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Only piece of advice I can give is have an old car guy look at it. I don't know the difference between Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, and Pontiac engines, but I can tell you Oldsmobile engines had a tall oil filler neck in front, distributor in back, and a driver's side dipstick. I think Buick distributors are in front, but I'm probably wrong there. The filler neck on the Olds, I'm certain about that part, 307 engines up to 1990 still had that feature.

I'm not sure where, but the engine should have its VIN number stamped on it. You can then look up the VIN code and find out.

and if you know what vehicle the motor came from the net should tell you were the VIN # is located on your engine.

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Q: How do you find out the type and size of a late 70s GM 8-cylinder engine?
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