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Delaware is a state located in the eastern region of the United States. It ranks 49th in terms of total land area and 45th in terms of population. Delaware also participated in the American Revolution.


It was the first official place the pilgrims set foot on America.
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48.8 New Mexico has 121,593 sq miles - Delaware has 2,490. The answer was achieved by dividing 2490 into 121593.
In the book The Last of the Mohicans , Magua entered thevillage of the Delaware one morning.
To get to the Tappan Zee from the Delaware Memorial, continue straight when you get off the Delaware Memorial, and you'll be on the New Jersey Turnpike. Take that to the Garden State Parkway. Go north on the Garden State Parkway to where it ends. It ends at I-87 in New York. Go south on I-87 which...
Google estimates the driving time as 14 hours and 10 minutes.
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Delaware was never its own colony officially. It was part of theProvince of Pennsylvania, where the Quaker religion was prominent.
They did good in the shipbuilding industry, fishing was profitable, and there were many skilled craftsman. But Delaware was dependent on slavery for a while
William Penn was involved first with Pennsylvania, and then with what became Delaware.
they had a trading and thriving economy in which then they were very wealthy :)...i think
Before coming under British colonial rule as part of Pennsylvania, Delaware had Dutch and Swedish settlements.
Coal and iron ore were important natural resources used in colonialDelaware. Furs, wood and farming land were other resources.
There are many famous landmarks located in Delaware, including theDelaware State Capital. The Robinson House, Block House, and theWinterthur are also popular landmarks.
George Washington crossed the Delaware river with John Adams which was his vice president at the time .
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Delaware generally has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and relatively cold winters with some snow. There is still noticeable differences among climate from north to south despite being a small state, with a milder climate to the south and on the beach. Precipitation averages...
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the highest poin t of Delaware is 442 feet above sea level on Ebright in New Castle County . the l owest point in Delaware is sea level along coast.
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Florida has the oldest settlement in the United States with St.Augustine. The Spaniards settled here in 1565. Virginia was the first of the original thirteen colonies and wasstarted by the settlement of Jamestown in 1607. Delaware was the first state and was created in 1787. With duerespect to...
Delaware was very wealthy and it still is. it had about 905 billion.
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I guess you are asking about the Delaware river?? The Delaware river meets tidal water at Trenton New Jersey. Maybe this is the end. Look at this page in wikipedia:
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one of there main crops is Corn for grain
The states that border Delaware include the following: bordered to the north is Pennsylvania, to the east, by the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey, after you cross the Delaware Bay, and to the south and west is Maryland.
Actually, Delaware is a beautiful, historic, prosperous state.
7 Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire New Jersey Connecticut Delaware Rhode Island also D.C. but not a state
The name came from a famous man that died on a voyage to North America, Lord De La War- Delawar-Delaware Delawares nicknames are The First State ,The Small Wonder Diamond State ,and The Blue Hen State. delaware is known by this nickname " The First State ' due to the fact that december 7,1787, it...
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There was never a U.S. President named George Read, but there was aGeorge Read who was President of Delaware from October 20, 1777 toMarch 31, 1778.
The mean of Delaware's elevation is 60 feet (20 meters) above sea level. The highest elevation point is near the Ebright Azimuth and is 447 feet (136.2 meters) above sea level
The colony of Delaware was the 2st colony formed!
There wasn't a person named Delaware but the state takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia's first colonial governor, after (what is now called) Cape Henlopen was originally named.
New Castle was the capital of thecolonial government in Delaware. The capital was moved from NewCastle to Dover in 1777. During the period 1779 - 1781 the colonialgovernment met in Wilmington, Lewes, Dover, and New Castle. InOctober 1781 the capital was permanently moved to Dover. Delawarebecame a U...
Because, the American Holly is the only tree in Delaware.
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Delaware has had 3 electoral votes in all but 2 elections, 1812 and 1820, in which they had 4 electoral votes.
New Jersey is located directly opposite of Delaware on the Mid-Atlantic coast.
Delaware is known for it's oak trees, which are used for paper andfor construction. It also has sandy beaches, which hold minerals inthe sandy soil.
The area that became Delaware was a center of the Native fur trade.Only at the beginning the Revolutionary War did the colony receivean official name.
MapQuest estimates the driving time as 30 hours and 41 minutes and gives the mileage as 1,992.72 miles.
Well, It was the first state in the union, and you can go to any city in Delaware in less then an hour (on a good day maybe 30 min).
The Delaware flag is a kind of colonial blue with a diamond in the middle that is a kind of buff color. There are two men standing in the diamond standing next to a crest with a ship over the top. Below the diamond is inscribed, Dec. 07 1787, the date Delaware became the first state to ratify the...
Delaware's highest point, near the Ebright Azimuth, is 447 feet (136.2 meters) above sea level
"The First State": Delaware is known by this nickname due to the fact that on December 7, 1787, it became the first of the 13 original states to ratify the U.S. Constitution. "The Diamond State": This nickname was given to Delaware because of it's amazing wonders and being unique from many...
the capital of Delaware is Dover not new castle
Delaware has a total area of: 1,593,600 acres.
They use car, train, plane, and boat.
The person the Delaware State Quarter celebrates is Caesar Rodney, and specifically his famous ride to Philadelphia in 1776. Rodney served in the as a representative of Delaware along with Thomas McKean and George Read from 1774 through 1776....
He was a Quaker and Delaware was the most southern part of his land. All Quakers thought everyone was equal and a group of men asked them for a piece of land. He came to the Americas for religious freedom. .
Until 2000, the state was a swing state and for 50 years always voted for the winning candidate. Since then, it appears to have become dominated by the Democratic party.
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The first recorded European to see the coast of Delaware was Henry Hudson. He sailed for the Dutch. This was in 1609. It was visited again a year later by Samuel Argall from Virginia. He named it after the Governor of Virginia, Lord de La Warr..
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