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Hi there im from Scotland but i also have Irish blood because all my mothers side of the family are Irish witch i love !Scottish Equals Irish?The Irish come from Ireland, which is a large island west of Britain. The Scottish come from the northern part of Britain. There has been a lot of contact between Ireland and Scotland over the centuries, but the accents, foods, music etc. are very different.

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  • Ireland and Scotland are two separate nations. We both happen to have a Celtic heritage and our languages are very similar
  • If you go back further then kind of yes. An old name for Ireland is Scotia. The Irish (Scotia) people invaded/settled in Scotland and it took their name.
  • Not at all, two different cultures altogether. While the decendants of Irish immigrants constitute a fair percentage of the West of Scotland population Scotland as a whole has much more in common with its neighbours Wales and England than with Ireland.
  • The Scottish creation myth involves a journey from Egypt to Spain and on to Ireland for the "Scots" named thus because of th Eqyptian princess Scotia that married one of there kings on the way. The Scots then settled in the western isles and amalgamated with Pict land to create the Kingdom of Alba.
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Q: If you are Scottish are you also Irish?
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In Irish and Scottish Gaelic: agus leat-sa

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About 48% of the colonies were Scottish and/or Irish so the majority fighting were Scottish and Irish.

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The majority of Irish people and Scottish people speak English, so on that basis the answer is yes. There is also Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic, which are similar but different languages, that are spoken by some people in each country.

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Irish is Raghnall; Scottish is also Raghnall.

If you are Irish are you also Scottish?

No they are two different places on different islands

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Probable of Scottish origin but known also in Ireland.

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Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, and Manx all derive from Old Irish.

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Irish (Dublin)

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coltish people have Scottish accents; garlic people have Irish accents

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scottish causeim scottish and i should know

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