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Is a special tool required to remove a steering stabilizer on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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I have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and just today replaced it. It didn't require any special tools - or at least it shouldn't have. One of the bolts and it's corresponding nut came off easy, but getting the nut and bolt loose on the side of the stabilizer that connects to the steering linkage was a bear. I ended up using a LOT of PB Buster and over 160ft-lbls of torque to break loose the nut. Once the nut was off, the bolt was still stuck. I ended up soaking it in PB and hitting it over and over with a hammer until it broke loose. I saw suggested using heat (like maybe a butane torch) to get it unstuck, but I didn't have that. So I beat on it. The process of beating on the bolt made the end of it spread some and I had to use a dremel with a grinding bit to shave that off to get the bolt out. The new stabilizer I bought came with a new bolt for that side, so no big deal destroying the old one... On my Jeep I used a 3/4" socket, 5/8" socket, and an adjustable wrench. One bolt on mine was a size I didn't have in my tools, thus the adjustable wrench. it was the same problem with me. other than stuck bolts its easy.

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