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Mathematical Finance

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Mathematical finance is a field in applied mathematics that focuses on financial markets. At present, several universities around the world offer research programs and a degree in mathematical finance.
If you want your yearly gross, multiply your bi-weekly figure by  26.
== Answer ==   The Stem and Leaf plot was first used by John Tukey around 1977 in a study of volcanos.   John Tukey was a mathematician and statistician who is credited with first using the term software to describe the programs that run on computers.
Well lets calculate that 3.25% for a month is $325.00 so if you times that by 12 months it would be $3,900 for a year, in 3 years it would be $11,700 in interest plus the capital of 10,000. So at the end of those 3 yrs. you'll need to pay back the full amount of $22,700.I just did the math for...
It was called the 1890's (Eighteen-nineties)    It was called the 1890's (Eighteen-nineties)
1 kilometer is bigger than 999 meters. Therefore, 1000 meters is bigger than 999 meters.
28 square meters equals 301.4 square feet.
No, a hectare is much bigger. A hectare is equal to 10,000 meters  square.
Area of the triangle (1/2 x base x height) =1/2 x 2 km x 3 km = 3 km2
a lot* * * * *A million of them.
I think you are mixing two or more different concepts. 2 1/4 is a mixed number. (mixed because it has a whole number "2" and a fraction "1/4") 9/4 is an improper fraction. It is improper because the top number of a fraction (numerator) is supposed to be a smaller number than the bottom number ...
Doen't anybody care that the binary numbers at the head of the  page is incorrect? There is no 11, although the answer below is  correct.  1   10   11   100   101   110   111   1000   1001   1010   1011   1100   1101   1110   1111   10000   10001  ...
1. 1 2. 10 3. 11 4. 100 5. 101 6. 110 7. 111 8. 1000 9. 1001 10. 1010 11. 1011 12. 1100 13. 1101 14. 1110 15. 1111 16. 10000 17. 10001 18. 10010 19. 10011 20. 10100
That really depends on how many hours per week you work, lets assume you work 37 hours per week, 62,000 divided by 52 weeks = 1,192.30 per week, divided by 37 hours = 32.22 per hour.
One third (or 1/3) Explanation: There are 60 minutes in an hour. If you had the whole amount this would be: 60/60 = 1 (hour) Since you only have 20 of those minutes, the fraction is: 20/60 This reduces as: 20/60 = 1/3
Exact answer is 8 and 1/3 or 25/3 ....if you want to know how many times it goes into 100000 fully excluding rounding, its 8.
actually. all of the fraternities in the Philippines are tau gamma phi's rivals.. this frat is so non-sense..they recruit by-standers and criminals..just for the sake of being "supreme".there so many cases of death due to hazing that was listed under their initiation rites.the catch is, this is a...
A trailer this size is 541.625 square meters.
1,400 square feet = 130.06 square meters
An ancient method of converting decimal numbers to binary form is to halve the number until 1 is reached. When halving an odd number round down to the number below (13 halved = 61/2 round down to 6). If the number is even then record a 0, if the number is odd then record a 1. 22 ................is...
An ancient method of converting decimal numbers to binary form is to halve the number until 1 is reached. When halving an odd number round down to the number below (13 halved = 61/2 round down to 6). If the number is even then record a 0, if the number is odd then record a 1. 22 ................is...
Each hour has 60 minutes so 660 minutes divided by 60 minutes = 11 hours. So 660 minutes is 11 hours
2 hours 3 mins (2.05 hours)
At 8% per year, it would take 138 years, so that is 1656 months. Ifit was 8% per month, it would be 138 months.
Yes it is a leaf modification.
If numbers go on forever from the number one, then they should go on forever in minus numbers too. So the lowest number would be minus googloplex (Or however you spell it), which is the highest number. ________________________________________________________________ It's negative 9999999......
The largest known prime number was discovered in August 2008. It has about 12.9 million digits - so we won't be reproducing it here! It is one less than 2 raised to the 43112609th power: 243112609_-1" Other primes have been found since then but they are smaller numbers.
29 percent as a fraction in simplest form is 29/100.
Yes, it existed. What else .... ?
