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How do you change a EGR valve on a 2000 Mazda Protege 1800 cc automatic?


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2006-11-11 21:37:52
2006-11-11 21:37:52

Directly under the throttle body. A few 10 or 12mm bolts. and a plug also i believe. Very easy, just in a bad spot.

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Were is the egr valve on a 99 Mazda progege 1.8

On my 1997 Protege a hose runs from the valve cover to the air intake assembly. Where the hose connects to the valve cover is the PCV valve.

how much does it cost to replace to egr valve on the 2002 mazda protege

my cluch is lost pressure and the geare doest notwork even i have change the valve onbelow

on 99 models with 1.8 liters on top of engine in center of valve cover

It should be underneath the throttle body on the back of the intake manifold

ollie Collinschange the oil, if no better will prob need a new valve body.

The idle air control valve is also known as the idle speed valve. On a 1999 1.6 literÊMazda Protege, it is located at next to the throttle body.Ê

The 2000 Mazda 1.8 liter engine valve cover torque specification is 45 pounds. The valve cover bolts should be torqued in 15 pound intervals.

according to a local dealer that model has no modulator valve on its automatic transmission sorry !

it should be at top left corner of valve cover go to auto parts store for manual about $15.

Remove the vacuum line than attach it to the EGR. With the valve open and lifted, suck on the line and spray on the valve. You should also have a new gasket to replace the existing one. Check all the hose connections

this could be valve stem seals or oil control ring,s

9 times out of 10 is a your EGR valve stuck open due to rust, do a google search for protege low idle you'll find it! good luck

It happened to me last week. Turned out to be the EGR valve that was not moving anymore. This valve is used when the motor is in idle which is why the motor was running almost fine when I was putting gas...

The fuel injectors are located under the fuel rail, between the intake manifold and the valve cover.

It's bolted right on top of the egr valve which is on the back of the engine under the throttle body there will be a small vacuum line going into where the egr valve bolts into the intake

A 2000 Mazda Protege with 1.8 DOHC engine appears to be a "free-running" engine, meaning there is no valve/piston interference in case the timing belt broke. There is enough clearance between the valve and piston, even if the cam stops (i.e. the timing belt breaks) with the valve fully open. Therefore, the car will not be damaged if the timing belt broke.

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