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Is their a vacuum delete kit for 1991 Jeep Wrangler front axle?

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Yes, check and look for a kit there.......HOWEVER... it costs 210.00 big ones(or so).... there is a way.. to do it for 10 or 15 lil ones.... goto your local autoparts store... buy a manual choke cable. On the front axle there is a little box on the pass. side of the housing. Remove it and you will see what looks like a gold disk with a rubber gasket type deal on it... either remove that, or simply drill a hole in it, put the end of the choke cable in it, secure it somehow.. there are many ways, use your imagination on it.. you want to be able to pull the cable up to engage the front axle and push to go back to 2wd. All you have to do it figure out how it works, and with that cover off, you can easily see into the housing and figure out how it works. Basically when you pull up on the lever, it slides a fork over a gear, and badda boom badda bing... 4wd....... attach the cable to the disk, bring the other end of the cable through the floor pan, i used an existing hole near my shifter, and secure that end to the floor. Easy once you take the time to look at everything and use some common sense. You man have to actually rock the Jeep back and forth to get the gear to engage, or even get under it and slide it by hand if it gets jammed.. however i was more than happy to lay down on the cold wet ground and slide that gear over by hand when i considered all the money that i saved. good luck, email me with further questions. You may be able to drill through the cover and replace it, however you don't really need too. I didnt, my buddy when we did his first, we somehow did it, although i don't remember how.. Lataaaaaaaaa

2011-09-13 05:27:29
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Q: Is their a vacuum delete kit for 1991 Jeep Wrangler front axle?
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The 4 wheel drive has quit working on my 1991 Jeep Wrangler and I need suggestions on how to get it working again?

Did this b/4I have a 94 wrangler with the vacuum switch on the transfer. It shouldn't be any different for your jeep. The vacuum switch cost about $20 or less. Just get a big socket or wrench to remove and replace AND BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN OF THE VACUUM LINE ORDER/PLACEMENT. In fact, the way I did this was to use a huge socket wrench to break the threads loose after marking corresponding vacuum lines and nipples. If this doesn't do it, inspect the vacuum lines going to the switch. If you do the vacuum lines check and all is good check the shifting fork, mine brokeon me. It cost 5 dollars at a junk yard.

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