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This category is for questions and answers about the American Civil War. This was an internal conflict involving the state rights, and divided the United States in a bloody struggle. It was fought after the secession of eleven southern states, and lasted from 1861 to 1865.
between the North and the South so they had the war and then thatbroke us apart for a while.
There were 34 states inthe Union when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in1860. And twenty-three when the US Civil War started. In 1861,Kansas Joined the Union, therefore in 1862 there were 24 US states.
They wanted to capture Richmond, and cut off the South's supplies.
Yes, Its legal to fly it in any state. It's your 1st Amendment right.
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Answer . It was not impacted by the war because of distance, but it suffered from a lack of immigration and expansion because of wartime shortages.
Late 1960's black people where given equality by the Jim Crow laws banning segregation (or separation of race) although the slaves were released long before this sadly they where free but still treated like a load or sh#% for another hundred so years
The concept of reparations can be traced back at least to JamesMonroe's effort to repatriate freed slaves in Africa, which createdthe country of Liberia, starting in 1816.
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Just before he ran for president, he ran for Senate.
Depends on the battle. Each one was different. Gettysburg had50,000 die in 3 days of battle. Actually, the figures for Gettysburg were: Killed Union 3155 Confederate 3903 Wounded Union 14,529 Confederate 18,735 Missing Union 5365 Confederate 5425
Robert E. Lee had more than six important elements in his life.They can be summarized as follows; * loyalty to wife and family; * loyalty to God and Country * loyal to Virginia * loyal to the US; * loyal to the South; and * loyalty to his soldiers.
He kindly started a conversation with them and offered them books and most of all love and support which clearly made him the best president that's how he got along with them.
Many of the poor Irish emigrants protested the proclamation,leading to riots when the Union instituted the draft. It gave theUnion the moral high ground so that: diplomatically, it preventedEngland, France, and Spain from recognizing The Confederacy as asovereign nation, preventing them from lending...
North to blockade ports south to engage enemy on its on land i.e. Washington . The North was successful. The South was only able to make it to Gettysburg, PA
Samuel Cooper . John H. Winder . Walter Gwynn . Isaac R. Trimble . Daniel Smith Donelson . Benjamin's Huger . Albert Sydney Johnston . John B. Grayston . Leonidas Polk . Gabriel J. Rains . Hugh W. Mercer . Thomas Drayton . Robert E. Lee . Braxton Bragg There are many more.
Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 US 393 (1857) For more information, see Related Questions, below.
By Nicki from Ace Demon.comPaper discusses how Elkins in his book"Slavery" claims that the American public should accept the slaveryera as a time when people preferred profits in favor of humanlives, while McPherson in his book Ordeal by Fire" does not wish tocondemn an entire nation for the...
To rally support of the North. After Gettysburg the North was sickand tired of the wholesale slaughter of their troops. At Gettysburgalone they lost some 25,000 men. At Antietam 26,000 men died in oneday. Fredricksburg was a disaster. Lincoln used the address to showthat to stop the fighting now...
Immediately after abolition the former slaves joined the unionarmy, fleeing form the south. So 1863? I am not an american so I amfuzzy on your history, the very short US history :)
General Pierre Beauregard CSA was a Louisianan -born American military officer,politician, inventor, writer, civil servant, and the firstprominent general of theConfederate States Army during the American Civil War .
Slavery exist in the U.S since the mid 1600s . NEW RESPONDENT. The first twenty Black slaves were brought in Virginia by a Dutchprivateer in August of the year 1619.
Oklahoma during the Civil War . Oklahoma was non-existent, instead it was considered IndianTerritory . The Indian Territory pre-civil war was thriving . Much fighting took place in Oklahoma. The Civil War weakenedthe Indian Tribes of Oklahoma. It caused destruction and ruin. In1861, Indian...
He was a slave for the south.
It is necessary to acknowledge the role of the black villains who were in collusion with the white villains, in order to view the picture in perspective. The more extensive history has been brought to the American scene largely by the Public Broadcasting System in a series of documentaries...
He was a Confederate Lieutenant General who served as one of themost gifted cavalry and guerrilla commanders of the American CivilWar. After the war he became involved in the newly formed Ku KluxKlan and opposed Reconstruction in his home state of Tennessee.Within a few years of taking over the KKK...
They only fought for the safety of their families, so the Union had more "passion". They had no industries for guns, cannons, or gunpowder. The confederacy had a lot more deserters because of their lack of spirit to fight.
Father Time has changed Kentucky.
i would guess that he would be in favor of it bc state was confederate
The Northern press and public still thinking it would be a short war, and making the macho challenge "On to Richmond!".
The Confederate strengths were their numbers and their ability toshoot. However, their weakness was that they were cocky andunderestimated the power of the north. The Union had canonfactories all through the northern region of Boston. When theConfederates were bombarded with canon fire, it was...
Many of the plantations that used slaves grew tobacco, a profitable crop back then.
From the Scottish plantation (and slave) owners.
Prior to the manufacture of guns the military depended on swords, spears, fire weapons and other more crude weapons. This meant wars were fought one on one. The advance of the gun made it possible to fire at a person farther away. However, the first guns were not accurate so they still had to be...
