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Information about climatic changes; changes in the environment; and saving the environment.
The left overs left behind in the soil as irrigated water forfarming evaporates, which makes the soil water have a higherosmotic content for the plants. A higher concentration of solutesmeans there is a lower amount of water. Therefore, more water willrun/diffuse out of the plants cells right into...
I can only speculate but I wouldn't imagine global warming wouldhave had much of an impact on global shark populations to date.Water takes a lot of energy to heat up and changes to globaloceanic temperatures are less noticable than atmospherictemperatures. Sharks are cold-blooded so changes in the...
Tasmanian devils' breeding season lasts from March to May. Femaledevils will mate with dominant males, who fight to gain theirattention. Three weeks after conception, the females give birth toup to 50 babies, called joeys. These 50 extremely tiny joeysscramble to attach themselves to one of the four...
Farmers had drought conditions, land was over farmed. Almost dailydust storms and heat.
Greenhouse gases, climate and temperature can all be affected byenergy conservation.
Supplies of food, places and sources we can get food from.
It turns to water and sometimes methane gas is released.
ya it may be possible that by the using role scoper results in soilerosion
The first two reports (1990 and 1995) of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed that the world is definitely warming and this warming is being caused by human activity.
The sun gives off a few billion wats per second. If solar power went mainstream, then the world would be set on energy for the next billion years until the sun explodes.
Inez Fung is a professor of Atmospheric Science at UC Berkeleyand the Co-Director of Berkeley Institute of the Environment . Dr Brenda Ekwurzel works on the national climate program at theUnion of Concerned Scientists (UCS). . Marine ecologist and climate expert Corina Brussaard is part ofa new...
1. Financial Income - There is money in recycling.In the level of the individual, one of the benefits of recycling isfinancial income. There are a lot of things lying around the housethat we no longer want or need that might just end up in a dumpsitesomewhere, that we can recycle and earn money...
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The Grey Owl is the largest Owl in the World.
Fossil fuel, the wind, the Sun, hydro and biomass
Earth is described as having three atmospheres. The firstatmosphere, captured from the solar nebula, was composed of light(atmophile) elements from the solar nebula, mostly hydrogen andhelium. A combination of the solar wind and Earth's heat would havedriven off this atmosphere. The second...
It is 72% of our atmosphere. However it also can cause ground levelozone and smog. It also can be bad in water systems if there is anexcess. Without it though nothing could live. Plants need it tosurvive.
Methane 16% -- Carbon Dioxide (Forestry and Industrial process) 76%-- Nitrous Oxide 6% -- F-Gases 2%
Environmental Law is a set of regulations that must be followed. Failure to do so will result in penalties. Environmental policies are goals, objectives or guidelines set in place by industry or government to govern industries environmental influence. Government policies generally bring about...
More particles in the air block sunlight and energy making the area around the eruption cooler. . Thermal property gives rise to more hot springs and attracts tourists. Mount Pinatubo was a major eruption several years ago. The eruption caused some of the lowest temperatures of the past several...
Climate change would be my educated guess. The rays that hit the Earth used to be able to get out of the atmosphere. Now with all the air pollution the heat rays are being locked under the atmosphere, basically where us humans are located. In result the earth is warming up. Patagonia, Canada and...
there are like 560 gorilla rserves
The ivory trade is the commercial, often illegal trade inthe ivory tusks of the hippopotamus , walrus , narwhal , [1] mammoth , [2] andmost commonly, Asian and African elephants . Ivory has been traded for hundreds of years by people in suchregions as Greenland, Alaska, and Siberia....
As oceans continue to warm, polar caps will continue to melt. Someestimates conclude that sea levels could rise up to 60 meters. Somesea level rise is inevitable; different studies make differentpredictions. I wrote a paper on this two years ago, and of the 19studies I used as references, the...
It is because they are killed for their fur and farmers shoot them if they come too close to their life stock or other animals like hyenas eat their cubs
it is because they can see better during the night and they can't see good during the night. .
when they are around 6months I believe... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To other contributers: I think this is right if it is not plz edit thanx, Ms.USA
It can make you ill. VERY ILL .
Humans burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) release carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas. This is causing global warming. Any warming of the earth will lead to changes in climate. Scientists predict this will mean that storms, floods, droughts and other weather events will happen...
Modern homes are better sealed against the elements, and lack of air circulation from outdoors means that more air pollutants stay inside as they are generated.
Rising Sea Levels Hotter Climate Hypothesis - More Natural Disasters
There are millions of carbon compounds. Three simple ones aremethane, CH4, ethene, C2H2 and ethanol, C2H5OH. Remember thenumbers must be subscripts. Answers.com cannot providedrawings.
You can say that the Earth is like a ball that will explode whensomething "bad" happens to it.
Yes, scientists have discovered that the continent of Antarctica was once covered by a tropical rainforest, which grows in a warm climate.
using vehicles for short trips . using many disposable items . leaving lights on when not using them . buying items with a lot of packaging . throwing things out the car window . not properly disposing of chemicals
a female lynx leave some of it's urine on a males territory
It's impossible to tell. It depends on how their habitat remains during the course of the next two years and how many offspring are created by the species.
