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Africa is the second-largest and second-most populous continent in the world after Asia, accounting for about 15% of the world population. Although Africa is very high in natural resources it remains to be the poorest and most underdeveloped continent in the world with poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy and poor health being rife. In this category you will find questions about Africa's past, its present problems and its people.
No, their range is all of sub-Saharan Africa except for the Congo Basin.
Juba and shabeele
Ghana have won the African Cup of Nations 4 times: 1963, 1965,1978, 1982.
There is not a former name for the county of Sudan. It is the thirdlargest country in the Arab world.
Yes there is, i went to Tunisia myself and saw one.
A majority of nations throughout the world accept U. S. Dollars.Some do not do this publicly but their is always a market forDollars. Often countries currency is devaluing on the open marketdue to inflation running wild and in these cases a hard currencysuch as dollars, pounds, etc are the only...
Any kind of insects they can find.
AF for Africa and ZA is south africa
No, it's part of Asia. It lies between the Mediterranean Sea , Red Sea , and the Gulf of Aqaba forming a land bridge to Southwest Asia.
Many South African businesses are export businesses. This means that they make a higher profit when the Rand is weaker against the currencies of the countries these businesses export to. Major export destinations include USA, UK, and the EU. The import businesses would be most happy when the Rand...
i don't know about night, but during the day the average temperature is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but on extremely hot days it can exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
In 1954 the Best Picture award went to On The Waterfront, and in 1955 it went to Marty.
Adinkra textiles established in 1818
no it's african.
Some African mammals that begin with the letter O include: - Okapi - Ocelot - Orex
An anniversary is a period of remembrance. In Somalia this is aperiod to remember thier prophets.
A car is idling at a stoplight. When thelight turns green, the car takes 12 seconds to accelerate to 18.7m/s. What is the average acceleration of the car? .
The area of the Republic of South Africa is approximately 1,219,912square kilometers or 471,008 square miles.
In the colonial age, every western country had to have a colony to be "in". Belgium became a part of King Leopold II PERSONAL treasure, it was called belgian Congo, but actually it was his personal possesion. He made Hugh profits with producing rubber and digging for diamants, selling it all, to...
it ha access to the Alantic Ocean and therfore valuable shipping routes ?
Unfortunately, no - most wildlife and exotic animal veterinarians are associated with zoos in developed countries. When veterinarians are involved in research or population conservation, it is usually through a research grant or an NGO on a part-time basis.
tang ina nagtanong din ako gago
The 2 at the top of my list would be: The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park The Kruger National Park Apart from these there are many other game reserves with lion. Around Pretoria and Johannesburg you will also find smaller reserves with lions in camps where they are fed.
Rural transformation refers to social,polilitical,economic and demographic changes from one stage to another.. Rural transformation refers to social,polilitical,economic and demographic changes from one stage to another.. Rural transformation refers to social,polilitical,economic and demographic...
The Blue Nile originates at Lake Tana in Ethiopia.
hello une dua ti ndihmoj refugjateve ne dagar senegal,me lidhni medike te kontaktoj,emela ime
It is the highest free standing mountain in the world
If you google your question, it will give you a wikipedia result. Click on that and the answer you will see is . Nicolaas Havenga Born(1882-1957). National Party. Served 1924-1939 .
Rape is not restricted to the Sudan. It happens there for the same reasons it happens anywhere else.
South Africa
SEDCO (Small Enterprises Development Corporation) has failed tofulfill its roles since there is no tangible evidence of what theorganization did to help the smes in 2010. Not even one firmbenefited from this organization due to a number of factors whichinclude financial and lack of proper management...
Fela Kuti is from the West African country of Nigeria. Kuti isrenowned for pioneering the Afrobeat and such catchy tunes as'Teacher Don't teach Me No Nonsense'.
The Atlantic ocean is a food source for Africa.
Madagascar is a large one... there are many, many more.... Madagascar is a country the person who answered this is wrong
because of the Sahara sahel and Sahara desert the and dries out out to sand Improvement: There is farming. Just not with vegetables really.
Fish, cow, goat, lamb, and bushmeat
Much like in the United States, Peru only has one serving presidentat a time. The current president of Peru is Ollanta Humala.
Tanzania became independent when Julius Nyrere became president of the territory of Tanganyika and invited the island of Zanzibar to join it, forming the United Republic of Tanzania
What part of Africa is being referred to? Africa has 54 countrieseach with their own currency. In South Africa the metric system is used and milk is sold perliter. Milk costs in the region of ZAR 10 to ZAR 12 per liter.
Cape Town in South Africa Nairobi in Kenya
That depends on your view point of"successfullness" or the lack of it.. *Healing those that can be healed withmedicines and the healing power of Christ to some would beconsidered successful.. *Bringing healthy and clean water anddigging wells for clean water for villagers and then teaching themhow...
Cacti are from the Americas and not native to the Sahara.
No, Saudi Arabia is southwest Asia, not in Africa. The Arabian peninsula is across the Red Sea, E and NE of thecountries of northeastern Africa.
the triangular trade was trade that started in Africa than the carribean islands then America some things that were trade were slaves gold ivory and raw materials and etc.
Zambia has DR Congo to the north, Tanzania and Malawi to the east, Mozambique to the south east, Zimbabwe and Botswana to the south and Namibia to south west, and finally Angola on a long western border.
The nearest part of the continent of Africa is a long way south of Holland, over 1,400 miles.
No. Mozambique borders South Africa to the North East.
libya depends on an oli sector
Mt. Kilimanjaro is not indoors and the earth itself cant be cooled down. The only thing that we can do and may be solution is to stop global warming.
The city-states of Melilla and Ceuta, located on the north coast of Africa on the Mediterranean Sea, and surrounded by Morocco. They're not independent city-states but are autonomous cities of Spain.
The nation is Algeria, and the capital is Algiers . The 0° meridian passes through Algeria near the Mediterranean coast city of Wahran.
Algeria does have some forested land but it does not have enoughrain to have a rainforest.
names of present west african presidents
No it's a continent like north a America
The Armenian genocide lasted for 2 years from 1915 to 1917. Of the2 million Armenians there were in the Ottoman Empire about 1.5million died during the genocide.
No, the cheetah is an African animal.
in the world league only one - Uganda
the two lakes are: Lake Victoria, and Lake Chad
Human lives in the desert because the desert is where they choose to live and they don't have to but they do.
No current country north of Angolastarts with Z. Zambia and Zimbabwe are the only countries in theworld that start with Z. Zambia borders Angola to the east.Zimbabwe is southeast of Angola. Zaire is a former country locatednorth of Angola. Zaire is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Senegal River is a river inwestern Africa. The Senegal flows through Mali and Senegal andempties into the Atlantic Ocean.
No, it is second largest after Asia.
since it is really hot in central africa, you would need lighter clothing there.
Yes, the equator passes through GABON.
No. Cougars are not indigenous to Africa and therefore you will not find any in the wild. There are however a few to be seen in zoos.