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How do you remove the spare tire of a 1986 Nissan hard body?


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2005-09-30 12:59:24
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There is a long stick behind the seat that has a key on the end of it. Take it out and stick it into the like shaped hole by the rear license plate. Once inserted into the tube crank it(not sure if it's clockwise or counter) until the tire drops down. If you don't have the long stick fashion one out of a nail and a pair of vicegrips and climb under the rear of the truck and do the same thing with your homemade key.

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1. Remove the lock cylinder with key. 2. Pinch open the plastic retainer collar that connects the guide tube to the winch, and slide the tube out of the way. 3. Remove the 5/8" mounting bolt that holds the winch to the body. I needed a breaker bar to get mine loose. I found the replacement kit cheapest here: Body Hardware/Rear Body/Spare Tire Carrier/spare carrier Should re-mount easily - don't know, I haven't tried re-assembling yet!

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It is on a metal plate riveted to the body behind the spare tire. It is stamped into the frame under the rear seat. Remove the seat and it is stamped on top of the tunnel in the middle of the car.

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