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If oil is leaking around the filter adaptor on 1991 Chevy 4 WD half ton pickup is there a gasket or O ring that should be looked replaced?


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2015-07-16 18:29:01
2015-07-16 18:29:01

Contact NAPA Auto parts for a packet of gaskets and O rings for about $3.50. Auto Zone and O'Reilly's don't stock it. The real problem is removing the adapter to get to the gasket and O rings to replace them. It's a tight fit on my '91 Chevy Blazer.

my understanding is there is an "o" ring on the adapter where it contacts the block. once this ring becomes damaged, it's you're either gonna need to replace it or keep filling with oil!!

Check to make sure the old rubber gasket from the old oil filter was not left on the adapter before the new filter was installed


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Which filter housing? Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter?

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My understanding is that it is not the oil filter housing leaking, that can be verified with a $2.00 replacement seal, and replaced by owner with a bit of ability, and tools, but it is more likely the timing chain cover that is leaking, with an estimated cost to repair of around $700, and that is mostly due to the shop labor for just getting to it.

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What Oil filter adaptor?? Please elaborate. To remove the oil filter just unscrew it.

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