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GameStop is the world's largest video game retailer. Gamestop buys, sells, and trades video games and operates retail stores under the names GameStop, EB Games, Babbage's, Software ETC, Micromania, MovieStop, Planet X and FuncoLand.
First, find out why. Time, money maybe? If time, there has to besome time when its possible, but thats when he might like a break.Ask when he's free or if you can ride with someone else. But, thisis about your dad taking you. So then money... if he is using whathe has for other things, then you...
You can get the first ds for around 75-10 the ds lite for 100- 110bucks
Answer . you have to order them on the computer. just search it on google and im sre you'll find it
aw, did u break ur screen? unfortunatly, u cant take a broken ds to gamestop to repair it. depending on what state u live in, u have to buy a new ds :( im soooo sorry that's happened to me b4. I've had 4 DS's and now i have a DSi lol XD
There is no gamestop in australia as far as I know, there are alternatives such as EB games, or GAME.
Yes, available via in the US and certain European territories have their own.
it comes in the middle of march. so like in a month from feb 1 and a week.
$19.99 New $17.99 Used Source: Gamestop website.
GameStop trade-in values may vary from one location to another, but$75-$100 is reasonable.
I just purchased Metal Gear Solid 4 and Call of Duty 4 for $18 each and they had Fallout 3 for the same price and they wanted $27 for Little Big Planet, Infamous, Killzone 2 and Assassin's Creed 2. However these were new games with a price drop and the new games not yet released or just released are...
it depends on what condition your xbox 360 is in. if in good condition between $100 and $150. if in not so good condition between $25 and $90
A job at Gamestop has a long list of responsiblities as follows: The following summarizes the Game Advisor's most essential positionresponsibilities. * CUSTOMER SERVICE* * Ensure our diversecustomers feel valued by acknowledging and greeting them as theyarrive. Demonstrate your commitment...
not yet, you'll have to wait a month or two ;)
It will cost from 70 to 75 dollars.
A used version costs about 20 dollars at game stop
yes, they do all you have to do is ask them that to trade this game for store credit and then you can buy some other game while using that store credit then you get the game because you used the store credit. (the store credit is money)
9 pm is the around about time they close. Just call them up and find out because each store is different.
Depeds on how they are broken :l
No you should get a new PS3 Slim 250 GB model for $349.99. The money will be well spent instead of on a used machine, but if you are low on money you should save and still get a PS3 slim 120 GB model for only $299.99 that includes full warranty and was not played for a couple of years then traded in...
229 is a good price for a new slim PS3 120GB machine. It is estimated that Sony is selling the games with their cost at 240 dollars. When they first came out a few years ago Sony cost was said to be just under a thousand dollars. I wold not purchase on of the older machines for that amount though,...
You will not get much it depends on if it has been used or if its scratched or if its missing the code.
Much more than at other places because they refurbish them, then sell them for $60 or $70 when they sell a new one for only $100. Look at Ebay prices for PS2 auctions with games, controllers, and accessories
You just walk in the store and pre-order it and then you come and pick it up.
how long is gamestop open on Sundays in manitowoc
I would say no. Any used game that I have bought from gamestop had previous data from the past owner.
Yes, Gamestop is open on Presidents' Day.
i dont know how much it is at game stop but it is $120 at walmart
not new. the only hope you have of finding it there is used.
Divide however many people from the GameStop you went to by ten then put a one over that number and that's your fraction
No Gamestop sells your game for a high price, they do not buy it for a high price and they are not even going to buy a game there is no market for. It depends on the game you are trying to sell. if it's a wii game than it will be pretty high if it is gamecube it will be pretty low.
Answer . 16 years old it says it on the gamestop website and in the resume
Maybe 5$...but I don't even know if they take Gamecube games anymore, since they don't distribute them anymore.
On Thursdays, most Gamestop stores are open by 10:00. But there might be a difference depending on where you are. To find out when your local store is open: Click Have a nice day!
If it is cracked all the way through then probably not because buffing and other stuff is only made to clean up the surface (such as scratches, chips, etc.) and you may have to get another cd or game disc that you have cracked.
Yes, it depends on the store. Several have extended hours on Sundays, but are going back to 11 am to 6 pm, just for Easter.
