Midas told you that the transmission fluid dipstick on your 2006 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo was missing but the dealer tells you that Chrysler uses a plug instead. how is the fluid checked then?

Just had the same problem on my 2006 Jeep. Apparerently there are a couple of O-rings in the side of the transmission housing the deadler guessed was the problem due to the number of failures that have been repaired. All started with a puddle of fluid, to raising the hood to check fluid level before I drove the car anywhere to check the problem, NO DIP STICK, only a plug that states "Dealer use Only". So now I have to take a chance and drive the car or have the car towed to a dealer to first check the fluid level with their "SPECIAL TOOL". I choose to drive as luckily it was not far. First thing out out the dealers CSR was "It probably the connector o-rings, we have a lot of that lately". Well great, now I am part of their statistics. He said as a courtessy he would have a technition check the lever with their special tool. Well, I witnessed the whole thing and their special tool is a regulare metal cable dip stick with a ridgid 4 inche metal strip attached to the end. As the tech inserted the cable I notice there was more length left when the cable bottomed out on the base of the transmission. He then retracted the cable and looked at the graduated scale on the stick and annouced it was 3 quarts