Cooking Oils and Fats

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The use of fats in cooking serves many purposes, depending on the foods being cooked. This category is for questions and answers about the fats we use in cooking and how we use them.
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olive oil is one of the best ways to add good fat to your diet andavoid bad fatAnswer this question...
Slowly fry on low heat.
It depends on the proportions and which of the liquids you need atthe end. The likelihood is that the alcohol will have emulsifiedthe oil and water so the starting material will have no layers. Themethod often used to separate mixtures of liquids is fractionaldistillation, though it's not possible...
If you pour red wine on it then it will get rid of the bacongrease. Then you have to soak the carpet where you put the red wineat to get out the red wine
Some oils have unsaturated double bonds in their carbon chain; thatis, these carbons aren't holding the maximum amount of hydrogenatoms they can. Hydrogenation is the process of adding hydrogenatoms to these carbons so that they are at maximum capacity, or"saturation."
Butter has a lower melting point so it is going to spread more in the dumpling and they may be a little looser, but should still be alright.
The 95% of olive oil weight consisting of monounsaturated acidsreact with copper. (Copper is the most reacting metal in acids.)
Any solid shortening will work. The finished product will vary a little bit in flavor, but should be acceptable. For tea biscuits, I would use butter or margarine for flavor. Crisco or other vegetable shortening will work but I would stay away from animal fats.
No. Olive oil can eventually become rancid and could ruin the board. Use food grade mineral oil instead.
Corn oils has similar fatty acid composition with sun,soya oils with linoleic cca 50 % Cotton seed oil has less linoleic values and higher linolenic values. This oil is more dry.
Yes, you can cook potatoes in corn oil.
that is stupid. No u can't ^^ actually YOU'RE stupid, yes you can.
Use what you have. Butter, margarine, solid shortening, anything but lard. Melt it and let it cool. Same amount.
Some do, some don't. It depends on the recipe you are using. If youwant, you can use butter instead of vegetable oil.
For one cup shortening use 1 cup butter or 1 cup margarine minus 1/2 teaspoon salt from recipe.
shortening can be used for cookies because you don't have to put it in the freezer like butter. but you can use butter or vegetable oil to replace shortening but you will have to wait.
There is no water in cooking oil. So there's no concentration ofH+, hence no pH, Cooking oil being neutral.
Vegetable Oil is primarily made up of triglycerides.\n \nHowever, there are numerous different triglycerides, and other conconstituents. So, rather than being a pure compound, it is a mixture.
400-450 degree fahrenheit/205-230 degree celsius is the boilingpoint of vegetable oil.
butter lard has more fat comparing to margarine. butter lard has205grams of fat but whereas, margarine has only 8grams of fat.
depends, do you have any clean burlap or similar material clotharound? Water will absorb into, and eventually pass through. Thebulk of your oil will not. However the oil will heavily stainwhatever you used.
Yes, but to be more precise it is called Beef Tallow. Lard is aterm used for pigs
you get some coconut and a oil of type like olive oil and u mix ittogether heat it and fridge the rest
vegetable oil is very dangerous for a hamster, so keep it away!
Canola oil is vegetable oil, just a specific kind. It is the healthiest type to use right below or beside olive oil.
The only difference is that butter has a lower melting point than solid shortening. This will cause them to spread just a little bit more, but not enough to worry about.
corn oil is made out of germ of corn.
Lard is fat, so 100g lard is 100g fat.
Virgin olive oil has not been chemically modified.
1 kiloliter of cooking oil will be equal to 1000 liter.
no, it will not be good for human health to consume 16 kilograms ofDehybor in 16 tons of edible vegetable cooking oil as it willbrings you a lots and lots of diseases and increases thecholesterol content in the body.
Very likely not. Please see the link under the headings 'Tood additve' and'Toxicity'.
Yes, because it can be a very effective as a substitute for othercomponents of the candle.
Mineral and coconut oil cost about the same price. Each brand ofoil will vary a bit depending on the brand. Mineral oil and coconutoil both run between four and nine dollars.
Lard is made from the pork leaf fat or pork back fat that isrendered. Tallow is made from beef suet that has been rendered.
