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Buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee Manual would be your best bet, but in a short version to install the front brake pads or any other brake pads. Jack up the Jeep block the wheels, put jack stands underneith the axle you are working on, take the tire off, once off set the tire half way under the rock gaurd. Unbolt your brake caliber which is two bolts from inbehind the rotor, once bolts are out, take off brake caliber slowly. there is two brake pads left and right pull them out then do reverse of what you just did to take them out.... Good Luck

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โˆ™ 2006-04-07 12:05:20
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Q: How do you change the front brake pads on a 98 grand Cherokee Laredo?
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Will the rear brake pad work on the front of a 2005 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

No. The front and rear brake pads are not interchangeable on a 2005 Jeep.

What size torx bit is needed to remove 2000 grand Cherokee Laredo front brake caliper bolt?

I also have a 2000 grand Cherokee Laredo. Just changed front pads, and it is a torx bit T45. I couldn't find this answer on the web, so I bought several sizes to find out.

Can you swap front ends of a 1988 Jeep Cherokee Laredo with a 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

Yes you can

What size speakers are in the front and back of a 89 jeep Cherokee Laredo?

They are 5.25"

What size are 2000 jeep Cherokee Laredo front door speakers?

The front speakers are 5 1/4"

How many differentials does a 2008 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo have?

The front and rear axles are differentials.

Does a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo have air bags?

Yes. Only Front for driver and right front passenger

How do you change a front brake hose?

How do you change front brake hose on a 1997 lincoln

Where do you add oil in a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

On my 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo it is on the front right of the engine. There should be a picture of an oil can on the cap with the words fill oil here or something along that line on it.

What does the front track bar do on a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

It keeps the front axle in the correct left to right alignment.

What style is the front drive shaft for a 96' v8 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

cv with a slip joint

Speaker sizes for a 2002 Cherokee Laredo?

The front are 6 x 9 and the rear are 6" round

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