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Defective in tank sending unit or the float has a hole in it and it's full of gas and stays at the bottom of the tank sending a false reading. Usually it's the latter issue. Floats cost about $8.00 at Napa.

It could also be the fuel pump wiring harness is corroded. It is under the car (exposed to the elements), just behind the driver's seat. My gas gauge has been flaky for a couple of years. Now the fuel pump cuts out occasionally and I have to reach under and wiggle the harness to be able to start the car.

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Q: Gas gauge reads empty even when tank is full?
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Fuel gauge reads full when on tank is empty?

you should go to a car shop for that one!:)

Gas gauge always reads full when empty?

Float could be stuck in the tank or the ground wire on the tank is broke.

How do you fix a gas gauge that reads full one second and then reads empty the next on a 1993 Dodge Caravan?

I would suspect the sending unit in the gas tank is at fault.

What could be causing a fault in your 2002 RAV4 instrument panel as the speedometer will not register and the fuel level ranges from empty to about a quarter full?

I have a problem with my 2 door Toyota rav4 2002 fuel gauge. it reads empty when in fact it is partly full. When filled up at pumps it then reads only half full. What can I do to fix this.

Why fule gauge reading stays in full?

i have a 1990 ford ranger and my fule gauge always reads full, why?

What if your fuel light comes on and you know the gas tank is almost empty however the gauge reads almost half full?

i would recommend getting gas when that happens. perhaps take it to the mechanic to fix the gauge

What could be wrong with a bad fuel gauge on a 1986 C-10 It always reads between one-fourth and one-half tank even when the tank is full or empty?

In most cases the sending unit in the tank is at fault.

Why does Gas gauge read empty at full and full at empty?

I would assume that the wires are hooked up backwards

Your gas gauge reads full on your 1988 F150 when a few gallons are put in then as you drive it the gauge bounces back and fourth then settles on empty. Fuses already changed out. Any ideas?

check your conectors or the float might have a hole in it

Why does your gasoline gauge show half full when the tank is empty?

The gauge or sensor needs to be replaced.

Beretta gas gauge stuck?

Where is it stuck? on full or empty? if on full you got a bad ground, if empty you got a bad float.

Why does my boat's fuel gauge show full when the tank is empty?

Either the gauge is broken or the sender is broken.

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