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The probability of a certain event is a number expressing the likelihood that a specific event will occur, expressed as the ratio of the number of actual occurrences to the number of possible occurrences. In mathematics, it is a measure of how often an event will happen and is the basis of statistics.
The same as anyone else. No genetic marker has been found yet related to identical twins.
Natural marble is best for kitchen flooring.
The question has been truncated. I suspect it either should end: "...none of the calculators work," in which case: for all 3 to be faulty the probability is 1/10 × 1/10 × 1/10 = 1/1000 = 0.001 = 0.1 % or: "...none of the calculators are faulty," in which case: for all 3 to not be faulty the...
Each dice has 36 possibilities. Find 36 to the power of 6 and the  answer should be 2176782336.
3c2+2c2+3c1 2c1 --------------- 7c2. I have done it this way. 3C2 means that the both balls would be green 2C2 both would be red and 3C1 and 2C1 because both the balls can be red and green.
No, in euchre, and in almost all card games, you deal to your left.
Of the first 10 positive whole numbers, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 are  even. So 5 in 10 or 50%
With a fair coin, it's (1/2)^10 or 1 in 1024.
it can be used when members of the population are heterogenous
The probability of rolling a number greater than 8 on one roll of a pair of dice is 0.277777.... Let's see how we get that probability, and, though it may be a little long winded, it's important to understand what's going on. With one roll of a pair of dice, we have 36 possible outcomes. They are 1...
Lightening was the probable cause of the power shutdown. It is probable that the economic situation will deteriorate. I think lightening is the cause of the bad power .
If a fair coin is tossed 5 times, the probability of getting 5 heads is:P(H,H,H,H,H) = (1/2)5 = 1/32 = 0.03125 = 3.125% ≈ 3.1%
There is no answer to that really, but, if your husband/boyfriend/fiance/ male has fathered children, example 3 girls, you may have a higher chance of having a girl, or not, since you are a different mother. thank you
The odds of choosing a prime number in the set [1-20] are 8 out of 20, as there are 8 prime numbers, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, and 19, in that set.
First of all why are you pacing... but if you are then i'd feel mad and angry
To keep it simple and not get too technical, fraternal twins are  from two eggs and two sperm that independently combine to produce a  baby. Identical twins come from a single egg and sperm that divide  to create two separate children. Gender is controlled by the males  sperm and whether it...
Likelihood is 1/52 or approximately 1.9%. This is based on: (1) a standard deck has 52 cards, and (2) a standard deck has only one king of clubs. So the chance of drawing that one card out of all 52 cards, on one try is: 1 divided by 52.
First of all, the total will be 16. 6/16 - Mound 5/15 - Milky Way It's 15 because you ate one. Hope this helped.
Bag with 10 marbles: 3 orange, 5 black, 2 white.Rephrasing the question.If a marble is drawn from the bag, then returned to the bag, and a second marbleis drawn, what is the probability that the first marble turns out white and the secondmarble black ?The probability for a marble to come out white...
The probability is 100%. There's no way to take four marbles out of this bag without at least one of them being white.
When your driving and you have tow routes you can take, one with red lights that shorter, and one without red lights and is longer. You try and figure out the probability that you will hit the lightes all green and make it sooner, or go the long way and not chance it. Also the chance that you'll be...
since rolling a dice can give you 36 possible combinations, there are 1/9 chances that you will get a sum of 5. 1+42+33+24+1 the 4 equations above will produce a sum of 5so,the probability is 4/36, or 1/9.
If you put all your effort in, then probably 100%. Some things guranteed, are really hard for sure, but no one really said it was impossible. A bucket list is meant to be completed or achieved, like life's goals. They are not written to be just thrown out as some stupid list, it's meant to be...
If something is certain, then the probability of that something is 1.
Find the possible combinations of rolling a six with two dice:1 + 5 = 65 + 1 = 62 + 4 = 64 + 2 = 63 + 3 = 63 + 3 = 6Six in total.Find the number of possible combinations;Number of Sides on the Dice (6) to power of how many dice (2) = 36Number of Times the Dice will sum to Six (6 times)--------------...
There are 2 red suits and 2 black suits. Therefore the probability of drawing a red card is 1/2. Or 50% chance.
You should ask the dealer what the proper indication is. Usually the desire to be hit in Blackjack is indicated by bending a finger towards you, in a "come here" sign, or by pointing down at the cards, but this could be confused with the stay command which is usually a flat open hand over the cards....
The probability of getting heads on three tosses of a coin is 0.125. Each head has a probability of 0.5. Since the events are sequentially unrelated, simply raise 0.5 to the power of the number of tosses (3) and get 0.125, or 1 in 8.
The contagion of the Black Death made going to church risky.
  Let's break this down and see what we can do with it.   First, the probability of transition of an atom from the initial state (m) to final state (n) will depend on what it is that is transitioning, and also on how it's transitioning. Which element - and which isotope - is transitioning?...
  An equal chance of being chosen? A simple random sample. (SRS)
The mean is the average value and the standard deviation is the variation from the mean value.
It happened for the first time in 2008. To calculate the probability you'd need to know the probability of each number 1 seed winning each game, and that changes every year (and can't really be measured).
