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Cracked block, cracked head. Why would you do that?

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Q: If your car made a super loud sound when you added water when the engine was hot yet you then started the car and no water leaked and no water is in with the oil did you crack the block?
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If you have water inside the engine block and the engine is never started during temperatures 32 and below -- can the block still go bad if the engine is still never started til summer?

It should be OK so long as the water has not frozen somewhere along the line.

Does water remain in engine block when cars not running?

There is coolant in the engine block when the engine is not running. The engine block, heater, hoses and radiator remain full when engine is not running.

What causes a loose engine block and can it be repaired?

it is not a cracked engine block it is just a loose block

Where is the engine block heater on your 2007 ford escape?

The 2007 Ford escape engine block heater is located on the right hand side of the engine block. You can follow the block heater cord to the block heater.

Is a 1989 Dodge 318 engine block the same as a 360 engine block?


How do you build a model rocket with out an engine block?

You can't, - it must have an engine block.

Where are the freeze plugs on a 3400 v6 engine block?

On sides of engine block.

Is a Chevy 3100 engine block and a Chevy 3400 engine block the same?


I need to drain the engine coolant from the engine block on a 1997 transport. Where is the engine drain plug located?

on the buttom of the block Can you please be more specific? Where exactly on the bottom of the block? Near what on the block?

Where is the plug for a block heater on a F150 with a 5.4l engine?

5.4 i believe is a gas engine. gas engines do not have a standard block heater, this would be an extra added by the owner the diesel engines have a block heater, and if it has never been used the cord and plug will be found rolled up between radiator and grill

If antifreeze leaked into the motor should you change the headgasket?

just make sure your block isn't cracked

What does a cylinder block do in an engine?

what does a cylinder block do

Where is the oil pan locted on a 2005 Pontiac sunfire?

Bottom of the engine block.Bottom of the engine block.

Looking for a list of Chevy V6 block and head casting numbers?

Every Chevrolet V-6 engine block has a metal plate attached to the engine block, listing the specifics of the engine. The casting numbers should be on the engine block plate.

What Locks up an engine?

Lack of water in you engine block. Lack of oil in your engine block. Can cause piston siege.

When cleaning the exterior of an engine block can cold water make an engine block crack when the engine is at operating temperature?

It should not

What is the block in an engine?

The engine block is the lower portion of the engine that the cylinder heads mount to that houses the pistons,crankshaft ,oil pump etc . Basically ,the block has the cylinders for the pistons...

What determines the difference between a small block engine and a large block engine?

The bore and stroke.

Where is the engine water seal located at on the motors block?

On the side of the engine block on bottom of the motor

Is a 1986 Chevy 350 engine block the same as a 1996 350 vortec engine block?


Will a 7.62mm travel through an engine block?

That depends if hollow point or jacketed and what size engine block.That depends if hollow point or jacketed and what size engine block.

What is the general purpose of a vehicle block heater?

A vehicle block heater's main purpose is to warm an engine enough to increase the car's starting speed. This is especially useful in winter to get a car started.

Where is the fuel filter in dodge cummins 2012?

Driver side of the engine blockDriver side of the engine block

Where is the oil pan on a 2007 Saturn Ion?

Mounted on the bottom of the engine block.Mounted on the bottom of the engine block.

Function of engine block in car?

The function of the engine block is to hold the important components such as the cylinders and the pistons. The engine block is where combustion of fuel takes place so that power can be generated.