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How to get a stripped spark plug outTHE threads are ok but are probibly fused in the head its where the spark plug socket attactches the bolt is do you get the bolt to get a grip58?

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2009-07-15 03:32:06

Use vice grips if possible, and heat. Small raps with a hammer

on the metal not the porcelin. Good Luck. Another method which

eliminates a lot of stress is to break off the porcelain and remove

it and the center electrode (they come out together after you break

the porcelain all the way around), then use an Easy Out (screw

extractor) to remove the rest of the plug. This method only takes a

few minutes and saves busted knuckles and a lot of cussing. LOL or

you can get a smaller socket that will almost fit and beat it on

with a hammer

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