I typed Porsmith into the Gamestop Store Locator and got Portsmouth,VA. I called the store on Victory BVL. for you and they said 10AM-8PM. All of the other stores in Norfolk are open 9-9
You will get the Jirachi... that's a little obvious. When you transfer Jirachi (Obtained from Gamestop), you will get Jirachi, and a special Pokewalker course called Night Sky's Edge. It has a variety of Pokemon and items you can obtain on the pokewalker.
all I know is a good choice for ds games
It all depends on the price and popularity of the PC game and how much the ds games are worth.
you would probably get less than ten bucks
I have checked their website and they only appear to have Chinatown Wars on PSP at present. If you want to make a note of the website it is: www. gamestop .com
well, it depends when you are going to buy it. If you buy it when it is very new, it usually costs about $50 for Wii. As it gets older in date, the price drops due to demand.
G amestop will probaly close around 9 o clock
Whoaw hold it there bud. You didn't list the games or system. But even if it's the rarest game in the world, Gamestop gives you nothing. You'll be lucky for 10$ altogether. Trade them in at a Game Traders store, or place a personal ad somewhere.
um well no if you put the money on a special EB games card yes so yes and no
No. All they will do will just look at it and then say that you can just buy another one for 25 dollars. That happend to me once.
Gamestop will always buy it from you at a ridiciously low price, so i recommend to sell it on Ebay. At gamestop, a perfectly new one(still in the box) would sell at 182$, and a used one but in good condition would sell at 166$. I personaly have the same problem. I also want to sell my wii cuz its bs...
You have to go to GameStop for the GameStop Jirachi...hacking only gives you the hacked n00b Jirachi
i reserved it you have to get it the day it comes out but you have 2 days after it comes until they stop reserveing it. i hope i helped. even thoe you could of just read the reciet
Call your local gamestop and ask.
No......... Not Until March 24,2010 because i want Soul Silver to get a Lugia.
Well, it all depends on how you work, the minimum wage is $8, but once you work there for at least a month or so, you might get paid over $15 YES!!! 15 DOLLARS
I would say Nasty Plot, Psychic, and then maybe Doom Desire or Swift plus Draco Meteor. Because then when you lose the Sp. Atk stat you can use nasty plot to bring it back to normal. To make it even better you could give it a dragon fang or something. Hope this helped.
Just give it to them and don't tell them that it is broken.
 I bought a Pearl for 12$ but it's probably $7-$9
Gamestop does not sell 20GB PS3's because the next Generation of PS3's are already out
at the time of this post they cost $299.99 US. Dollar
1/3 of the price but i think that changed call the nearest gamestop and ask
Not much the game of the year is only $15 at amazon new
depends on where you go and what condition it is in
If there is a event going on that gives out Jirachi no you don't need any money to get it all you need is a wireless adapter for your GBA and Mystery gift.
Gamestop will purchase items that are brought in and then refurbish them and resell them. Whether they will purchase your PS3 depends on what you expect for it, how many and what PS3 model they already have, and whether you want cash or a merchandise credit. Expect Gamestop to pay much less for your...
you go to gamestop to get it. the next event is in febuary, 27, 2010 to march, 13, 2010. you just go to gamestop and get it for free.
 There is none. Check the GTS for him lv.5 holding a berry \n\n
The one in bay plaza is 1-718-671-6099.
R. Richard Fontaine.
no and yes, a game is worth 50 dollars so you'd get 50 dollars offgvh
Not much. Probably for Wii they would give you like $30. For DS they would probably give you $20. For PS3 they would probably give $40. For Xbox regular or Xbox 360 probably $40. And for PSP they would probably give you $30.
Depends which one, call a couple local gamestops and ask.
If its a special download event then no. if they step up a download station for no reason then it does cost something
It depends on what game it is and what system it is for.
Depends on your rank and location.
yes gamestop coupons work in Stores of gamestop. Just find some coupon and apply to at gamestop store.
yea i got one for 68 dollars at the westgate mall i also got Mario adventure for 6 dollars peace
no... there is a special ine of code in the jirachi you get from gamestop that lets you do the event...
Yes. you can buy it online or at gamestop
Yes, they are everywhere! It's called EB games.
no but the jirachi event is over.