Gift Giving

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Gift giving is spontaneous but oddly expected especially when there is an occasion. It is an expression of happiness coming from the person giving. Gifts are also meant as a form of kindness and forgiveness.
NO, but if u want the real swarovski that is worth the money, then u should go to the Swarovski store, or simply go to, but if u just want fake and cute style, dsk has many more choices...
Well I'm 19 and honestly spending time with my girlfriend is one ofthe greatest gifts of all but I know you want actual gift ideas soI can't tell you exactly what to get him because I dont know himbut evaluate his interests, what he likes, cars, anime, obey hats,etc. and get him something that...
Although nobody can say with any level of certainty what your boyfriend might like, for an occasion such as Valentine's day one item is a very safe bet: make him something. It can be anything, like having him over for dinner and cooking his favorite meal for him, of if you have any special talent ...
You don't. Get a new one. Or be cheesy and say "This will be my heart if you say you won't be mine."
you could maybe get him something like his favorite candy or something something simple but it still lets him know you care(:
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1.Video games (MW games) 2.Sports equipment (football, soccer ball) 3.Poster (favorite sports team) 4.Phone (iPhone) 5.Tablet (Kindle Fire, iPad) 6.Camera (Nikon) 7.Game system (PS3) 8.Laptop (Apple, Dell) 9.Clothes (Aeropostale, Ambercrombie & Fitch) 10.Shoes (Nike, Converse, Vans) It depends on...
Mums will love anything. It's the thought that counts. Flowers or taking her for a shopping trip. Give her some of your time to show her how special she is.
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An 11-yr old girl is in an age between still being a girl, and becoming a teen. Many girls this age would like: . A hand-made or store bought card. . A teddy bear or other soft "huggable". . A stuffed-animal with "Valentine Heart" attached, such as a bear squeezing a Valentine heart. . Costume...
Flowers, chocolate, buy dinner.
yeah, your girlfriend most likely will think you forgot about her if you get her nothing. so even if you can't see each other at all, still make it romantic!
hmm wel im a girl nd im 12 nd i think it would be sweet if you wrote your girlfriend a song ;)
I think you should give her a real emotions, soft kiss, warm hug, make her fell that she is a princess
A box of chocolates, and a kiss on the lips. Give her a big hug as well. Take her out to dinner and order her something you both would eat. Also get her a heart necklace. That will make any girl happy.
7th February : Happy Rose day 20148th February : Happy Propose day2014 9th February : Happy Chocolate day 2014 10th February : HappyTeddy day 201411th February : Happy Promise day 201412th February :Happy Kiss day 201413th February : Happy Hug 2014 14th February :Happy Valentines day 2014
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what are you trying to say here
dude, I'm only 14 turning 15, i don't want sex till I'm ready and he knows that and respects that because we had a talk about it :|
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The founder is Ben Dunne but the manager will depend on what storeyou go to.
The amount of money to give a graduate will depend on your budget.That being said, one hundred dollars seems like an appropriateamount.
Well a card with a little bit of money would work well. but also keep in mind he is your dad and he loves you! so take him out to dinner or just show him you are there for him in the toughest situations! i hope this helped
No because is unless your BFF is a girl/guy and you are the opposite gender or bi or then it would be to buy same gender. ONLY do this if you have feelings for your BFF and want to make them more than that. Also if you are young as in elementry school it is a good thing to do.
Get your boyfriend somthing handmade. Like fill a jar with 100 pieces of paper. Each one needs to have a diffrent reason you love him.
It depends how long you have dated the guy and if it's worthy and if he gives you a gift...
Chocolates are more commonly used to win someone over, afterwards flowers are usually given. If a man wants to be really popular, he gives both. Chocolates are often a more casual thing, whereas flowers are meant to represent a deep spiritual love and caring.
perfume . pearls . poem or poetry book . a plant
actually if you were dating since along time invite her to a very romantic dinner under the stars or something
If you are expecting both of them to get you something, then you should get them both something.
No, valentine's day is when the boys give the girls something ....... sweetest day is when the girls give the boys something
Well best answer i can say is depending on what the girl is like more or less some like and flowers and some like expensive things. _________________________________________________________________ Okay well I'm a teenage girl and although it depends on the girl's interests roses are almost...
It mainly depends what kind of gag gift you want to get and what relationship you have with that person. There are many "inappropriate" gag gifts at Spencers that you can pick up like a pen, or a pack of gum that actually shocks you. Or a funny t-shirt. You know the person better than anyone on...
Dress up, of course! Its your special day.(: has lots of fashion tips that I use.(: Have a good birthdaay !
How about a necktie? It is suitable or a silver watch.
Tickets to one of his favorite sports game.
Usually men wear a tuxedo if it's in more central India, but inmore cultural driven places one would wear a Kurta. If it has to dowith job and business, you would want to wear a suit or tux orsomething along those lines.
Some cool ones include a crystal mining collection, hair chalk,karaoke machines etc.
it depends on the girl but every girl oves necklace or a bracelet ... my boyfriend gave me a red glass heart and that i think is the awesomest gift hes ever given me A charm on a C clasp can be added to any necklace or bracelet she already owns, and can be easily moved from one piece to another.
