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Under the hood there is a 20 amp fuse, in the P/Out slot. I had the same problem and this is what solved it.

Had the same problem with the Dodge Intrepid. Fuse is in the box under the hood(!) (not in the in-side fuse panel).

check for loose change in the outlet, a lighter will blow the fuse, as well as a bad cell charger/radar detector cord. Open hood, remove "fuse box cover" and look for acc or some such fuse.


This happened to me, i think the fuse was under the hood and it was called int. something

2002 Dodge Neon Power Outlet Fuse is located in the power distribution center under the hood and next to the battery. Inside the cover of that box is a diagram showing location. I think it is the third from the fender.

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Q: If the power outlet in a 2002 Dodge Neon does not work could it be a blown fuse and which fuse is it?
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What does the 20 amp power outlet fuse do on a 1999 dodge durango

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Blown fuse.

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Blown fuse, broken wire, unplugged connecter.

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There could be a bad relay switch from the fuse box. However it could also be that the fuse is blown itself.

I got a 1992 Dodge Caravan but im getting no electical power when trying to start but got power on door locks and interior lights what could be wrong.?

Dead battery, blown fuse, blown Fusable link, disconnected battery cable or ground

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There is a fuse box under the hooh on the right hand side also. You will probably find one on them blown.

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