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Replacing the front wheel bearings is not too dificult of a task on a 2000 merc. cougar. You must remove the whole nuckle, then take the nuckle and new bearings to a shop (one that does this kind of thing) and have the old bearings cut out, and the new ones pressed in (with a hydraulic press, don't try it your self, you will just damage your parts, hurt your self, and cost yourself lots of money). A typical shop will charge $40-$75 to press the new bearings in.

Now, for a much much better solution, I found a place on line (awesome place to do business with!!!) based out of sherman Texas (I'm near Chicago). They have the best prices and support too, support with helping you find the parts via diagrams and such.

Call this company, order the whole nuckle with bearings already pressed in from factory. It will cost you a little bit more, but it is easier to work with, no down time while waiting for the shop to press bearings (usually 1-2 business days). Also, even though it may be a little more expensive for the part, It will be much better than replaceing your bearings then having to replace them again in 6 months becasue someone at the shop accidently put a tiny tiny divvet in the new bearings. (this happend to me, I replaced my front bearings in January, then replaced them again in August becasue the shop **** up)


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Q: How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?
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