The same basic formula is used to calculate the sample or population mean. The sample mean is x bar and the population mean is mu. Add all the values in the sample or population and divide by the number of data values.
Sample space for two coins tossed is: HH HT TH TT Therefore at most one head is HT TH TT or 3/4 or 0.75.
There are 4 sevens so probability of drawing a seven is 4/52 or 1/13 or 0.0769.
yes it can . any value belonging to [0,1]
The geometric distribution is: Pr(X=k) = (1-p)k-1p for k = 1, 2 , 3 ... A geometric series is a+ ar+ ar2, ... or ar+ ar2, ... Now the sum of all probability values of k = Pr(X=1) + Pr(X = 2) + Pr(X = 3) ... = p + p2+p3 ... is a geometric series with a = 1 and the value 1 subtracted from the...
The probability of having a boy or a girl is always 50/50 because the female has to X sex chromosomes and the male has one X and one Y sex chromosome. If you do a Punnet Square, there will be two squares with XY and two squares with XX. With four squares in all that makes a 50/50 chance.
1.it is bell shaped.2.m.d=0.7979 of s.d3.total area under the normal curve is equal to 1.
Actuaries, Mathematicians, Scientists, Financial Advisers, Physicians
There is a 1/16 probability that 5 tosses end with the same result - 1/32 that they are all tails. In this kind of example, most statisticians would not reject the hypothesis of a fair coin unless the probability was less than 5% or 1/20. The null hypothesis is that the coin is a fair coin. If the...
6*6=36 1&1; 1&2; 1&3; 1&4; 1&5; 1&6 2&1; 2&2; 2&3; 2&4; 2&5; 2&6 3&1; 3&2; 3&3; 3&4; 3&5; 3&6 4&1; 4&2; 4&3; 4&4; 4&5; 4&6 5&1; 5&2; 5&3; 5&4; 5&5; 5&6 6&1; 6&2; 6...
Many items of furniture eg a table or a chair.
Carl Gauss wrote Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, which is regarded today as one of the most influential books written in math, and is the first book written on number theory.
In a pack of cards, Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are called  honours. There are 16 honours in a pack . An honour can be  drawn in 16C1 ways (i.e., n(E)=16).   One card can be drawn from a pack in 52C1 ways.   Required probability is 16/52=4/13.
It is quite complicated. First you need to get the accident rates for the airline on which you are planning to fly. One measure is the number of crashes per million kilometres or million hours of flying. Next, calculate the distance or number of hours you will be flying. Then one measure of the...
When comparing the sums of squares of normal variates.
When studying the behaviour of the sum of independent, identically distributed (iid) Gaussian (normal) variables. The F-distribution is used mainly in the analysis of variance where the errors - between the observed value and those predicted by a model - are assumed to be iid Normal.
Probability that it will land on side 2 at least once = 1 - 0.75 200 = which is around one in ten septillion (10 -25 ) less than 1 ie a near certainty.
A square is a plane (flat) shape whose boundaries are four straight lines of equal length such that these lines meet, in pairs, at four points (vertices). At these vertices they form angles of 90 degrees. The diagonals of the square are straight lines joining opposite vertices. These diagonals meet...
252 divided by 14 is 18.
The outcome is that in at least one of the 50 rolls the die comes to rest with the number one (or one spot) uppermost.
How to calculate specificity?, please specify ^^
An example of independent events is rolling a die and flipping a coin. The roll of the die has no affect on the flipping of the coin and the converse is true also. Another example is the rolling of a die followed by the rolling of a die - they are sequentially unrelated - so they are independent.
If you have a variable X distributed with mean m and standard deviation s, then the z-score is (x - m)/s.If X is normally distributed, or is the mean of a random sample then Z has a Standard Normal distribution: that is, a Gaussian distribution with mean 0 and variance 1. The probability density...
I prefer to play the lotto games with the smaller prizes because the probability of winning something is much greater.
Assess hazards is the step in the composite risk management process that is focused on determining the probability and severity of a hazard occurring.
Use the entire excerpt of your printable table of random numbers, shown below, to estimate the answer to this question: What is the probability that a group of five random digits will contain at least three even digits? (Zero is considered an even digit.) 46370 55170 53480 49126 89212 75292 67291...
War, Poker, Slap Jack, Go fish, Speed...google it.
  If the two events are independent then the probability of them both happening is Pr(event1) X Pr(event2). Which in your case is 0.75x0.50=0.375 which translates into 37.5%
3, Indian Head cent, Indian Head nickel, Indian Head Gold halfeagle
y = a * bxUsing "^" for powers. Any exponential formula can be written in one of the following two forms:y = A e^Bxy = C D^xwhere "y" is the independent variable, "x" is the dependent variable, and "A", "B", "C", and "D" are arbitrary constants.
Probable cause is determined by a statement of the facts in a case, including how much evidence the police have to prove their case. Probable cause is the determination that it is likelier than not a person has committed a crime or is committing a crime. There are different levels of probable cause,...
Considering the fact that a non-leap year having 28days in February will definitely have 4 Tuesdays , we have to find the probability that the 29th day of a leap year (2008) is also a Tuesday. This probability is 1/7 i.e 1 out the probable 7days in a week ! Well this said, this question is void...