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Questions and answers about different terms related to computers, as well as computer language that is popularly used today.


Depends on the optical medium you have: . CD-R (full-size): 700MB . CD-RW (full-size): 600MB . DVD-R/DVD-RW (single layer): 4.7GB
There are 9.313225746154785e-10 (or 9.313225746154785^-10) millibyte in 1 byte.
Entrise Resource Planning -ERP
Like regular device drivers, peripheral device drivers should be updated from time to time. Updates ensure that your device is patched with the latest updates, fixes, and enhancements. You can update your peripheral device drivers in several ways including by using Windows Update or going directly...
The first discs that were made for computers were made from a thin material that bent easily. These were referred to as floppy disc then a smaller disc with a hard plastic cover was brought out to replace this which was originally meant to be referred to as a hard disc, however at around the same...
There are many features of FoxPro, same with other programming language it depends on what application you will build. Let me give you an outline of the features of Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Database Local Database LAN Database SQL Database Server Type Window DOS Tables/View Local Remote
Software that allows your hardware to function properly.
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Usually synchronous operations means that the operations are "doneat the same time", and asynchronous are "not at the same time"(usually in the case sequentially) As far as advantages anddisadvantages, it depends on what you're doing synchronously andand asynchronously. But usually the issues with...
It takes 8 bits to form 1 byte which equals 1 character (255 variants are possible). True, but some languages (eg Japanese) which use Kanji characters require more than one byte. ============= It depends on the encoding your using. With the ASCII encoding (which is, more or less, "standard" in...
Information Technology Applications are running and operational instances of software that exist to deal with data and/or information and that have unique identification (e.g. a process ID), state, and behavior.
Technology has made the human life better and its also save lots oftime. By the technology use, we can connect all over the world.
It can also be found in JAVA. But yes, it is indeed.
When reading a CD-ROM, a low power laser beam is focused on therotating CD-ROM and its reflection is viewed by the read head. Whenthe beam reflects back from the CD- ROM, it's intensity changes asit moves from "land" to "pits." These variations in the laser beamare decoded as data by the CD-ROM...
Since the conceptual design sets the direction for the managementinformation system (MIS). It is vital that managers participateseriously and heavily at this stage. Conceptual design is sometimescalled feasibility design, gross design or high level design. The conceptual design phase takes as...
Start button, control panel,internet options, browser history, click on settings, view files.
Maybe mean the data can change?
Validation means that the contents of a cell need to be evaluated to see if they meet a pre-determined criteria before being saved in that cell.
1.Sync. ckts all f/fs are clocked by single clock. Async. ckts o/p of f/f becomes clk for next f/f. 2. Sync ckts are fast. Async ckts are slow. 3.Sync.ckts are easy to design. Async.ckts are difficult to design.
The hidden GB are used for the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Usually when you delete something your computer doesn't actuallydelete it. Look in your recycle bin or trash can. Otherwise, youcan download a file recovery application. Search Google for "filerecovery for windows".
Dragging the vertical scroll box to the bottom of the scroll bar.. Double-clicking the down scroll arrow.. Clicking the space below the scroll box.. Double-clicking the vertical scroll box..
SWAP file.. Sometimes it's called swap file like for Linus Sytems. You need a page file to save data when you are using your operation system. If don't have enough RAM OS doesn't have enough space in your memory to work properly. So, in such case OS uses a paging file. When you have 512 Mb or more...
Rockets are a massive breakthrough in science and are the first machines to be able to bring men in to space. They have massive engines that can go at high speeds to be able to take the rocket through the atmosphere.
A megabyte; it is 1024 kilobytes.
How many characters are in 1 kb depends on what format you are saving the file in and whether the characters are "unique" in any way that might make them larger than anticipated. The short answer is "1024." Keep in mind that white space--spaces, tabs, line feeds, and hard returns, as well as...
I would say Computer science because it covers things into moredepth. Also there is a wider choice to pick from so you're notlimited.
Communicating online or use of internet in communication
used to exaggerate something..or grand, as in the grand from 'grandmother' etc.
Thumbnail images are called thumbnail images because what you are looking at when you see a thumbnail is an image approximately the size of your thumbnail if you have big hands. The purpose of a thumbnail is to give a user a depiction of an image file without loading the actual whole image. Some...
.wav is an audio file extension.
It depends on how large the flash drive is, and how large the filesare. Take the size of the flash drive in GB, divide by the average sizeof the files in MB, and multiply by 1000. So for example if you are storing photographs that are 2 MB in sizeon an 8 GB flash drive, you could store...
Processor or Virtual Storage -> 1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte Disk Storage -> 1000 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte
The best web browser is a matter of opinion, and many people will try and "sell" you the idea that one browser is better than another. Truthfully, there are some browsers that just plain suck, and others are considered insecure for any real web browsing. Don't pay attention to the opinion, stick to...
multiple tasking is that in which more than one tasks are are processed in a single cpu . but when a single task is is going on in a single cpu it single tasking
It is a systematic approach to integratedproduct design or product that emphasizes the response to thecustomer expectations and the combination of uniqueness andengineering. Concurrent Design mainly focuses mainly on the earlyphases of the project or product. Its central concept is the use...
The IP address and the subnet mask are required in layer 3 for routing purposes.
