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Contact NAPA Auto parts for a packet of gaskets and O rings for about $3.50. Auto Zone and O'Reilly's don't stock it. The real problem is removing the adapter to get to the gasket and O rings to replace them. It's a tight fit on my '91 Chevy Blazer.

my understanding is there is an "o" ring on the adapter where it contacts the block. once this ring becomes damaged, it's you're either gonna need to replace it or keep filling with oil!!

Check to make sure the old rubber gasket from the old oil filter was not left on the adapter before the new filter was installed

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Q: If oil is leaking around the filter adaptor on 1991 Chevy 4 WD half ton pickup is there a gasket or O ring that should be looked replaced?
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Leaking oil around the filter housing?

Which filter housing? Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter?

How do you stop water leaking into a buick century through the cabin air filter?

If water is leaking from the cabin air filter on a Buick Century then the seal must be replaced. Replacing the seal requires removing the glove box to reach the cabin filter. Once done, the seal can safely be replaced.

How do you fix an oil leak on a gm 3800 that is leaking around the oil filter housing?

My understanding is that it is not the oil filter housing leaking, that can be verified with a $2.00 replacement seal, and replaced by owner with a bit of ability, and tools, but it is more likely the timing chain cover that is leaking, with an estimated cost to repair of around $700, and that is mostly due to the shop labor for just getting to it.

How do you remove the oil filter adaptor on a 94 jeep Cherokee with a 4.0 engine?

What Oil filter adaptor?? Please elaborate. To remove the oil filter just unscrew it.

Why does my lawn mower have oil leaking out of the carburetor and leaking into my air filter I have a Toro 6.5hp 190cc self probpelled?

oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter oil leaking out of the muffer and the air filter

Oil is running out by the oil filter housing 5.4 engine?

check that the O ring was replaced when oil filter was changed. id O ring is good and filter is tight, and housing still leaking, replace filter housing

Can a oil filter cause smoking under the engine?

Yes, if it is leaking or if when it was replaced, oil leaked onto the exhaust or exhaust manifold.

How do you replace o ring on oil cooler adaptor for 93 suburban?

If you look at the bottom of the adaptor where the oil filter is you will see 2 bolt heads. I think they are 10mms remove them and pull the adaptor down and replace the gasket / o-ring. You may want to remove the oil filter first. Don't worry about the oil cooler lines, you can pull the adaptor down enough to fix.

What causes an oil leak underneath the body in a 1992 Mazda mx3?

A leaking gasket, a leaking filter, or a leaking drain plug....

What can be wrong if oil smells like gas engine is leaking at head gasket and sounds like sewing machine ever since fuel lines broke and had been replaced?

Gas is leaking into your oil pan. If the head gasket is leaking, it needs to be replaced. While the cylinder head is off, look for a cracked piston or worn rings which may cause gas to leak into the oil pan. If the gasket has been replaced and you had no piston damage or bad rings, then change the oil and filter.

How can you clean a non serviceable fuel filter?

You do not clean any fuel filter you just replace it. If it has a filter in the tank it is a permanent filter that is only replaced when the pump is replaced.

Why is water leaking from above ground pool sand filter?

Specifically where is it leaking? At the gasket? Replace gasket.

How do you repair leaking fuel filter housing on 92 Dodge 5.9 Cummins?

Replace the part it is leaking from.

How do you fix a oil leak on a 1997 kia sportage 4x4 leaking around the oil filter?

replace the housing o ring

What if your pro line sand filter keeps blowing water out between the filter top and the selector valve housing any ideas?

Confused by what part you mean by the filter top and the selector valve housing. If you mean between the filter body and the filter head, it means you need to replace the gasket between the two. Simply remove the filter head and inspect the gasket that sits between the filter and the filter head. If there are any tears or several nicks in it, go to a pool store and just pick up a new one. If you mean the filter head is leaking, it most likely means the spider gasket is leaking and needs to be replaced

Where is the oil filter on a 2003 vw jetta GLI?

my oil filter housing is leaking what should i do?

Do 2005 Dodge Caravan have a fluid filter?

The fuel filter is a permanent filter located inside the fuel tank. It is only replaced when the pump is replaced.

How often does the filter need to be replaced?

The Honeywell filter should be replaced every 8- 12 months or as needed.

Where is power steering filter on your 1999 e320?

the filter is built into the power steering reservoir . the filter cant be replaced separately . the reservoir itself should be replaced.

How do you fix a leaking oil filter on a 1984 4100cc deVille?

First U check ABOVE the filter 2 b sure the intake manifold & Valve covers aren't Leaking.. then U check 2 c if the mounting surface is flat & the threaded connector is tight & if that doesn't work U might need a new filter If after checking above, the filter, as Marv pointed out, you find that it is indeed the filter that is leaking, replace the filter. Clean the mounting surface throughly, oil the filter gasket, and tighten the filter 3/4 turn after it touches the mounting surface. No more, no less! A leaking filter is almost always caused by incorrect installation.

How do you remove the engine oil cooler adapter from a 91 350 and reinstall filter without adapter?

I assume you are working on a 350 Chevrolet small block with the factory GM oil to water cooler in the radiator? Why remove the oil cooler? With the engine cold, remove the oil filter from the adapter. Remove the lines from the remote cooler adaptor first. Then look up into the cavity (above where the oil filter screws on) and you will see two bolts. Remove these two bolts and the adaptor will come off. Obtain a regular GM (Chevrolet small block) oil filter adaptor from any non-oil cooler application with the bolts. There are a million places to get these. Bolt the new adaptor in place, screw on a new oil filter and off you go. The factory filter seals against the flat surface of the engine block and the filter now screws onto the oil filter adaptor instead of the cooler adaptor. You may want to remove the oil lines to the radiator and plug the oil cooler openings in the radiator. If the oil cooler is already or begins to leak you will loose coolant through the cooler openings.

How do you stop oil leaking from oil filter on a 1984 Honda acord?

Remove the old filter. Replace it with a new filter. Before installing the new filter wipe the mounting surface clean and apply a coat of oil to the new oil filter's gasket. Spin on the filter and tighten it 3/4 turn after it makes contact with the mounting surface. No, more and no less. If you still see oil leaking from the filter then look above the filter for the leak. Possibly valve cover is leaking.

What is the cross reference for a Crosland 471 oil filter to fit a Standard 10 motorcar?

Use the Rarebits4classics 471CR adaptor kit with Z93 or GFE150 filter.

Why is fuel leaking around plastic cap on top of engine?

2001 7.3 L F250 diesel after replacing fuel filter drain valve

How can you check to see if you have an oil leak around the oil pressure sensor and or the oil filter housing gasket?

You find them both and look see if they are leaking.