ACTUALLY YOU CAN!....using a simple word replacement with  known values. 1 cc=1mL=16.23 minims (16.23)(1/60)drams  (16.23)(1/60)(60)grains (16.23)(1/60)(60)(64.8)milligrams therefore  1cc = 1051.7mg   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
If you want to write Giga in standard form you put it as x109. So if you wanted to convert 2GV to volts it would be 2x109 V.
none. a million is less than a billion
$300 running or depending on the condition
Spakka is a hip term referring to someone who appears to be  mentally or physically disabled; however, in reality are not  disabled.
It would be $150. To find this, first take 10% of 500, which would  be 50. Then triple that number to find what 30% would be, which is  $150 off.
It is the abbreviation for Kilo (1000 grams) which has been extended to multiply any quantity by 1000.Answer 2But kilo doesn't actually mean 1000 grams. It's short for kilogram, agreed, but what about kilometer, kilotonne, etc?
1 litre = 1000 millilitres. You now have all the information required to answer this and similar questions.
There are 100,000 milligrams in one hectogram.
Make the fraction equivalent to 100, and cross multiply and divide. X/X = X/100. Or divide the top number by the bottom number and move the decimal two spaces to the right.
A cloning vector that contains a highlhy active prokaryotic promoter just upstream of a restriction site where the eurkaryotic gene can be inserted in the correct reading frame. Such expression vectors allow the synthesis of many eukaryotic proteins in bacterial cells.
Asking what price something is, saying your age, pretty much everything you talk about: how many words you say, how many letters are in that word so forth
176/10 = 88/5 or, as a mixed fraction, 17 3 / 5
cost = 150 X = 100% = 1.00 = original percent Y = 40% = 0.40 = percent reduced Z = sale percent Reduction formula based on the above variables X and Y: X - Y = Z Z = 0.6 This means the boots are on sale for 60% of their original price, or 90 a pair. To bring 90 up to 150, simply use the...
The APT has a number of benefits. First, it is not as a restrictive as the CAPM in its requirement about individual portfolios. It is also less restrictive with respect to the information structure it allows. The APT is a world of arbitrageurs and vendors of information. It also allows multiple...
You have to do something by the somethingEDIT: were you being a smart*ss when you typed this? this is math not let's all be smart*sses day.
  == Answer ==   I used this site http://armscollectors.com/sn/winlookup.php to get the date of the rifles' man. date of 1942. As far as the value, I would suggest taking it to a gun shop (if you don't know of one locally, maybe try a trade show or ask some friends for a reccomendation) and...
15 minutes. Fifteen point zero There are 60 minutes in one hour so - one quarter of one hour is 15 minutes .
262144 is standard notation for 8⁶, where 8 is the base and 6 isthe exponent
for example x belongs to W a/b is a fractionx divided by a/b is = x X b/a means the whole number should multiply with reciprocal ( Multiplicativeinverse) of such fraction we get the solutiion.
when 22 is dividing with 2 we get remainders1,0,1,1,0 from down to upwards so that in binory system 10110 is equal to 22 in decimal system. OR 1 0 1 1 0 16 8 4 2 1 place values in binory systemif we convert binory number in to decimal system 1x16+ 0x8+1x4+1x2 +0x1 = 22
square feet = sqft = ft^2 meters squared = m^2 You cannot convert this because meters is a length and square feet is an area assuming that the question is supposed to say "meters squared" sqft = (285 m^2)(3.280839895 ft/m)^2 = 3067.714469 ft^2
1,000*1,000 = 1,000,000
Some plants like mushrooms and fungi can survive without sunlight.
There are 17 liters in 17000 milliliters
15 minutes.    There are 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 divided by four (the  quarters) equals 15.
The decimal number 58 is represented by the binary number 111010.
Fixed Cost Problem is a kind of the Mixed Linear Programming Problem(MILP).Also, MILP is a Parametric Quadratic Concave Programming Problem.The optimal solution is existence of vertix set of the domain set.Then, you can use the domain cutting method.
Nothing does. A hectogram is a measure of mass, not weight.
The mode is the most frequent number in a set of data. Frequent means the number happens most often. Eg. Data set = 2,4,7,5,9,6,3,6. the mode is 6 as it happens twice.
32.30 x 40 x 52 = 67184 Don't forget to include the unit of currency, whether it be pounds, dollars, or whichever.