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Animals enrich our lives in so many different ways. The Animal Life category is for questions and answers about animals of all types, including pets, sea life, and farm animals. You can ask questions or find information regarding animals, their history, care, health issues, breeding, and behavior.
Yes, mammals have more teeth that reptiles. The land mammal withthe most teeth is the Giant Armadillo ( Priodontesgiganteus) with as many as 100 teeth. The average range formammals however is 20-40. Reptiles rarely have many teeth, if anyat all. The crocodile has the most, with around 80 teeth at a...
No, they do not have teeth.
Eels, dugongs, dolphins and other marine mammals, and large fishincluding sharks.
Wolf spiders can be found in basements, but usually they make theirway there accidently. They prefer outside environments such asshrublands, woodlands and forests.
No. They are related to pigs.
Depends on how much he has saved from the pirate treasure he has collected. Marriot vs. Motel 6.
First, you need to check your city ordinences. They are not allowedin city limits in all areas. When they are, there are usuallylimits on the types of chickens, and how many per square feet ofopen yard. It is best if you have your own fenced off yard. Youwould need to build a small coup that is...
Tony Dow played Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver, the Beaver's older and sometimes wiser brother. Dow played Wally in all but one of the original 235 episodes.
of course. The same as when women are on threres they need bathed.
It is a big white bear, has thick fur, and it's warm-blooded. it's white and furry It is white and furry. It has four legs and four claws on each. Its tail is white and very small, so small that some people don't even notice that it has a tail at all! Its face is very fierce looking and its sharp...
168 cm is around average height for an adult woman, so anythingfrom 14 hands on upward would fit well depending on the horsesbuild.
Yes, colossal squids do squirt black ink when attacked.
Only certain human food prepared a certain way can be fed to dogs. Many human foods are not able to be processed well and will cause pancreatitis which a very serious illness. The rule of thumb is to never feed your pet human food.
It's kind of like a cat or a dog shedding. Parakeets pull out their feathers because of climate change.
yes,. in the crocs body they need a palatel valve because the palatel valve stops the water from leaking from the water in the crocs throut. if you ever see a crocodiles mouth open, sometimes well most of the time you cant see down their throut this is because the palatel valve is closed!!!. thanks...
Bow-Vine (as in the plant vine)
The width of females are wider than males, and the male's barbels(whiskers) are also larger.
Yes. There are around 460 still left alive today. 200-260 survivein the wild, with an additional 200 kept in zoos. There is muchbeing done about the population and hunting.
The shark has an egg that develops in the femaleâ??s uterus. Thedevelopment period is 11 months and the sharkâ??s jaw developing onits first month. A female shark usually gives birth from 4 up to 11babies.
It is a herbivore. It eats mainly seeds, leaves, mangrove shoots, and unripe fruit.
Just as parents "childproof" their home, so should pet owners"petproof" theirs. Four-legged members of the family, like infantsand small children, are naturally curious and love to explore theirenvironment with their paws, claws and mouths. But they can't knowwhat is dangerous and what is not... so...
Goats are known for eating everything! They are curious, so theywill try to eat cardboard, tin cans - even clothing! But to stayhealthy, goats need to eat plant material. Goats eat plants like trees , shrubs, hay and grains .
pretty all types of cichlids do. they might like laser pointers, like a cat does
they have a chemical in there body that uses energy to make light.
depreciation affect cost of sale and gross profit but not netprofit how is this statement true
Most of the water comes in from pinhole breaks around the weatherstripping and in the sheetmetal or from the wheel wells. Here's a cost effect solution. Remove the spare tire (check and grease your bolts and hold downs for the tire because the moisture can do a job on those nuts and bolts). Better...
The Grey Owl is the largest Owl in the World.
Did you know tht wen a Hamster is One It is 50 years Old. x and wen it is two it is 100 x Soo.....x I am sorry to say this but......x Your hamster ain't guna live very Long :L x Sorry x :) x
At Moose Factory Manitoba there are tours given in armoured vehicles of the local dump so tourist can see the polar Bears going through the garbage. Seriously consider if you really want to work near these animals they are very dangerous.
An 8 yr old dog will be 8 yrs old in dog yrs. A 8 year old dog would be 56 in dog years
The clown fish have an immunity to the poisonous sting of the seaanemone. The clown fish protects and cleans the anemone while theanemone protects the fish from other predators.
yes Vicks vapor rub can hurt rats
If I were you I would want to call and ask the vet if you need todo something different. If not then I would just feed it a LITTLE more not a lot just alittle because you don't want it to get overweight, you just wantto make it bigger. Also, look up your breed of turtle and find out what size...
well there reptile so they could of buried there eggs in the ground
Pepsi Co.
Changes in the environment, such as temperature, lack of food orstronger currents can cause sharks to adapt.
the water type the food supply
They do not show certain actions that inform you that fishes areabout to lay eggs. The fish's abdomen will get bigger, and the malefish can get aggressive at times. Gold barbs scatter their eggswherever they please, being egg-scatterers.
The Boston Terrier is a breed of dog originating in the USA. Theblue breed has a blue tinge to it. They were bred for their sizeand used in pit fights.
Unknown. No one knows how long any dinosaur eggs took to hatch.
common aptitude test
It's a synonym for the genus Apatosaurus. There are rules for the naming of all organisms and they boil down to a first-come-first-served proviso. The fossils of this particular animal, when first found, were incomplete, but enough was available to establish the existence of a new dinosaur, and it...
