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Conditions and Diseases

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Conditions and Diseases include everything from aches and pains to broken bones, chronic conditions to life-threatening diseases, symptoms and possible causes, and much more. Questions range from what causes hair to turn grey, possible causes of pains, origins of viruses, and anything to do with conditions and diseases associated with health.
1)Penetration, 2) Biosynthesis>(Early phase - Middle phase -Late phase ) 3)Gene regulation biochemistry, 4)Maturation andlysis, 5) Productive cycle.
Type II muscle fibers are aerobic.
Spontaneous causes: Some women who experience menstrual disordersthat lead to sudden onset of menstruation (menstrual periods) canalso cause early ovarian failure. When menstruation is uneven, theamount of estrogen in the body is changed, easily lead to metabolicdisorders and fat metabolism and risk...
Although the name "swine flu" causes us a lot of fear and worry, it  is important to note the swine flu in just an influenza A H1N1  virus. It means that it is just a type of flu virus, the same that  causes the seasonal flu symptoms. It's really boring to deal with  either swine flu or the...
you risk the chance of losing your hearing and if not hearing loss  then your ears will be more proned to quicker hearing loss or your  hearing will decrease quicker over time.
As someone that has had BOTH of my eardrums reconstructed with skin grafts, I can tell you that yes you can bathe but you really want to take all precautions to NOT get water in your ear. It hurts. A lot. Put cotton balls in your ears and wear a shower cap.
WWI was caused by all of the following EXCEPT:     A.Austria-Hungary's fears of looking weak  by not punishing Serbia for the assassination of its crown  prince     B.Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany's military  aggressiveness     C.Interlocking alliance agreements between  various...
Your eyes can def. change color when you get mad, angry, or  agitated, especally people with hazel eyes. The lighting that  surrounds you when you feel this way is a major component of the  changing. If the mood never changes, the eyes could, as well.  People with hazel eyes have a mix of brown...
The answer is it depends - it depends on your dietary restrictions, it depends on how many calories you should be eating per day, and it also depends if you're a man or a woman. On average a woman should consume 45-60 grams of carbohydrates per meal and a man should consume 60-75 grams per meal....
Asthma is noninfectious.
you and the others were sharing out a box of candies. clark rook  one-third, lance took one-quarter, oliver took one-fifth, and  elliot took one-sixth. that left six candies as your share. how  many candis were there altogether ?
Because everyone lived in such close quarters and they didn't  understand the nature of bacteria and viruses so their lifestyle  wasn't very sanitary as well as the lack of vaccines and proper  medicine.
vert infectious and lead to death
No, but the microbes which cause the diseases can spread onpeople's hands, so good hygiene is an important element of diseasecontrol.
Most infections present with fever (not always, especially in  weakened immune systems and older adults), general malaise, muscle  aches, sometimes GI upset like nausea/vomitting/diarrhea.  Basically, you feel just generally sick. If the infection is in a  specific spot, pain, swelling, warmth...
AIM: Several factors having an influence on the quality of lifeafter an inguinal hernia repair have been studied, yet little has beenreported on sexual function ... to a recovery of the sexual life inpatients with preoperative sexual dysfunction , while, in most cases, it does not...
Every year, approximately 42,000 people get salmonella in the USA  alone.
Make sure that raw and cooked foods are kept separate. Make surethat all meat is cooked thoroughly. If cooked food is kept, cool itquickly and refrigerate well. If it is reheated makes sure it ispiping hot all the wary through.
Really, apple cider is not going to be the best solution for your  dandruff. You should try using some kind of oil. Lotion is another  source that will moisturize, although I would probably not  recommend it.
Drink or Apply Tomato Juice to the Affected Area Thanks to theirbleaching properties, tomatoes are an essential ingredient inseveral skin care products. Tomatoes are also known to help lightenthe skin tone, which is nothing short of a boon for people withundereye dark circles. If you are suffering...
you should clean you teeth at least 2 time a day
most likely the surgical procedures are usually very effective,  however neuromas can sometimes come back
Sinus pressure can make you dizzy. Pressure on nerves and  difficulty breathing can cause the dizziness. The best person for  advice is your physician.
