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Is ther any trick to getting the rear wheel cylinder piston to move back when putting on new pads on a 94 Honda Accord EX?

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2011-09-13 05:36:14
2011-09-13 05:36:14

Is there any trick to getting the rear wheel cylinder piston to move back when putting on new pads on a Honda accord 1994 ex??


Hey KIm==Remove the lines to the old cylinder then the 2 bolts that hold it on. When you get the new cylinder, bench bleed it to get all of the air out of the clyinder and when you reinstall it, bleed it through the lines at the master cylinder and if you have a good pedal you won't have to bleed the brakes at the individual wheel cylinders. But if the pedal is soft and not a good pedal, bleed the brakes starting with the right rear then left rear then right front and lastly left front. Use ONE PUMP ONLY TO BLEED THE BRAKES. If you pump up the pedal it muxes the air in the lines and you have a hard time getting all of the air out. Make sure you have new fluid comming out of the wheel you are bleeding to asure that you have gotten all of th air out. Good luckJoe


Just use a C-Clamp or a piston compressor [Recommended] to push the pistons back in. taking the cap off the reservoir under the hood helps a lot.

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The piston rod torque specs for a 2002 Honda accord 4 cylinder are 151 ft lbs

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The number one piston is always at the front side of the motor where the belts are. If it is a 4 cylinder. If it is a 6 cylinder its is always the 1st cylinder on the left side of the motor at the front where the belts are. Justin

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The back brakes on my Honda Accord are disc brakes. After removing the brake cylinder assembly you will see the brake cylinder piston end has a slot in it. The short pin on the back side of the inner brake pad fits into this slot, but also it is used to 'Turn' (clock-wise) the piston back into the cylinder so you fit the assembly back over the new 'thicker' pads. You can not 'press' this piston back into the cylinder.

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You need to rotate the piston counter clockwise.

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It is the space between the top of the piston and the bottom of the cylinder head. Great care should be used when putting an engine back together to make sure the bump clearance is not 0 so that the piston will not hit the head cylinder.

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