More than 100 million animals every year suffer and die in cruelchemical, drug, food, and cosmetics tests as well as in biologylessons, medical training exercises, and curiosity-driven medicalexperiments at universities. Exact numbers aren't available becausemice, rats, birds, and cold-blooded...
i have 4 guinea pigs, and i must say, they produce quite alot for such a small animal!! in around 2 hours each guinea pig produces about 12 poos! and around 1 wee! obviously this changes and this is only andaverage!
Air: seabirds Sea: seals
They lay eggs, which are sheltered from the cold weather by topsoiluntil spring. That's why you don't see many large bugs highernorth. The permafrost is too thick for them to dig through.
No because starfish es mouths are smaller than tuna fish!
No! Don't ever get a male Chinese hamster! They bite and scratch! They are also aggressive!
That type of hamster usually has a very unfriendly personality.It's not your fault though, you could just hand feed it for a couple of days without picking him up and eventually he would associate you with food and start to like you. Actually they are very nice
Some starfish can shed a arm to distract the predator and then re-grow the arm in a matter of weeks.
Red wolves mate from February through March. Two months aftermating the female gives birth to a litter of between two and tenpups.
Spanish moth larvae cause damage by chewing gregariously on leaves,bulbs, and rhizomes of the host plants. Economic damage to liliesby Spanish moth has been noted by Biezanko and Guerra (1975),Bourquin (1935), Bruner et al. (1975), D'Angelo (1941), Figeiredoand Pereira (1944), Gundlach (1881),...
It depends. How are you transporting it? If it's just in a fish bagwith oxygen, probably a couple of hours in conditions that are nottoo extreme or stressful. If it's in an open container, probably alittle bit longer, but you have to be a lot more careful. Remember,traveling can be extremely...
It's best to water them in thoroughly before letting your pet out,especially if he/she is likely to try and eat them.
1 hour 7 minutes in normal traffic
No, they do not have their upper front teeth. It's just gums.
I believe the Chinese have set aside some preserves for the panda.Also, zoos around the world are working to keep them from goingextinct with breeding programs.
Root beer! - He was a Baptist!
Oxygen. They use their siphon-like snorkel tail to get oxygen fromthe air, as it is not in the stagnant waters in which they dwell.
Circle the goats on epona, then drive them into the barn thingy.
Because a horse's skin is either black, grey o r chestnut, that depends on the horse colour, so the horse colour is going to be a mix between them or one of them.
No, but they are hosts to certain protozoans, such as Ophryocystis elektroscirrha , which affects onlybutterflies. The monarch has a species defense against predators,which are toxic glycosides found in some parts of its body -- theseare unpalatable to predators.
They are just called eggs, what hatches from them are called larvaor larvae.
The Amazon rainforest contains numerous venomous snakes, including the eyelash viper and the fer-de-lance, as well as the wandering spider, the most poisonous spider in the world. It is also famous for its poison-arrow frogs, colorful frogs with skin so toxic it can kill a human on contact just by...
You do not need a license for Bobwhite Quail.
Yes a fly does, but it is so small that a naked eye can't see it.
The hen breed determines the type of egg it will lay (white, brown,multi, etc. A hen will lay eggs without a rooster, you only need arooster if you want to have baby chicks.
Seahorses are mostly endangered because some people use them for medicinal purposes. . because people like catching them for souvenirs and they also like drying them.. Chinese also catch them because they use them for medicine.
if your asking how to find a male dog for your female dog then yourgonna have to wait until your female dog is in heat thenautomatically the male dog will be attracted to the female and theywill mate
The Marine Mammal Center recommends that people should stay 150feet away from seals and sea lions.
I would just take her to the vet and get a doctors point ofview
because averyone has to make sacrifices
Yes, it might be. Preliminary studies suggest that the venom couldbe useful in some rare cases. In one study in mice of a specificmalignant cancer, the venom reduced tumor growth and improved liverfunction.
well they help because when it becomes winter zebras are usallyused to hot weather so they would HAVE to migrate if there home isin a warm place . also there food is more likely to be in warmweather . so theres your answer thank u again if u like this answerplz read and if u can comment helpful or...
I don't think you understand the meaning of that term, becausesnails reproduce asexually, so....
If you mean the type of plastic igloo that you buy in pet-shops toput in cages then , yes they do. Guinea pigs love to have a smallprivate place to sleep at night. You don't have to buy one of thesethough, guinea pigs would be just as happy with a cardboard boxthat they could chew on , you'd have to...
a whole dog means the parts of the dog is called whole dog
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Over 100 pounds & it can get up to 16 feet long.
The maximum adult weight is approx. 20 kgs (41 lbs).
they are migrating to a certain place. (next time find outyourself)
there are like 560 gorilla rserves
i guess you could say horses do! i ride horses and ive seen theirteeth before and they are very similiar to ours in a way, they havemolors at the back and they are very similiar shape to ours butbigger
There is no universal height or weight at which a breed isclassified as a large dog breed. They are generally around 60 cm atthe shoulder.
It depends on the type of dog harness. A step-in dog harness is exactly what it says, although the dog will need you to bring the straps up on both shoulders and fasten the parachute clips (2 or 4 depending on harness type). A traditional fixed harness or soft vest harness for dogs both go over the...