Yes,very good a little bit in your wok when stir frying adds a lovely taste to your dish
Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil which has highly saturated fatsderived from the fruit of oil palm tree.
what does lard do in cooking
No solvent or solute; cooking oils are mixtures of fatty acids and other organic compounds.
Same amounts, the margarine will give the finished product a slightly heavier texture, but in most things it will be alright. Melted and cooled in most cases.
the person who said 16 oz is simply full of it. Considering the question is about a liquid then the assumption must be that 16 oz was meant to be 16 fl oz. Now different brands and types of olive oil have different weights. I can say that 16 fl oz of EVO is approximately 15.49 oz.
Monetarily, anywhere from 5 bucks to 50 bucks or more -- depending on the condition, i would guess. HOWEVER, to me, it's priceless, because there simply IS nothing like homemade mayonnaise! Before I had one of the Wesson mayo makers, i made it from the same recipe, handed down from grandmother to...
Yes, for baking purposes, solid shortening can be melted and used as a substitute for vegetable oil.
nothing, oil won't dissolve in water because like dissolves like and water is polar and oil is nonpolar
There are 32 ounces in a quart so, 2 times 32 is 64. 64 is the answer.
yes sometimes your whatever your cooking wont turn out as you planned it might taste a little too much buttery though , but as a finall answer , butter can be used as a substitute , thanks bye
Olive oil contain mostly monounsaturated , which have lower boiling points than saturated fats (those from animals: eg butter) . Oil is just liquid fat. So it's not invisible it's just in liquid state. C O'Riordan (Nutrition Bsc)
Olive oil is not denser than water. This can be verified by placing olive oil and water together and observing how olive oil stays on top of the water, proving itself to be less dense.
Shelley Duvall played the role of Olive Oyl in the Popeye film .
The flavor of the bread may be slightly different, but there is not that much oil in any recipe for it to be a big factor. As far as the type of oil, anything will work.
Top three is Spain, Italy Greece
i use pennzoil 5W30. yellow jug
I have spent 15 yrs making Puff Pastry and first of all taste is important aim for a fat with a buttery taste along with being able to remain in a solid state at room temperature as the method to make puff pastry is to create layers and incorporate air. It is not possible to buy good quality Puff...
The fats in olive oil are monounsaturated. The body uses this type of fat for energy production than the saturated fat found in butter.
You can't prevent it entirely, but you can get the most for your dollars by taking a few precautions: 1) Check the 'best if used by' date and buy the can with the longest expiration date. 2) Buy only for your particular needs. Even though a smaller can will cost more per ounce, you're not saving...
Argentina is the only Latin American country among the top 20 producers of sunflower oil.
Same amounts, the problem is that butter has a lower melting point than shortening. Depending on the recipe, this can cause the finished product to be greasy or to spread more. Usually, a recipe has been tried several different ways before it becomes common. It is likely that shortening was chosen...
No. Lard is rendered animal fat (the animal fat is cooked down, then cooled and solidified into lard), while Crisco is a vegetable shortening.
In U.S. and British Kitchen Units it is 0.7432 tablespoon. In Metric (European) Kitchen Units it is 0.7326 tablespoon.
The ice will float . It is less dense than the corn oil. But as the ice melts, the water, which is more dense than the corn oil, will find its way to the bottom of the glass. That's with the oil at room temperature. If the oil is hot, the ice cube will melt quickly. And if it is so hot the water...
olive oil is important because it does a lot of good to the body that is it makes the body fresh and smooth and lightens the skin making it look oily and nice.
Yes but it needs to thaw thoroughly before use. This is according to chow hound online.
Oil palm cultivation and milling to get Crude Palm Oil (CPO).Refine CPO to get RBD Palm Oil (RBDPO). Fractionate RBDPO to getRBD Palm Olein & RBD Palm Stearin.
If you add more olive oil and less coconut oil you will reduce the lather of the soap as well as soften the bar.
olive oil helps your food cook in the inside and cook it on the outside
it was used in many ways like lotion ,cooking, perfumes ,various medicinal usages and etc
Even though EVOO is a better source of fat to cook with than butter/lard or other saturated fats, the fact remains that it is still fat. Humans do need a certain amount of fat in their diet, but overuse of EVOO will cause your body to store this fat almost as efficiently as saturated fat. The reason...