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Not as hard as it looks,the caliper has 2 guide pins that are held in place by a wire

spring.The guides go thru the brake pades and I noticed that you do not have to remove

the caliper.NOTE: this vehicle that I worked on had home made coter pins thru the

guide pins , so I am not sure what the original hardware looks like. Remove the cotter

pin from guide pins then pull them straight out . Clean them with a wire brush then

apply a thin coat of antisies the metal to metal kilnd (silver in color). Remove your

brake pads and replace in the revese order. I recommend that you have the rotors


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Q: How do you remove the front brake pads on a 1998 Mazda Protege?
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How do you remove front brake pads from caliper on 1994 Mazda Protege?

When you remove the caliper, the pads can be pressed out by hand.

How do you install front brake pads on a 2001 Mazda protege?

Lift the car with a car jack, remove the tire and set it aside, remove the brake shoe/caliper, and remove the old brake pad. Put in the new brake pad, replace the brake shoe/caliper, put the tire back on the car and lower the car to the ground.

How do you remove the front brake rotor on a 2003 Mazda MPV?


Does Mazda have front wheel drive vehicles?

does a 2002 mazda protege have a front wheel drive

Can I replace the front wheel bearings on a 2003 Mazda protege 5?

No, you need a press to remove and install the bearing.

How do you repair the horn on a 1998 Mazda Protege?

The horn is located on the front passenger side of the car. if you remove the front passenger headlight you will be able to see it from there

Where is the horn on a 98 Mazda Protege?

Well I had a 1995 Protege but I think is on the same place. It's beehint the right corner of the front cover. You have to remove the black cover under the car to see it. Mazda hide pretty well.

Is the Mazda protege 1998 front wheel drive?


Where is the horn on the Mazda Protege?

behind the plastic grill on the front.

Where is the horn in a 1996 Mazda Protege?

Just behind the right corner of the front bumper. You have to remove the black cover under the car to see it. Mazda hide it pretty well.

How to replace a front wheel bearing on a 1997 Mazda Protege?

Make sure it isn't the tire first. You will have to remove the strut, and have the bearing pressed out.

2003 Mazda protege 5 brake rotor thickness?

Front: 24mm new, 22mm minimum Rear: 10mm new, 8mm minimum

Where is the oil filter located on a 2001 Mazda Protege?

it is located on the motor in the front

Where does a front pipe go on a Mazda Protege?

It does the link between the manifold and the catalyser.

Where is the steering wheel for Mazda Protege 2003?

Directly in front of the driving seat.

Where is the access cover for the flywheel and drive belt on a 1992 Mazda protege?

at the back of motor in front of transmission at the bottom have to remove 4 , 10mm bolts hope this helps

What tool to remove a front brake pads on a 2007?

= What tool to remove a front brake pads on a 2007? =

What size speakers are in a 2002 Mazda Protege 5?

Front: 6x8x2.5" Rear: 6x8x2"

What type of front turn signal bulbs go into a Mazda Protege specifically 1999-2003?


Where is the horn located on the Mazda Protege?

horns are usually located near the grill area in front of the car.

How do you replace front rotors on 1996 protege?

Break wheel nuts(tool: Wheel tool), jack up vehicle, Remove wheel, remove brake pads( tool: by hand or flat bit screw driver), then remove brake caliper( Tool: either 12,14,or 17 spanner or ratchet), after that you can remove the rotor by hand.

What size is the allen wrench needed to remove the front brake pads on a 2000 Mazda 626?

I think that is a 14 mm open wrench, not Allen.

What bolt do you take off to change front brake pads on 1990 Mazda 626?

you need to take off both caliper bolts and remove the caliper from the carriage... most Mazda calipers will not pivot...

Where is the horn on a 1990 Protege?

The horn for the 1990 Mazda Protege is located near the right turn signal at the front of the car. To the left of the radiator when your looking at the engine with the hood up.

Horn location for 2002 Mazda protege 5?

Your horn is in back of the radiator grill (Grill in front of the car)