Postal Codes

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Postal codes are codes used for mail delivery. While they are called ZIP Codes in the US only, they are known as Postal Codes in other countries. A typical postal code is unique to approximately 5 to 10 properties.


joe Jonas zip code is 65129 and cell number is 1-914-985-9359
OX is the Oxford England Postal Code
Fiji's postal code is "FJ 696"
The postal or ZIP code for Honduras is varying based on thedepartments. so, please specify any specific department to tell oyuthe postal or ZIP code for Honduras.
This depends on what country you live in. If you are in the UK then you can either contact Royal Mail, or an addressing specialist like There are various tools you can use to identify your Postcode from your address (PostCoder has one) and it is a simple matter of entering your...
3400 E Jordan Dr,Post Falls, ID 83854
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Following are the zip codes for Kent such as : 98030, 98031, 98032, 98035, 98042, 98064, 98089.
A ZIP+ 4 code uses the basic five-digit code plus an additionalfour digits to identify a geographic segment within the five-digitdelivery area, such as a city block, a group of apartments, anindividual high-volume receiver of mail or any other unit thatcould use an extra identifier to aid in...
Answer . 30338 and 30356
The ZIP code of 63139 belongs to the St.Louis city in Missouri
The United Arab Emirates does not use ZIP or postal codes.
Galveston has six zip codes: . 77555. 77554. 77553. 77552. 77551. 77550.
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Nashville is the largest city inTennessee. It has several postal zip codes. The postal zip codesfor Nashville are 37215, 37216, 37201-37222, 37224, 37228-37230,37232, 37234-37236, 37238, 37240-37244, 37246, 37249, and37250.
Zip code 1079 instruccion st. Manila?
I think there are a few for it, check here:
The zip code is 10019 . Source: I used Google Maps to find restaurants on 50th and 8th. Then I Googled the exact addresses of the restaurants (including their zip code).
Go to and you can look it up. Maybe you mean Gilroyl, California, or maybe you mean a Gilroy in a different state. There are only two ZIP codes in Gilroy, California - 95020 and 95021 .
its 72046 (Zip code) for England in the American state of Arkansas.
Well, the part closest to cincinatti is 45044. Th other part is 45042
Barrigada Gu 96921-6963
As far as I know, it is the office of a debt collection agency, dlc, who try to contact debtors on behalf of lenders (store card issuers etc). If you are asking, then you are probably receiving letters on a regular basis addressed to someone who doesn't live at that address, but who shares a surname...
wisconsins capital is Madison
New York City zip codes start at 10001 and go through 10048. Theycontinue with 10055, 10060, 10065, 10069, 10072, 10075, and 10080to 10292. The last set of nonsequential zip codes is 11101, 11217,11220, 11375, 11411, 11416, 11417, 11429, 11570, 11692, 11766,19809, 30005, and 91362.
Zip code 87121 is Bernalillo County, New Mexico, USA.
Dude get an almanac its 37027
52, avenue Daumesnil is in the 12th arrondisement, so its postal code is 75012.
The Philippines are divided into many different postal (ZIP) codes. Please see the related link below for a list by location.
Harare is located in the Northwestern part of the country Zimbabwe.Harare does not have a postal code.
The city's area is 59.65 sq miles (154.5 km²).
Farwaniya zip code- 81000
No we Don't use Postal Codes, neither in Bogota, nor anywhere inColombia. The reason is pretty simple. All the cities and towns inColombia are built in a GRID patterns. Our cities are similar to achess board. the roads that to from north to south are calledCARRERAS , and the roads that go from east...
Tripoli - Centre. Tripoli. 1300. Tripoli - Mina. Tripoli Mina. 1301.
Type Sarasota, FL Gerber toilet supplies in the search engine for a list of suppliers.
any 5 numbers in a row ex. 12345 or 77301
Ireland does not have Zip codes. For a letter to Limerick ending the address in the following way will ensure it gets there: County Limerick Ireland For an internet form, use IE if asked for a zip code.
18635 (Luzerne County) Nanticoke, PA
Pizza HutAddress:‎ 3401 Elm Road Northeast Warren, OH 44483 Get Directions (330) 372-4900
Ireland does not have postal codes. To write to someone in the town of Monaghan the address would finish as follows: Monaghan, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. For internet forms, use IE for the code.
I come from Monaghan and generally there are no post codes or as they say in America zip codes, usually if you were sending a letter from another country to Ireland it would look like this : John Doe 10 Park street Co. Monaghan Republic , Ireland And the letter finds its way there. Now if you were...
It can be setup several ways; usually the easiest way is to have a central location, controlled by the USPS, where mail can be sorted to delivery address and held for pickup. Another way is to deliver the mail to a non-postal centrally located site controlled by an authorized party. Mail can be...
A ZIP Code is part of a postal address. It has nothing to do with telephones.
New York NY (major city also New York)
Ireland does not have zip codes. To send something to Mayfield, you would put the first part of the address, like the person, house and street and then finish it with: Mayfield Cork Ireland For internet forms, use IE if asked for a code.
There are different ones but they start with "908" From: webkinzandMCR on youtube! :D
London has thousands of different Post Codes. Each group of around 10 addresses has its own code and some large buildings have their own code. A London post code would look something like this: SE25 2TP or E16 5LS.
That is not a valid US zip code.
ZIP Code 92401 is in San Bernardino, CA, which is also in telephone area code 909.
Puerto Ricos zipe code is 0731
Georgia has more than one - try 50 states. com/zipcodes
Lynbrook, NY 11563.
Partial Post Codes were first introduced in 1959 but the system wasn't fully operational until 1974.
Luton uses an alphanumerical system similar to the rest of theUnited Kingdom. The two letters LU start with each postcode in thetown located in Bedfordshire, England.
There isn't a Post Code for any city in the UK. EVERY address in the UK has its own Post Code which is sometimes shared with a maximum of 10 other addresses.
The zip code is 77150 and that is your answer tada ya you you are winner ding ding ding
Insufficient information. There are hundreds, if not thousands, ofdifferent ZIP+4 codes in each 5-digit ZIP Code. You need to askabout a specific address.
You take the zipper and pull it up!
Leicester . HMP Leicester is situated in a commercial and residential district about half a mile from the city centre. It has the appearance of an impressive and strong medieval fortress. The Gatehouse is the oldest part, built in 1825. Further construction took place in 1874 and filled the bulk...
There are 64 ZIP codes for Franklin county in Ohio.
There are tens of thousands of Israeli postal codes, too many tolist.
Sydney is in Australia, not South Africa
It's the British (and Commonwealth) system in place of Zip Codes. Post (or Postal) Codes are an older system and based on "PostTowns" where the post would be sorted. For Example EH10 4QL is a post code for: Town (EH)- Edinburgh Area (10)- starting with the area round the main post office as 1and...
the zip code for pyongyang is 48458
Ireland does not use Zip codes. To write to someone in Gorey the address would be as follows: Person Street Gorey Co. Wexford Ireland If you are using an internet form, use IE as the Zip code.