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The first thing you need to do is remove the four screws that hod the trim around the radio/ gauges. Once removed, unplug connectors on the back of light switches and remove trim. The radio will have a lot of screws that hold the radio/heater control. Remove them all until the radio comes out. You can get a block off kit either from auto zone or wall mart for a pretty cheap price. Next follow the wire down to a large silver box under the dash. Unplug and remove the box. Keep the wires in case you want to wire in an after market radio. The kit also includes an after market stereo mount. Wire a quick connect harness to your stereo and it will plug into the wires you removed from the silver box under the dash. These wires may need to be untangled a bit to reach to the new stereo.

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Q: How do you remove the factory radio from a 1992 Chevy truck?
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Contact the dealership. Most can obtain a unlock code for the factory radio. Since it's a Chevy I'm assuming it's a Delco raido. Go to and they'll be able to get you your specific unlock code.

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How do you replace the stereo in a silverado?

Depends on year model, newer ones the dash is easier to remove to get the radio out, Chevy truck dashes are easy though, you need to remove the trim around the radio to get to the screws that hold the radio in. Re-Installing a aftermarket radio? Hopefully you got a dash kit and wiring kit so that you wont cut the truck radio wires(if not, then stop now and go get it from your radio shop, it will make installation alot easier for you).

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