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You can't. The entire hinge must be replaced.

Completely FALSE! The pins can be replaced and are currently available for ~$6 from Advanced Auto Parts stores (Motormite #38419). First, the detent spring must be removed. Support the door either on a jack or some stands of the proper height. Remove the retention washer from the top of the pin. Then push the pin out of the hinge. Replace the bushings with those supplied in the replacement pin kit and push the new pin up into place the same way that the old one came out (make sure to lubricate the pin properly with some heavy grease). Install the retention washer and reinstall the spring (which is easier said than done).

Taking the spring out was hard and I've never been able to replace the old one. I here there is a special tool to do this but it is not that important to me. Be careful removing the old spring.

I have replaced the door hinge pins and bushings many time on my 99 Chevy Blazer. You can buy the kit at autozone or most auto parts stores. My friend owns an autobody shop so he has the spring depresser tool to remove the detent spring. You may be able to buy the tool in an auto parts store or maybe even rent one. But if you can remove that spring just follow the directions above! Good luck!

The spring compressor tool is very cheap and runs about $10 at Advance or Auto Zone. Spend the little extra money to do the job right. Without it the door opens way too easily and is not held open. The best write up can be found here:

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Q: How do you change door hinge pins on a 99 Blazer?
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Replace the hinge pins and bushings.

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go to

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My advice based on experience is to replace the entire hinge assembly.

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I wouldn't mess with the pin, the door hinge can have a washer/spacer placed under it and bring the door back in alighnment. I have new hinge pins available if you really want to change them.

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you might need to replace the hinge pins.. or the complete hinge

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need to replace door hindge pins and bushing,how do we get door off safely.

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The old door hinge pins have to be cut out with a torch on a 1989 F-150. Then, new hinge pins can be welded into place. This part might be available at an automotive salvage yard for a fraction of the cost of new hinges.

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To replace the door hinge pins on a 1997 Jimmy you will need to open the door up. Place two jack stands on the front and back of the door's length at the bottom portion of the door for support. Remove the damaged hinge pin with the proper socket. Place the new hinge pin in place and secure it.

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Open door look at the hinge remove two pins holding it on and remove door place it on ground, pick up new door put pins back onto the hinge well holding door and you should be done.

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From what I was told, from the guy at the auto store, you can't. You have to replace the entire bracket.

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