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How do you install a rear speaker in a Honda Civic?

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September 13, 2011 4:48AM

Open the trunk and look up on the back deck. It doesn't matter what model civic you have, all Hondas are pretty much straight forward. There should be three or four small bolts (probably 10mm or a little larger) holding the speaker grilles and assemblies into the rear deck. Loosen these bolts completely. Now pull the whole speaker system out from the rear deck and there will be three small screws holding the grille onto the speaker assembly. Take these out, and there are your stock speakers! install the new ones and voila! taken care of. Email me with any other Honda questions, to


if its a dx u can't put rear speakers

yeah Thar all 10 mm and if its an si than you are more limited down to one size and Thar more tricky you gotta do it from the inside i had allot of trouble but its easily done and there's 3 screws under the grill in the trunk to get the grills off hope this helps everyone