Whales dive to get food. They come back to the surface to breathe.
Spectrum gives UV rays or waves besides the usage of the sun
Advantages of Non-Renewable Energy Because non-renewable energies seem abundant, like oil, gas andcoal, some experts believe if channeled correctly, our supplieswill be safe for future generations. Non-renewable energy sourcesinclude oil and petroleum products, gasoline, diesel fuel, andpropane,...
The UK generates 290 million tonnes of waste per year
Each American family has an average of one daily newspaper and an additional type of newspaper. So theoretically, it would be one newspaper a day. Note that many newspapers no longer deliver paper copies of their news. In Detroit, families get actual newspapers only three days a week, the rest of...
Emperor penguins are serially monogamous. They will have one matefor a season, but the next year they might find a new mate.
ANSWER: . Contact the manufacturer and inquire if they repair or replace the units with freon leaks. Also ask them if they can refer a repair shop near the town you live in. Quite simply, putting more freon in it will leak out and it will keep freezing up. Fix the leak.. >>>>. More times than not...
yes and it can kill you within 5 seconds it entering your body
The animals were not endangered at the time they had started to be hunted, however it depends on what animal you are talking about. If you are talking about poaching then it began as soon as animals started being protected (1973 officially in America).
different parts inside the gearbox will have driped dry and make more noise after starting from cold this noise should go away fairly quickly as the running gears move the oil around the gear box
of course wolf spiders are endangered...
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To create more plastic objects and aluminum objects so that we will not waste things when we already have them
Polar bear. all the ice caps are melting, they're running out of space. Whatever ones that aren't killed by another for territory can drown.
2 holes. They are in each hemisphere.
I think that a jerboa does have arms. If it wouldn't have arms,then what would it use to eat?
Very active and sly cats. They seem as if they are mini leopards.Ocelots can wonder around trees and hunt birds. They can beenergetic yet fun-sized felines.
The pressure depends upon the city/well pressure setting, but waterwill run through the pipes to your faucet as soon as the 40 gal.tank and pipes are full. Remember to remove the aerators when youdo any major changes as the faucet aerators will clog up with anyloosened debris.
1. by not standing next to people who smoke . 2. not living in a high polluted area
Crop rotation, developed in Great Britain during the Agricultural Revolution greatly enhanced crop yields. This method of alternating crops in different fields on a yearly basis kept the soil nutrient rich and fertile.
The biproducts of fossil fuels are carbon monoxide, sulphites,nitrites, and solid residue which is non biodegradable.
By production, 9.0%. By consumption, 6.2%. According to the National Energy Renewable Laboratory 2013Databook, renewable electricity grew to nearly 15% of totalinstalled capacity and 13% of total electricity generation in theUnited Statesin 2013. See pages 8 and 9 for % coal, gas, petroleum,nuclear...
If copper, drain the water out of the pipe, clean the spot and solder over the hole. Steel, either replace a section of pipe, take apart and reassemble making sure the joints have enough dope or teflon tape on them to seal.
Around 2520 red pandas are left in the world but 40 of those are in captivity.
After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Exxon should have paid for allthe cleanup and also provided preventative measures!
no they are orange with black polkadots the caterpillers are yellow, back, white, and kind of a limy green stripes!
Yes, all fishes are cold blooded!
There is a finite supply the world around us continues to circulate energy. Beneath us the earth is heated so it will always produce energy from the heat. Geothermal persay! Look that word up, it really helps.
about 20 since every soda tab is about 5 cents each. I think it is closer to 2300 tabs. Can aluminum is going for about 55 cents per pound today. At 1250 tabs per pound that is equivalent to about 2300 tabs per dollar.
Thermal pollution is usually associated with increases of water temperatures in a stream, lake, or ocean due to the discharge of heated water from industrial processes, such as the generation of electricity. Increases in ambient water temperature also occur in streams where shading vegetation...
first we will melt it amd then wgatever we had to make from it we can make.........
Wind like waves and sunlight are created by natural functions of the earth as a planet. They do not require time to form a fuel like coal and gas. As these functions are "naturally occurring" they are considered to be renewable. They will, as far as we are currently concern always going to occur....
The Guimaras oil spill occurred on 11th August 2006.
Because they realize that humans should not be selfish and destroythe earth for their own benefit.
The laws of thermodynamics tell us to expect observable changeswhen we perturb (change) the inputs or conditions of theenvironment in this case, the earth. What we put into the air, howwe change the surface through logging and agriculture, and what wedump into the ocean can all wind up altering the...
The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement while theCopenhagen Accord is a political agreement.
there are only 7. Five at the San Diego Zoo and three at the are at the Peterson's Zoo.
POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP Your inappropriate answer does not enhance your reputation in the slightest. There are between 100000 to 150000 hippos left in the world, the natural habitat is being destroyed, and they are becoming an endangered species
Pandas usually have heart shaped noses.
Astronomical light pollution started as street and road lightingbecame widespread from the early 20th century. It was bad enough bythe 1980's for the dark sky movement to gather momentum. Locallight pollution, for instance from obtrusive security lights, is amore recent problem, perhaps from about...