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If a 1993 Mercury Cougar 3.8 idle is racing at 3000 rpm and you changed pts and mass air flow what is wrong?


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2010-07-11 12:43:43
2010-07-11 12:43:43

Try changing the 'idle air controller' value/motor. A $60.00 part


You can remove this part and clean it using any fuel injection or intake cleaner. Carbon deposits sometime build up in the plastic gear and spring and does not allow it to work it can sometimes solve your problems.


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it could be something wrong with the ignition switch, and or alarm

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I have a 2001 Mercury Cougar it goes in reverse and first and second but it wont go in drive when i put it in drive the rpm just go up.

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It is quite possible in a 1996 Mercury Cougar, that when the dashboard instruments all quit at once, there is a fuse that has been blown. Most of the gauges in the dash run off the same fuse in most vehicles.

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