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How to replace hub bearings on 2000 Pontiac Grand AM?

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2015-07-16 18:24:06
2015-07-16 18:24:06

some hub bearing are one complete assembly if not remove rotor from car bearing should be in rotor or hub meaning drum for back brakes the bearing is inside the middle of the rotor there should be a seal that holds it in place look for the edge of that seal and tap under the edge of that seal until... IN REPLACING THE NEW SEAL YOU MUST clean all the grease from the hub to ensure there s no old grease left at least much as possible,then pack the hub with new grease besure not to get grits in to the grease. grits and grease don t mix, then dip the bearing into the grease to ensure that it s fully greased then replace the bearing in the hub and tap on the new hub evenlly or it will not go in right after that your on your way to reassembling the hub to the car.... ENJOY

These are a complete hub assembly. They require no packing grease. Remove wheel, brake calapier, calapier bracket, brake rotor, remove the outer tie rod from the knuckle, remove the half saft from the hub( 36mm ) nut. 3 or 4 bolts hold this hub in place. All steps may not be listed, but get'er done. If you are not mechanically inclined do not attempt this.

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