Boys can be very shy or they may be embarrassed in front of their friends if a girl makes a fuss over him so in your Valentine card to him simply sign it with your name and no 'love or hugs.' If you persist on doing so you will only frighten him away. It is wiser to let the boy ask you out.
Gingerbread, slippers, hot cocoa, robes... I'm thinking a warm andcuddly theme
I know this may seem like a lot of work, but you could write an essay to impress her about the various reasons why you should have a party(working hard,etc.) and what you will do to make the party a success. Organize who will bring in foods or snacks if you want any, and make sure everyone in your...
be ready to be robbed. it's around $100 last time i checked
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what a 12 year old girl would want: 1.) electronic's 2.) drawing mateials 3.) posters (things to hang on a wall) 4.) make-up 5.) a diary
It would help to suit it around their personality. If they have SOHF don't tease them. If they don't be a bit jokey 30th is difficult.
if you like the "shy boy" then write something like... "your my valintine", or "peek-a-boo i like you", or "happy valintines day", or "your my shy guy", or you can say "open up your heart to valintines day".
yu gi oh, yoyo, Yves saint Laurent, youth clothes
\nAll girls just want to feel special on valentines day so flowers, a stuffed animal, or jewelry all work really well.
You should get him what he likes. Something he'll enjoy. (not your body, save your body for marriage.
If you do not wish to keep an item that you received as a "mystery gift" (which is reasonable, because these are often not that great), the best thing to do is to either donate the item to a charity such as Goodwill or re-gift it to someone who you know will actually like it.
You could buy jewelry.. Maybe a weekend or week on vacation, amemory of something in the past...
Something sweet and that you know they will like and admire you for :)
Nothing expensive, a simple card will do, isn't it the thought that counts?
It truly depends on the girl, and the type of relationship you two have. If she really enjoys the typical cliche yet cute traditions: Red Roses, and a box of chocolates. If you think it has progressed to a more serious level then jewelry would not be out of the ordinary. Then again if you...
If You Are A Crafty Person- Get around six kebab sticks and some red construction paper. Cut the red construction paper into six hearts and tape them on the kebab sticks. These are now "Cupids Arrows". Write on one of the hearts I, then on another one write Love, then You, then your boyfriends name,...
im giving my boyfriend a chocolate kiss in each class and at the end of the day he will find a giant one in his locker. but if your sure its a real diamond then you might want to go a little bigger. because your thirteen i do not suggest you get him anything more then $75. try getting him a jersey...
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If you like her you better. If you only want to remain friends you could still get her something or not. You wouldn't want some other guy to be the only one to get her something.
flowers, candies, dinner, movie or a summer walk. Some of these or none.
Food, gift cards, money, stuff like that. Don't get yourself something (ie underwear) and say it's for him.
mostly in college going students and 20 to 30 age people
Men buy more flowers on Valentines.
Good gifts to give to your mother are:- . Tell her you love her and act lovingly towards her . Your obedience, do what she asks and listen to her advice . Your time, put aside quality time to spend with her . Many mothers appreciate flowers . Some mothers like chocolates (but not if she is...
A cute teddy bear with a heart felt note goes a long way! Buttickets to go to a sports game work too :)
Big Tedy Bears, and a box of chocolates!
It may seem a bit cocky forcing the guest to buy from there, maybea certificate to a favorite restaurant, store, or iTunes would workout better.
You generally can never go wrong with anything the school sells.Such as, Carnations or candy boxes, with a note saying howbeautiful she is, or something of that sort. But if your schooldoesn't sell anything, girls love a single rose, and then write hera letter and put it with the flower. She will...
i sure wouldn't want one , but if the one your with thinks of the motto ' it's the thought that counts ' . . . then yes , it is okay .
Puppy . Popcorn . Play Station 3. . Paysafecard for online gamers . plenty of goods . perfume
I would advise getting your girlfriend a dozen roses and taking her out to a fancy restaurant.
Seeing as I am also a 12 year old girl, I think I can help you. Girls understand that you can't always get them something expensive. Get her something that you know she will love. If she likes jewelry get a inexpensive ring or necklace. If she likes cats get her a cat necklace or magnet for her...
i think it is day when they can enjoy and give happines in each other life . if they didn't have time to think
Ermm you could have a theme to the decoration like his fave sport or TV program or you can just balloons and the usual !!!!
well it was my dads birthday a few weeks ago and we decorated it by pirates skulls and you know boy things and here are some ideas for games... Charades pin the tail see who can make the (ugliest, saddest, etc.) face HOPE I HELPED!
If your friend is a little girl around the age of 3-4 you should get he a doll. If your friend is a girl around the age of 8-10 you should get her a book or maybe a stuffed animal?
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it depends how long u have been dating... 1 week- 1 month: a card or a teddy bear are perfect 2 months-4 months: somthing you have noticed he has wantted or needed if you dont know what he wants say you want to go to the mall together and dont ask him what he wants but just see if he lokks at...
St. Valentine's Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. It was first associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages and evolved into a day for lovers to express their love by sending flowers and confections in England in the 18th century....
Of course they do why wouldn't they?
not something too mushy cuz at that age boy arent the most sentamental creatures on the face of the earth