Generally, 1 month after opening
That means that the denture is not properly aliened and needs  correction, probably.
two tones stainless steel wedding band - nomorerack.com $10.00.  Look for stainless steel or titanium.
Yes, it may be gas pain or can be more serious related togastroenterology health like Diverticulitis, Crohn's disease orIBS. The added possibilities signs of all these are vomiting,fever, regular abdominal pain, loose stool or diarrhea and moreothers. Its best to go to the specialist they will...
Prepare a hot/very warm towel or a gauze that is slightly wet. Put  that on to the stye 7 or 8 times a day. After that your stye should  be gone. In case it isn't, you should contact a medical  professional.First and foremost do NOT try to pop the stye. That is the worst thing to do for it as it...
Not directly, but taking any antibiotic can create the conditionsfor fungi to grow.
No, but they are hosts to certain protozoans, such as  Ophryocystis elektroscirrha , which affects only  butterflies. The monarch has a species defense against predators,  which are toxic glycosides found in some parts of its body -- these  are unpalatable to predators.
Too much cholesterol in the blood, or high blood cholesterol, can  be serious. People with high blood cholesterol have a greater  chance of getting heart disease. High blood cholesterol itself does  not cause symptoms, so many people are unaware that their  cholesterol level is too high.
Well granulating means materials that are broken down into smaller  and finer ones so, it mean for it to heal better.
Use a soft rag, with only warm water on it. And maybe taking him/her to the vet for an antibiotic and some eye drops.
Oh shut the five occupational exposure to blood borne pathogen ad
The growth of Escherichia coli cells is impaired at temperatures  below 21 degrees C and stops at 7.5 degrees C; however, growth of a  transgenic strain producing the cold-adapted chaperones Cpn60 and  Cpn10 from the psychrophilic bacterium Oleispira antarctica is good  at low temperatures. The...
not a very bad (effective) symptom
Yes. Commonly used in vets offices as well.
Yes you can. Homeostasis keeps you body at a normal temperature. If  you are warmer than usual, you are prone to seizures and other  health issues.
Like now, tuberculosis was spread through the air when someone  infected with cough or sneeze. It could also be spread while an  infected person was speaking, singing, or spitting.
There are a lot of ointments for pimples. Some may not work,because everyone has different skin types. I went to adermatologist and that didn't help. Now I use 'Ointment of theBell' and that's clearing my face.
Could be a pulled muscle or appendicitis, which needs medical  attention right away.
In certain types of seizures the person loses consciousness and voluntary control of the muscles in the body. This loss of control extends to all parts of the body including the muscles that help control retention of urine. In addition, muscles contract and relax uncontrollably. These may all lead...
Usually diziness,nausea or just feeling really tierd
The best way to reduce infection risks is to try to limit the  amount of exposure you have to various infectious germs. Most  infectious germs are spread through contact, so limiting the amount  of people you touch or things you come into contact with that other  people touch is the best way to...
Answer this question... Which of the following is a true statement  about skew lines?
I've had that before only the res blotted rashes were all over my body, face and all. I had mononucleosis so the Dr. Prescribed penicillin and it turned out I was allergic to penicillin, so I stopped taking it and it went away within about 5 days. Hope that helps.
not really, there are way too many symptomsThe immune system is designed to attack foreign substances in the body. If you have lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system and it attacks healthy cells and tissues. This can damage many parts of the body such as the...
There are a number of reasons for spots on the liver. Some causes  of liver legions could be from Hemangioma (a benign tumor composed  of abnormal blood vessels that form during development in the  womb), Liver Adenoma (another benign tumor from from the abnormal  growth of liver cells),...
Pretty much in a bad slump!
the second you are declared with a sleeping disorder you are  regarded partly insomniaclyical
But anyone infected with HIV can infect other  people, even if they have no symptoms. .... to  five times more likely to acquire HIV through  sexual contact with an HIV-positive  person.
