto part stores. however i believe the '99 regals use the 4t65-e transmission which are not vacuum operated therefor to up the shift pressure you will need a tuner or a shift kit.

Why cant you get pressure on the clutch in a 1999 Saturn?

Often a worn clutch disk will not show symptoms when the vehicle has a hydraulic clutch system. The hydraulics "self adjust", leaving the driver surprised when the clutch disk fails altogether. The clutch disk is simple, it is literally pinched between the pressure plate and the flywheel. When the disk wears too thin to fill the space between the pressure plate and the flywheel, there will be nothing for the pressure plate to press against, and there will be no transfer of power between the engine and the transmission. To repair the clutch, the engine and/or transmission must be removed so that you can get to the clutch assembly, which is between the two. It's a significant enough job that you'll need someone to do it for you.

Do you need to use the clutch on a Honda 2002 300ex?

well yes and no, you will need it to pull out from a stop unless you can crank the engine to get moving or your gonna pop start it every time, also for shifting gear, you can shift without the clutch if you know what your doing, but it will shorten the life of the transmission,

How do you shift 8 speed transmission?

If it is an eight speed in a truck, chances are it is a big rig of some sort. Push the clutch in and put the shifter in first gear. Slowly let off the clutch until the truck starts to move. Speed up until it feels like you need to shift again. You can slip the shifter out of first and into second without using the clutch if you are quick and get the feel of the engine RPMs. If you want to use the clutch you will need to double clutch. Push the clutch in to shift from first to neutral. Now let the clutch out so the engine and transmission gears start turning at the same speed. Now, quickly clutch again and shift into the next gear. let off the clutch and accelerate again. If you have a four speed with a two speed rear end there will be a switch on the shifter. Shift through the first four gears normally, then flip the switch an go back to 1st, which will become 5th gear with the axle in high range. To down shift you should double clutch too. First, clutch to shift into neutral. Let off the clutch and rev up the engine so the RPMs are correct for the vehicle speed and the next gear you want to shift into. Now clutch again and downshift. When you let off the clutch the engine, which can only turn so fast, will pull the truck speed down. You can give the engine some throttle and slowly back off so the engine braking isn't so rough or sudden. Good Luck!