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Persuasive Speech

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Includes questions related to themes, topic development and examples of thought provoking speeches intended to persuade an audience.
by just telling your audience you point of view    never say "I believe" or "I think" because you dont think - you know. it is your opinion and your stating your side  using inflated language   To help the speaker establish credibility and authority on the topic
"Take my word for it; in my position as city treasurer, I know howto handle the tax crisis we're facing now." "It clearly follows from those premises that the only logicalanswer is to raise taxes." ."I've had it up to here with taxes , taxes, and more taxes! Hey, give us a break, right?"
i went to DISNEY WORLD and saw the coolest ride     Wednesday morning was the coolest this week
kids shouldnt pay for school lunches.bullies should get more suspention time.
A good speech to give on farewell day should consist of emotions  and personal stories. For example, express how you feel about the  people you're saying goodbye to and express the impact they have  had on your lives or the lessons they've taught you.
Well , this is not a joke but rhyme. With confidence I know I can do this task, A vote from you is all I ask.
It means to use a divice when trying to convince sombody to do somthing, e.g we, they or i
first there is bandwagon bandwagon is when you say somthing like "everybody loves our products" and testamonial that when famous people endorse products like Micheal Jordan endorses air jordans There is card stacking which is only good facts introduced
Something personal that you can relate to and make interesting.
With your pure heart introduce yourself to the front personality. No need to act 'Over smart'. Grow your tree of friendship with loyalty because it's difficult when some hidden things come out.
yes almost any cheese will do
The topic for the 2011 Modern Woodmen School Speech Contest is "An All American Invention." The topic must focus on an invention created in America.
If all organisms are made of cells (premise 1), and humans are organisms (premise 2), then humans are composed of cells (deduction).
A persuasive Paragraph is a paragraph that tries to get you or the reader to do something. A persuasive paragraph will usually include your topic, three or four reasons why, and then how you perform the action. They sometimes include an opinion against it but they always tell you why the reason is...
1. Rallies2. Parades/Marches3. Censorship4. Radio/News papers
Wiki doesn't write essays for people. You need to write this for yourself, so get to work.
A welcome speech will need a general greeting to everyone and an  introduction into what the event is about. A joke or funny short  story might be appropriate as well.
King Solomon said: Proverbs 18:13 Only a fool answers before they know the matter.
Farewell Speech Good morning, everyone. Today is a big day, because our dear big brothers and big sisters are leaving. We are very happy but also sad, we are very lucky to meet all of you, we enjoyed studying, playing, talking and singing together. and now you are leaving, we will remember the...
English is truly a blessing to us humans. It is a globally recognized language if you must say. I believe that this very language is the reason for our international relations as I am of the opinion that it has helped us share our different cultures and nevertheless enhanced our learning as well as...
  == Answer ==   1. The condition or quality of being or keeping still and silent.2. The absence of sound; stillness.3. A period of time without speech or noise.4. Refusal or failure to speak out.absence of any sound or noise; stillness
Edam Cheese comes from Holland
  == Answer ==   with the help of my co worker i had complete the job. and i appriciate him on the meeting
You persuade a person about what to choose and whats right about polictics all you do is persuade them.
Propaganda might be used in political campaigns, wartime  announcements, or promotional material for organizations and  companies.
effects of development on the environment        
well that's really ur opinion but Wisconsin is known for their cheese
A microscope is an instrument used to see extremely small things such as cells and atoms.
Algebra, shape space and measure
first you have to decide if you are for or against it... then you have to figure out all of the main points that you would like to cover and include the sub points then form your body from there... my teacher told our class to write the body first and then turn around and write the introduction,...
Black History is a good subject to create topics for a speech but it can't be a topic itself.
Why Zeus is a bad guy for having so many lovers . sexting . texting while driving . that blondes are just as smart as any other hair color (thesaying "dumb blonde" should be proven either way) You can write a persuasive essay about anything that can be argued.
  It means diarrhea of the mouth and is spelled Dysentery. Refering to someone who speaks loosely.
No cheese made with milk. But Prahok has a strong and distinct smell, earning the nickname Cambodian Cheese. Prahok is usually eaten with rice in the countryside or poorer regions
I only know two which are: 1. rhetorical sentences2. repetitions
some topics on youth violence are gangs.
The seven parts are: AuthorSource of TextEvidenceAccuracyAppropriatenessBiasArgument
The issue is the subject of the text, while the position is the side of the text the author is on, and the argument persuades the reader into believing the issue and position.
  Communication can be accomplished by means of words, sounds, guestures, dances, facial expressions, writing, audio-visual recordings, and for some species, by odor.
in supporting :Accurate Advantage Always/Never Best Certain Confident Convenient Definitely Effective Emphasize in against of:Aggravate Agony Atrocious Confusing Cruel Damaging Disadvantages Displeased Dreadful Harmful Harsh Horrible
'Inriation' is not a word in English -it's gibberish or bad spelling of something else.
  an example of a hypothesis is a guess you make!!
