Benjamin Harrison

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Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States and served from March 4, 1889 to March 4, 1893.
One of Benjamin Harrison's nicknames was Little Ben. This was givento him by the Democrats, in reference to his height, which was 5feet and 6 inches.
Benjamin Harrison was the United States' 23rd president. While inoffice he supported voting rights of African Americans in the Southand signed the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.
He was prone to skin infection and often wore kid gloves to protect his hands.
No- he was not given a middle name.
Father: John Scott Harrison died May 25,1878 . Mother : Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin Harrison died August 15,1850.
Yes. Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis is one example.
The 23rd president was the grandson of a former president, William Henry Harrison. He also was the first president to lose an election to a candidate he had previously defeated for the Oval Office. Harrison defeated incumbent president Grover Cleveland in 1888, but lost a re-election bid to...
President Benjamin Harrison was a U.S. Senator from Indiana March4, 1881 - March 3, 1887.
His wedding date was October 20,1853.
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Amendment 1 Freedoms, Petitions, Assembly Amendment 2 Right to bear arms Amendment 3 Quartering of soldiers Amendment 4 Search and arrest Amendment 5 Rights in criminal cases Amendment 6 Right to a fair trial Amendment 7 Rights in civil cases Amendment 8 Bail, fines, punishment Amendment 9...
Yes he invented the clock .
One answer is 'turn off the electric lights" ( They were afraid to touch the light switch.)
Answer as of 05/2009: President Benjamin Harrison has never appeared on a circulatingU.S. coin, and is only scheduled to be depicted on a PresidentialSeries dollar coin in the early part of the next decade. Thesecoins are sold by the mint for about $2. They are not rare at thistime. What you have...
Age 55. Born 8/20/1833 and inaugurated on 3/4/1889
He was elected president 100 years after George Washington was elected president of the United States.
Yes he did. This was an issue of the republican party and Harrison voted along party lines for healthy pensions for Civil War veterans and widows of fallen soldiers.