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How do you replace a timing belt or chain on a 1998 ford escort zx2?


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Labor Times - hrs

Remove & Install:

Contour/Mystique 3.40

Cougar/Escort 2.70

Special Tools

Camshaft alignment tool - No. 303-465 (T94P6256CH).

Crankshaft timing pin - No. 303-574 (T97P6000A).

Remove spark plugs to ease turing engine.

Turn crankshaft in normal direction of rotation (unless otherwise stated).

Do NOT turn crankshaft via camshaft or other sprockets.

Observe all tightening torques.


1. Raise and support the front of vehicle.

2. Remove:

Right hand front wheel.

Engine lower splash guard - if fitted.

Right hand inner fender lower splash guard.

Accesory drive belt.

NOTE: If the accesory belt is to be re-used,

mark the direction of rptation on belt with chalk.

Water pump pulley.

Acessory drive belt tensioner.

Speical Precautions:

Disconnect battery ground cable.

Do NOT turn crankshaft or camshaft with timing belt removed.

3. Loosen the crank shaft pulley bolt 1.

4. Turn crankshaft clockwise until No.1 cylinder at TDC of compression stroke with notch and pointer aligned 2.

5. Remove:

Crankshaft pulley bolt 1.

Crankshaft pulley 3.

NOTE: DO NOT turn the crankshaft when removing the crankshaft pulley.

Timing belt lower cover 4.

6. Loosen bolts of left hand and right hand engine mounts to allow engine to move slightly.

7. Lower vehicle.

8. Move the coolant expansion tank aside (leave hoses connected).

9. Disconnect cruise control cable.

10. Support the engine using a jack.

11. Remove:

Front engine mount.

PAS pipe bracket.

Upper timing belt cover 5.

Front engine mount bracket 6.

12. Disconnect accelerator cable and cruise conrol cables from cylinder head cover.

13. Remove:

Spark plugs cover.

Spark plug wires.

Cylinder head cover.

14. Install camshaft alignment tool No.303-465 (T94P6256CH) into slots at rear of camshafts 7.

15. Loosen the tensioner retaining bolt 8.

16. Using suitable Allen wrench, turn the tensioner clockwise to release tension from belt 9.

17.Undo the tenisoner retaining bolt four turns 8.

18. Unhook the tensioner bracket from the metal clip 10.

19. Remove plug from exhaust camshaft sprocket 11.

20. Using a wrench on hexagon to hold camshafts 12, loosen camshaft sprocket retaining bolts 13 & 14.

Attention To Removal Step #20 is critical to proper installation!

21. Remove and discard timing belt.

NOTE: DO NOT reinstall used belt. Timing belt must always be renewed once it had been loosened or removed.

IMPORTANT: To maximize Timing Belt System is recommended that Timing Belt Tenionser(s) and Idler(s) be replaced at the same time as Timing Belts!


NOTE: The lower guide pulley may not be fitted to some models a after 06/1999.

1. Ensure camshaft alignment tool installed correctly 7.

NOTE: Valves for No.4 cylinder should be on 'overlap' (camshaft lobes facing inward).

2. Temporarily install crankshaft pulley 3.

3. Check that the notch and pointer are alligned 2.

4. Remove plug from cylinder block 15 and install crankshaft timing pin 16

No.303-574 (T97P6000A).

5. Adjust position of crankshaft until it rest against timing pin.

NOTE: No.1 cylinder must be at TDC of compression stroke and timing marks aligned 2.

6. Remove crankshaft pulley.

NOTE: Under normal circumstances, the variable valve timing system will not return to its original base position. Ensure adjustable exhaust camshaft sprocket is reset as follows:

Ensure camshaft alignment tool installed 7.

Lightly tighten the camshaft sprocket bolt 14, to prevent sprocket hub turning on camshaft.

Turn the exhaust camshaft sprocket by hand fully counterclockwise.

Loosen the camshaft sprocket bolt 14.

Ensure the sprocket moves freely on the camshaft.

Turn sprocket until hole and largelug of sprocket hub at top.

7. Type A:

Ensure the tensioner bracket is unhooked from metal clip 10 and is at the 4 o'clock position 17.

Align 6mm Allen wrench hole 18 with the 'U' shaped notch in the pointer 19.

8. Type B:

Ensure the tensioner bracket is unhooked from metal clip 10.

9. Install the new timing belt in a counterclockwise direction starting at the crankshaft sprocket, ensure timing belt taut between sprocets on non-tensioned side.

10. Ensure crankshaft remains resting against timing pin 16 during the tensioning procedure.

11. Type A:

Hook the tensioner bracket 17 into the metal clip 10.

Position the 6mm Allen wrench hole 18 at the 4 o'clock position. Finger tighten the tensioner bolt 8.

Turn the tensioner counterclockwise 20 until 'U' shaped notch in the pointer 19 aligned with mark on bracket 17.

Hold the tensioner pulley in position.

12 Type B:

Hook the tensioner bracket into the metal clip 10 and finger tighten the tensioner bolt 8.

Turn the tensioner counterclockwise 21 until the tip of the pointer 22 aligned with the mark 23.

Hold the tensioner pulley in position.

13. Torque the tensioner bolt 8 to 18.5 ft. lbs.

14. Remove Allen wrench.

15. Use a wrench on the hexagon of each camshaft to prevent camshafts from turing 12.

16. Torque the intake sprocket retaining bolt 13 to 50 ft. lbs. and exhaust sprocket retaining bolt 14 to 44 ft. lbs.

17. Remove the crankshaft timing pin 16 and camshaft alignment tool 7.

18. Hold exhaust camshaft using wrench on hexagon 12.

19. Torque the exhuast sprocket retaining bolt 14 to 89 ft. lbs.

20. Turn crankshaft slowly almost two turns clockwise.

21. Install crankshaft timing pin 16.

22. Turn crankshaft clockwise until it rests against timing pin.

23. Check that camshaft alignment tool fits smoothly into both camshaft

slots 7.

24. If not, repeat installation and tensioning procedure.

25. Remove timing pin and camshaft alignment tool.

26. Install a new plug into exhaust camshaft sprocket 11 and torque to 27 ft. lbs.

27. Install plug 15 and torque to 18.5 ft. lbs.

28. Install components in reverse of removal.

29. Torque the crankshaft pulley bolt 1 to 85 ft. lbs.

NOTE: If re-using the old accessory drive belt, observe direction of rotation markings.

ATTENTION: Installation steps #6 and #16 through

#24 are critical to proper installion!!


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