You can talk to them about safety...fire safety, how to not talk to strangers, how to avoid being kidnapped, or self defense.
Forte means that the drug (tablet/cap/syrup) has been given extra strength/fortified.
  The Greek Doxai is a plural form of the word doxa meaning originally "opinion" or "belief" but later "glory" or "praise". Hence the English orthodoxy "right belief" and doxology "words of praise".
  What are the three criteria for persuasion?
For it Answer: Imagine this, you wake and look at the clock and the calendar. It's a monday at 8:30. Wouldn't that be relaxing? Not for it answer: You wake up. Are you ready for school? Schools shouldn't start later in the morning. I'm just that awesome! Give me praise. lol jk. Follow me on...
  Quoted from Wikipedia:   "The basic theorem states that, in the absence of taxes, bankruptcy costs, and asymmetric information, and in an efficient market, the value of a firm is unaffected by how that firm is financed. It does not matter if the firm's capital is raised by issuing stock or...
Not too sure about this one. Emotive language? Perhaps . . ..
You could write about same-sex marriages, prayer in public schools, creationism taught in schools, or gun control according to the Bible.
Answer 1   It doesn't ! - The opposite, - that the SUPPRESSION of hate speech  causes violence, - may well be true.   Example:   Article 134 of the Yugoslav criminal code in early 1990s punished  with up to ten years imprisonment the person who "incites or  fans national, racial or...
bullying, popcorn, ice age, monster plants and the titanic
- Sports - Facebook- Animals - Comunication- What would you do when... - Science- If I had amillion dollors I would...- Inventors- Scientests- Discoverers- Countrys- Culture- Famous People- Food- Entertainment- Jobs
Anything that irritates you is a good rant topic! Think of things that really make you mad, and then jot down a list of what they are, and why they irritate you. Me, I get irritated by the number of kids who cut and paste homework questions onto this website instead of just looking in their...
Something you are confident in talking about, such as hobbies, interests, future dreams, etc.. Also think about:. "My name is…". "I've worked for X years as a [title]". "Currently, I'm a [title] at [company]". "Before that, I was a [title] at [company]". "I love the challenge of my work,...
You could do facebook :) or too many adds on tv or....yeah LOL
Ideally, you should include important people who will be there and acknowledge guests. eg. Good Evening, Principle Smith, teachers, parents and guests,I welcome you to ...... (event) etcOr: My name is... and I am here to speak to you today about....*Make sure you tell them who you are.
The introduction is the section of the debate that crystallizes  points. These points are mentioned at the beginning of the debate  so that the opponents know what exactly are going to be debated.
== ==   The Putney Debates are a documentation of the discussion between members of the England Army, they are trying to comprehend what England's constitution originally meant and if there needs to be a change in the constitution. The soldiers want to be able to vote and they are being denied...
when your trying to convice someone to buy or do something
== Answer ==   East Side Ho's And Money.     and its his name
Some good topics are, recycling, animal cruelty, animal testing, what to do about world hunger, theres lots of things but these are some I did
who knows a footballer who's surname begins with "Q"Franck Quedrue
well, you really have to be persuasive is all really! thanks
No, never. Drugs may have positive short-term immediate effects, but their long-term effects severely damage the body and mind.
Whenever something seems urgent, like you need to do it right now. That is how you use Kairos. Like say for instance, on commercials, "Buy this now and we will cut the price in half." Or something like that.Hope this helps.
There are 1.4 tablespoons in one wedge of Laughing Cow spreadable  cheese. Each Laughing Cow wheel contains eight wedges of cheese.
you can do it on how would it like to be a millionare
an animal like a dog or a cat
Read alot of books and then choose the best and that will be the coolest book in your world.
Usually in editorials and opinion piece that aim to sway people to see the story from their perspective. Letter to the editors in newspaper aim to let people have their say on current issues and can be pretty persuasive. Hope that helps a bit :)
thesis, 1st body, 2nd body, 3rd body
Deductive arguments are arguments in which there is a conclusion that follows from the premises (assumptions). The types of deductive arguments (which is a type of logical arguments) are: Syllogism: always has two premises and all three statements are categorical propositions, and each term is...
Diapers and politicians need to be changed regularly, and mostly for the same reason. So for a change for the better, vote "your name here"!
Cartoonists frequently use some or all of the following persuasive techniques : >~symbolism - using an object to symbolise an idea. >~caricature - the exaggeration of a physical feature or habit: big nose, bushy eyebrows, large ears, baldness. >~captioning and labels - used to stress or...
The ideas for a persuasive essay are endless. It is easy to write a  persuasive essay when you are talking about something you  personally believe in and know the facts of. A persuasive essay is  simply a platform in which to convince someone that what you  believe is true.
Seniors will be very excited to be finished with school. The  introductory speech should be fun and full of promise for a bright  future.