1. Right-click the device and click Uninstall on the shortcut menu.
command driven interface, icon driven, and menu driven interfaces. cannibus warrior
Caturday ‎(plural Caturdays) (Internet slang) Saturday, as theday of the week for posting lolcats.
\nHI use the following link\n. \n
Raster is a type of image containing pixels. the quality of anyraster image(jpg,png etc) is calculated on number of pixels orDPI(dots per inch) it has. its quality will downfall as you zoom.Mostly we see this type of images all over the web. e.g softwares:photoshop. The other type is vector which is...
its about 0.000004 gb's
The Internet is primarily "on-line" with the 'lines' being some kind of cable, either copper or glass fiber. These lines carry information between computers. The first computers involved are super hubs that connect large areas together such as between American and Japan or Europe. These super hubs...
bcz people that we hired for the development chage very high
When implemented with the same technology , an analog computer will always be faster than a digital computer. This is because of the data representation: an analog computer represents data using one continuously variable signal per item, this signal is capable of changing as fast as possible with...
monitor is an output device which brings out information from the computer system
Steam, App Store, Origin, Windows Store, Google Play
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In a technical sense, the "internet" refers to the physical infrastructure of connected computers -- a network of roads, in a sense. The "world wide web" (WWW) is a sort of application that runs on top of that infrastructure. The internet network uses one universal protocol for communicating,...
Most businesses should be customer-centered because it will helpthem attract loyal customers. With loyal customers, they canmaximize their profits for their shareholders.
NLX is the most recent form factor for mother boards, initiallyreleased in 1997, it was developed by Intel and IBM jointly.Developed as a low cost mass produced board mainly for use in smalldesktop and mini towers. It currently dominates market share and isthe most widely used mother board. That...
1 GB = 1024 MB\n\ntherefore 1.5 GB = 1536 MB
As a TLD (Top-Level Domain), .co is the country-code for Colombia. As a second-level domain, such as, it serves the same purpose of .com in the United States, except that it is locally relevant for the country in question (in this example, .uk is the United Kingdom). Companies and...
For a monitor? There are several. Most common is the VGA cable. DVI, or even HDMI are possible with better graphics cards. S-Video is an option as well.
Machine language uses very specific commands and sequence of execution, it's very hard for people to understand that. That's why high-level languages were invented. Even so they are not as efficient and fast, but it's much easier and faster to use it, then use low-level type of language. Example...
CD offers capacity of about 700MB while DVD offers about 4GB space plus better sound and picture quality
Approx. 9/10 of a gigabyte.
The graphic tool bar that appears at the bottom of the Windowsscreen is called a task bar. This is a feature that was firstintroduced with Windows 95.
how does PowerPoint help presentations? Answer: It shows you what it looks like after you finish a document.
When you format a cell in Excel ,you change the appearance of a number without changing the numberitself. You can apply a number format (0.8, $0.80, 80%, etc) orother formatting (alignment, font, border, etc).
Sectors (the smallest physical storage unit on a disk) is almostalways 512 bytes (or 0.5 kb) in size.
A: square wave can be positive and or negative. A digital signal is a square wave but it can be of invariable duty cycles
quantum dots are semiconductors whose electronic characteristics are closely related to the size and shape of the individual crystal. Generally, the smaller the size of the crystal, the larger the band gap , the greater the difference in energy between the highest valence band and the lowest ...
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A computer is a very simple machine that can only understand 1's and 0's. We just put simple building blocks together to make it quite large. We must convert everything we want a computer to do into 1's and 0's, by convention we use whats called ASCII to do this.
Executable files usually contain a header, which identifies it as an executable file, and a list of commands to be executed by the processor.
a .exe file. A popular example of a program file that you are familiar with is Explorer.exe which runs the Windows Explorer Interface that powers the Start Menu, Task Bar, Folder Window and more.
MB - Megabyte Mb- Megabit mb- NO SUCH THING KB- Kilobyte kb- Kilobits 8Mb = 8000kb
net stands for network. .NET is Microsoft's strategy to simplify building XML Web Services and to develop, deploy, and maintain desktop, enterprise, Internet and Smart devices applications in the Internet age.
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1000000000000000000000000000000byte=1saganbyte no. of zeros=30
Answer . The abbreviation ftp stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is used for transferring and downloading files to your computer. One you're used to seeing, however, is the HTTP. HyperText Transfer Protocol. The website you are viewing now is in HTTP. (look at the beginning of the site address...
Just search on the internet for full list of keyboard commands
Dos commands are used to create or delete directories. The ATTRIBCommand is used for locking and unlocking of files.
Random Access Memory
Yes 65.4 kb is at least 100 times bigger than 5 M's
The computer has affected the society in both negative and positiveways. For example, while it has enabled faster dissemination ofinformation, it has caused corrosion of human cultures.
A URL (or Uniform Resource Locater) consists of the protocol("Http:"), the domain name (google) as well as the TLD (Top LevelDomain) (.com)
Computer application is helpful in accounting information system because it helps to keep the records of daily transactions. It is difficult to keep the record of daily transactions manually. With the help of computer application, it becomes soo easy. The records that are recorded can be easily...
LED is a video display which uses light emitting diodes.LED panel is a small display..
This is used when the destination server address is known. Ex, Ifwe know our client server addresss, we can reate a smart host,provide info and it will route very fast.