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How do you remove right hand drive shaft Peugeot 306?

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Slacken the wheel nuts and jack the car up

take the wheel off and undo the 'hub nut' (youll need someone to put their foot on the brake or leave it in gear)

undo the bottom arm from the hub

knock out the drive chaft from the center

undo the solid shaft piece and pull from the gearbox

make sure you have a bucket to catch the gearbox oil

re-fit with a new shaft in reverse order

stick the front of the car on axle stands and jack up the rear so it is level and top up the gearbox oil (this im unsure of how to do)

job done :)

2011-09-13 06:18:58
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Where is front abs sensor peugeot 406 2000?

ring on drive shaft with senser next to it. usual fault! cracked by rust ring on drive shaft. change shaft.

How do you change a Fiat Doblo drive shaft?

how to remove a drive shaft on a fiat doblo

How do you remove a drive shaft in 1999 Ford Taurus?

there is no drive shaft it's front wheel drive

Dodge Durango rear drive shaft removal?

How do you remove drive shaft from a 03 durango

How do you remove broken off flexible drive shaft from weedeater?

remove head pull shaft out

How do you fit peugeot 206 driveshaft seals?

remove the drive shafts, ensuring you remove the nut and horseshoe holding in the drivers side shaft. once they are out, you prise the seals out and tap in new ones en suring you get the news ones in the right way round

How do you remove the right front drive shaft on a 1990 LeBaron in order to remove and replace the power steering pump?

you can replace power stering pump without moveing drive shaft but its fiddly. to remove drive shaft undo 30mm nut in centre,undo bottom ball joint and pull strut out of way be ready to catch gear box oil.

1948 ford drive shaft infohow do you remove the shaft.?

No proper man wants to be without his shaft

How do you replace a drive shaft center support bearing on a 2006 dodge ram megacab?

You must remove the rear drive shaft section and then remove the support.

Where is the Peugeot boxer speed sensor?

The speed sensor on a Peugeot Boxer is on top of the gearbox. It is near the driver's side drive shaft inner CV.

How do you remove the drive shaft from washing machine?

pull it out

How do you remove the drive shaft from a 06 Honda rubicon?

Unbolt it at the shackles, and pull it out from the output shaft.

How do you get the drive shaft out?

Get the drive shaft out of WHAT? Front wheel drive vehicles are considerably more difficult to remove than most rear wheel drives unbolt it

How to make a 4x4 onto 2 wheel drive?

Remove the front drive shaft

What is the drive shaft wheel nut torque setting on a peugeot 106 1.1 1998?

245 lbs in haynes

How do you take the center supporter off the front drive shaft?

You have to remove the drive shaft and take to to a machine shop. It has to be pressed off Rob

How do you remove the drive shaft on a 1999 Ford f150 Ford?

Chock the wheels to be sure vehicle will not roll. Mark the differential and drive shaft before removing drive shaft. Remove 4 bolts from differential-end of drive shaft. Place a pan under the transmission-end of drive shaft and have clean rags handy. Push the drive shaft slightly toward the front of the vehicle while pulling downward on the drive shaft and lower it to the ground. Pull the drive shaft toward the rear of the vehicle until the front of the drive shaft pulls out of the transmission. Place the drive shaft on the ground and put rags in the transmission to prevent oil leakage and keep dust/dirt out. Assemply is reverse of removal with special attention to aligning marks on the drive shaft to the mark on the differential.

Which direction does the drive shaft turn on a Honda shadow?

I think the drive shaft turns to the right if you are looking from the back of the bike.

Can you remove a transmission on a 2001 Eclipse without removing the right Transaxle?

The car has only one transaxle, AKA transmission, then no, you cannot remove the tranny without removing the tranny. If you mean without removing CV Axle or drive axle or Axle shaft or CV shaft (same thing) then the answer is still no. You cannot remove the transaxle without removing the drive axle/CV shaft.

Can you tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee on a front wheel dolly?

You can if you remove the rear drive shaft.

How do you tow a 2003 4x4 Chevy pickup?

remove the drive shaft

How do you remove the drive shaft from a 1996 Geo Tracker?

First make drive shaft and yoke to insure tat they are replaced in the same location to maintain factory balance Remove small "U" bolts at yoke Pry drive shaft out of yoke Pull driveshaft off splined end

Where is the location of the speed sensor on a 1992 f150 4x4 not the one on the differential?

In the tail shaft housing. you have to remove the drive shaft and the tail shaft housing to get to it.

Why is your front drive shaft turning when its not in four wheel drive?

Perhaps something in your front differential is not right and it is spinning your front drive shaft, instead of vice versa.

Remove drive shaft on 93 sonoma?

unbolt it at each of the universal joints