Viruses that cause the following diseases are extremely infectious.   Chickenpox   Flu (influenza)   Herpes   Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS)   Human papillomavirus (HPV)   Infectious mononucleosis   Mumps, measles and rubella   Shingles   Viral gastroenteritis ...
staph infections are generally caused by the staphylococcus  bacteria, types of germs commonly found on the skin or in the nose  of even healthy individuals. The treatment for this disease  involves antibiotics and drainage of infected area.
no it can not. will just cause more problems in ur body
percent of marriages that fail after the death of a child
This is your brain deciding which side to "carry" sinus  inflammation on; note that the sides may change during the day.  Omega 3, the "anti-inflammatory" oil/food, will eliminate sinus  inflammation. Eventually.
The most common heart disease would be coronary heart disease  (CDH). It is caused by the shrinking of your arteries, which limits  the blood flow to your heart, causing it to not receive enough  blood. This can be caused by buildup of plaques (cholesterol and  fatty deposits) on the interior...
It depends upon the underlying cause.   The primary form (caused by a parathyroid adenoma) is usually  treated by removal of the tumor. In some cases (such as  atherosclerosis or severe osteoporosis), removal of an entire gland  is indicated.   The form caused by vitamin D deficiency is...
There isn't much info here to help answer the question, but you  could face (1) losing your glasses and (2) having your vision  obscured by raindrops, sand, salt or snow. Contact lenses might be  an answer, since you can wear them underneath suitable eye  protection. Other things that might help...
It can be dormant before it appears. Most of the time it appearswithin 24 hours of exposure to the virus.
Smoker who smoke cause it have cancer. It appear in nonsmoker who have cancer and not smoke.
Not Likely. According to FDA standards you can overdose. The most  you may do is cause excessive dryness when not using the drops. A  burning sensation may develop.
No, it is not. From Wikipedia:      The stapedius  is the smallest skeletal muscle in the human body. At just over one  millimeter in length, its purpose is to stabilize the smallest bone  in the body, the stapes.    
As far as I know there isn't. If you are worried about whether or  not the one you will be getting contains mercury, ask your doctor  if the ingredients are listed in the medication insert. If not,  then you can always call the company that makes it.
Cleansing, Toning and moisturizing is a very common way to help get rid of pimples. For best results go for skin care that is as natural as possible and use moisturizer in this routine. For toning I recommend a witch hazel based solution.
Yes, people with diabetes can eat citrus fruits. One serving of orange is one small orange which has approximately 15g of carbohydrates. Grapefruit is a fruit you want to be careful of if you take certain medications. Here is a great article about how grapefruit and other citrus fruits react with...
there is no evidence that sitting too close to the tv causes vision  problems, although it can cause eyestrain. however children are  less likely to develop eye strain than adults.
Pelvic inflammatory disease, commonly called PID, is an infection  of the female reproductive organs. PID is one of the most serious  complications of a sexually transmitted disease in women: It can  lead to irreversible damage to the uterus, ovaries, fallopian  tubes, or other parts of the...
Pneumonia is a respiratory disease, rather than a place or state,  but there are a few entries on Google maps such as "Pneumonia  Lake", "Pneumonia Gulch" and "Pneumonia Road" that are named after  the disease.
during the experiments done in mexico, a new virus has been found and it has made citizens as its victims. it is a slight mixture of human flu and pig flu.
hy check this for all about prostat cancer   myhealthtips-4u.blogspot.com/2014/10/pure-treatments-for-prostate-cancer.html
Either by using a netty pit or decongestive otc
I really do not understand exactly what you mean by the wording of the question but let me try to answer it best I can. Propranolol has been getting a beating since Michael Jackson's death but administered properly it is a wonderful anesthetic. Fifteen years ago I was in a severe car wreak and I was...
I think it starts in late fall/early winter and ends in mid spring. I'm not 100 percent sure.