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I would recommend buying a high torque mini starter when replacing the stock starter(stock mini starter 92-95 mustang). It is very easy to install, you will need to run a new power wire from the left terminal of the start solenoid (facing the firewall) to the 5/16ths terminal on the mini starter (smaller terminal). Putting in the mini start you will notice a huge difference in space making it easier to run long tube headers and clearance for heat transfer.

basic tools needed:

floor jack

(2) jack stands

3/8 drive ratchet

3/8 drive extensions

3/8 socket

1/2 socket

9/16 socket

optional tools: 6 pack of favorite beverage

basic steps are:

1) Disconnect battery negative terminals.

2) Jack up vehicle on a level surface and place vehicle on stands. you can lift one side at a time or use the K-member to lift the front all at once.

3) If your 79-93 Mustang is equipped with a V8 engine, the starter will be located on the passenger side rear of the oil pan and is bolted to the front of the transmission. Using the 1/2' socket, remove the Mustang Battery/starter cable bolt located on the forward end of the starter and set it aside.

4) Next grab your 9/16 socket and remove the lower starter bolt and set it aside.

5) The top starter bolt can be somewhat tricky to remove and there are several different methods to do so. The easiest way to remove the top starter bolt is to use a few feet of extensions and work from the front of the engine.


Installation is the reverse of removal. Hold the new starter motor in place to get the upper and lower bolts started. With this application, there is no need to use a shim, just make sure that the starter bolts are good and tight(do not over tighten). Reconnect the starter cable to the front of the new starter using the 1/ 2 bolt (or follow instructions for mini starter). Also make sure that the contact surfaces of the starter cable are clean. Reconnect the battery and again make sure the terminals are clean and making a good contact. Before taking the car off of the jack stands, put the key in the ignition and bump the starter over to ensure all is working properly. Once this has been done, it's time to carefully set the car back on the ground.

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Q: How do you change the starter on a 1991 Mustang?
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