In a way, it did. It essentially gave the slaves freedom in theNORTH, not the south. This encouraged them to escape to the North.The South was basically fighting two wars, one from the inside andone with the North. It crippled the reason they were drawn into thewar, slavery.
Several hundred years ago the letter u did look like the letter v. It was traditional to use the older letter styles on courthouses, city halls, state capitols. We use modern lettering now and do not put the older letters on the modern, newer government buildings. The V is much easier to cut into...
many people in the north were dead,injured,or missing.lots of forests an houses were burned down.reconstruction occured later in the years and the economy was restored.a man from the south shot abraham lincoln in a nickelodeon(now,in present day,isKnown as a theator).vice-presedent Andrew Johnson...
Some were might against it, but Arkansas was part of the states FOR slavery.
Yes, and they are both related to myself :)
Tariffs on imports - having no industry, the South depended largely on imports.
worms, Beans, & mushy corn meal if they were lucky
The civil war took place from 1861 to 1865.
The Battle of Gettysburg is one of the most famous battles thattook place during the Civil War. The battled occurred from July 1to 3, 1863, and resulted in a victory for the Union.
The Union's leader or general was Ulysses S. Grant, while the Confederate's was John C Pemberton.
April 30, 1863 - May 6, 1863
To defat the other side. To find Generals that were able to win battles. To gain military control of the East Coast, and of the mid-west.
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The Confederates did not have red scarves. However, most of theleaders in the Confederate Army wore a red sash around their waist.
nobosy knows for sure if they did just like no one knows why the south won most of the battles during the first two years of the war.
No, it is a subset of slavery. Chattel slavery is where there is outright ownership of the human being, with him being bought, sold and traded. The larger term slavery refers to the variety of ways in which one person is forced to give up labor and time against his will, or be unable to leave. ...
Answer . The restoration of the Union.
It was Confederate General John Magruder who tricked McClellan intobelieving the Confederate infantry was larger than it was inreality. The Siege of Yorktown happened in 1862.
The Army of Northern Virginia was led initially by General Joseph E. Johnston; however after he was wounded during the Peninsula Campaign, Gen. Robert E. Lee took command of the Confederacy's chief army in the East. In 1865, Gen. Lee was named General-in-Chief of all Confederate Armies. The Army of...
There were nine thousand troops on each side, fifth grade. (this includes Taiya) who use this sight for writing notes and answering questiions
The Freedmen's Bureau helped African Americans. In the years following the Civil War, the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands (the Freedmen's Bureau) provided assistance to tens of thousands of former slaves and impoverished whites in the Southern States and the District of Columbia....
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Robert E. Lee - along with many other Virginia-born officers and politicians.
25 years is the correct answer!
Abolitionists were worried that the Emancipation Proclamation wasnothing more than a war measure. They feared it would carry noweight after the American Civil War ended.
On April 9, 1865 after four years of Civil War, approximately 630,000 deaths and over 1 million casualties, General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia to Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant, at the home of Wilmer and Virginia McLean in the town of Appomattox Court...
The Confederacy - though he had hoped that his home-state of Virginia would not join the Confederacy, and he could have accepted Lincoln's offer of supreme command of all the Union armies.
Abraham Lincoln was the United States President during the civilwar. As such he was commander-in-chief of the union army and navy.and he swallowed pills ;)
to end slavery permanently by amending the constitution.
Because the wily General Joe Johnston managed to hi-jack a train to deliver reinforcements promptly to the battlefield. Also, there was one Confederate unit that was wearing blue uniforms, and well-placed Union gunners held their fire until too late, thinking they were friendly forces.
abolitionists . Alexander Stephens (VP of the Confederate States of America) . Alfred Terry (Union General) . Alligator, U.S.S. (Union submarine) . ambush . army . Antietam (Maryland), battle of . Appomattox Court House (Lee surrender to Grant) . Aquia Creek (Virginia, battle of . artillery . August...
Charleston, South Carolina
The principal cause of the Confederate States of America was its desire to maintain its independence as a separate political entity apart from the Northern states or United States. Intially, secession from the US was prompted by differing beliefs in regards to tariffs or taxes on imported goods and...
No. A campaign is a plan for achieving an outcome. It may last months or years. Every time you encounter resistance to this, there is a battle. A campaign may require many battles, some of them won, some of them lost, before it is complete. Grant's Overland Campaign, which eventually won the...
Meade commanded the Union forces at Gettysburg.
If you're referring to the filing of a claim for public domain land under the Homestead Act of 1862, a prospective homesteader would file a patent request with the US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which had land offices in every county where there was public domain...
there were a lot of deaths and disease breaks
Because his strategies were at last beginning to look successful. Grant had prevented Lee from invading the North. Sherman had taken Atlanta. And the blockade-runners' favourite ports were being steadily re-captured. They felt the end of the war was in sight.
The 54th Regiment invaded the south at Morris Island on July 11th 1883
The British won the battle of Ticondaroga.
Almost nothing. If you were wounded, you would probably die - which is one reason the casualty figures were so shocking.
The civil war was more deadly.